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  1. I Found out what happens whatever hair color your Corrin has will transfer over to who ever you hex edit I had a non einherjar Corrin and it rolled over to her and I had a Camilla with red hair like my profile pic and She sounds like Camilla but has my old Female Corrins portrait and Critical Cut in
  2. Happy Birthday Scarlet! My present? Bringing you back to life in Revelation!
  3. Dude the best support is Saizo and Beruka
  4. Castle Code: 11791 - 46688- 35555-67371 Route: Revelations Castle Name: Rare Skills Region: NA Food Resource: Meet"N" Fish Mineral Resource: Sapphire 'N' Pearl Battle Level: All my units are on hold My skills that I got Male Kana: Dragon Fang, Nohrian Trust, Quixotic, Renewal, Sword Breaker Soleil: Astra, Replicate, Quixotic, Dragon Fang Draconic Hex, Selkie: Grisly Wound, Pavise, Aegis, Dragon Ward, Vantage Asugi: Death Blow, Nohrian Trust, Hoshidan Unity, Dragon Ward, Aegis Shiro: Dragon Fang, Rend Heaven, Pavise, Aegis, Dragon Ward Sophie: Sword Breaker, Lancebreaker, Axebreaker, ShurikenBreaker Kiragi: Rend Heaven, Pavise, Aegis, Vantage, Dragon ward Rhajat: Quixotic, Lukcy 7, Bowbreaker, Shuriken Breaker, Defender Ophelia: Inspiration, Death Blow, Certain Blow, Replicate, Aptitude Midori: Aptitude Profiteer, Replicate, Miracle, Dragon Ward
  5. Heh I got the stuff as well but I got thrown off course when I modded my save
  6. I was wondering what would happen if I hex edited my Corrin to Camilla?
  7. All of them can reclass expect for Candace
  8. I'm down for this! (If anyone wants to let me use my prison units aka bosses let me know)
  9. Sumeragi called he wants his line back
  10. That moment when the boss flees with a brave weapon and you can't reach her
  11. I got this dlc and what makes me mad is why did they add the the ninja that protects the fort you gotta take in chapter 3
  12. Darn stupid exploits prevent me from using units I like
  13. Are prison units allowed idc for einherjar but I really enjoy prison units and I don't mod them to insane stats and I like using the bosses as well
  14. Also Anankos has a little red mark which can be seen on Liliths forehead
  15. Oh man I always wanted to have a Kitsune and Wolfskin NPC but now I need to get my hands on a powersaves -_- EDIT: Can someone hook up me with a Wolfskin Oboro?
  16. @Hothead I saw you gave me a Sun Tiara but I haven't made a bond unit yet I'm currently working a bond unit I made 2 weeks ago
  17. My bond unit has Lunge Replicate Hoshidan Unity Vantage Astra and Swordfaire
  18. Any one need Tome Breaker for Effie? hit me up so I can pick my Effie up on my castle
  19. My castle Address : 11791-46688 35555 - 67371 My path: Valla Castle name: NPC Land MU: Kylie
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