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  1. sounds good, if you need anything else, im here to help. PS: a little tip for mass gathering skills, if you save before the battle and then save over an empty or different file, you can reload the battle and get another unit from the same castle without waiting out the time
  2. @Saaron i should have Hinata and Azama with both requested skills up Castle Address: 11510-44210-99949-53480 if anything is wrong, message me and i'll fix it
  3. should be up now at the same address as last time. Cheers :D (and if it isnt, let me now)
  4. the above skills should be up now at the address listed above, if they arent, let me know asap so i can correct it.
  5. @Farore Bowbreaker Shigure should be up here:11510-44210-99949-53480, if itisnt there, let me know asap and i'll fix it as soon as possible. (and as stated above, ignore the address in my signature, too outdated and havent changed it yet)
  6. @ArchestArcher your Request should be up now at: 11510-44210-99949-53480, if anything is wrong let me know right away and i'll fix it as soon as possible. (ignore the castle address in my signature, its outdated, just havent gotten around to fix it yet)
  7. @sweateryoshi anything in particular you are looking for? i can grant pretty much anything.
  8. for something like this maybe this can work -Laslow as a Ninja (promotion being Master Ninja for the avoid) -Avatar as Armor knight (promotion being General for more Defense) -Boon Defense/Bane Resistance since you are gonna be using Laslow as the main attacker im presuming, giving him a defensive pair-up might help in the long run, plus a defense-booned Armor Knight could help you against Ryoma when you get that far.
  9. @meliaxcelica can you tell me which kana you want it for?
  10. @(s)ad touch you can get strengthtaker by completing the Heirs of Fate 3 DLC if you have it, or otherwise if you have the Vanguard Dawn DLC you can make Silas a Vanguard and get it at lvl 35. otherwise no other way to get it sadly.
  11. to each of you mentioned in this post that has not found what they were looking for, i got your back @Thrormurn : Siegbert: Lethality/Sol @DragonFlames : Felicia: Miracle @Neon: Kagero: Lunge/Savage Blow, Charlotte: Certain Blow/Life and Death, Laslow: Rally Luck, Shigure: Rally Defense @Shaddow22: Jakob: Aptitude, Setsuna: Bowfaire @RaidOfStorms: Takumi: Bowbreaker Castle Address is: 16136-81533-58513-54444 Cheers and enjoy all :D
  12. @Arkayjiya i have Miracle/Sol/Luna up on this Address: 16136-81533-58513-54444 Enjoy :D
  13. @RaidOfStorms hey there i just finished getting these skills.. Azura: Sol Caeldori: Armored Blow Selkie: Renewel Siegbert: Renewel/Warding Blow Soleil: Quixotic Castle Address: 16136-81533-58513-54444 hope i was helpful :D
  14. @Flowersofsakura hmm i dont really understand why you couldnt get into my castle with the first code or how it worked with the second one, might have to try and look in to it but the second code was for a different castle i have on another save file which is why there wasn't Azura with Lancefaire, however for the future i will try and fix it. well as a good side note someone else was able to help with your skills so in any case enjoy your skills and if you need anything else dont hesitate to ask ;)
  15. thats wierd, are you sure you didnt spell it wrong? another reason could be, do you have a JPN/NA/EU copy of the game?
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