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  1. Thank you, eclipse! So for a final, Azura, Nino, Takumi, and Ryoma would be best? Any other combinations by any chance for fun? :) Lyn is a bit squishy and Hawkeye isn't the greatest either. Any reason to train Olivia, Corrin, Lilina, Effie, Cordelia, Jeorge, etc in case the meta changes and I'd have some backup units? Thanks a lot for your help! :D
  2. Pretty please! :D http://i.imgur.com/f2WJRTm.png I also have an Olivia at 4 stars (level 1), Cecelia at 3, FRobin at 3 that didn't fit into the picture. Also any advice on what 4 stars to rank up first to 5? I have almost enough feathers now. Thank you very much guys!
  3. That's true... I guess friends and I are not so creative with our character designs, hahah. I'm learning as I go, which is okay I suppose. Sorry to disturb with the thread!
  4. I've actually got the first one... done. It's not good, but for a first time spriter, not my most horrible work - Priscilla's face/eyes - Isadora's hair - Ursula's sleeves/body Thanks for the help!
  5. Yeah, I didn't quite know how to go about doing this the right way, hahah. Is there a way to see who can do commissions? Thanks for the reply! :D
  6. Hi there everyone, I'm brand new at Serene's Forest, but been lurking for a few years. I'm currently making an art piece, but I need Fire Emblem versions of two characters in portrait form. I've tried to customize on my own, but despite being an artist, I'm pretty horrible with sprites. Instead of trying and learning (unfortunately I don't really have the time to lean essentially a new art form), I figured what better way to do this than to commission someone else who is actually good at it? Heh Anywho, these are the two characters that are needed: Cellene is below, she's a simple mage. I've tried an Isadora hairstyle with someone such as Serra (since she's younger and less mature than Isadora herself)... but it hasn't come out well. And Violet, who is a simple Mercenary. I'm not quite familiar with how to do a commission on here, but perhaps post below if you're interested? We can come up with a price point. Not too sure how to make it not shady, perhaps using a middleman? I'm not too sure D: I just need some help! Thank you guys!
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