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  1. GhebAlb

    FE Recolor

    Sorry to bother, but this is something I had around for quite a time and I can't really fix it. I used the program for a randomized play and I got Karel in Fighter class. So I changed him and update the game right away, but when I loaded the game once again he was with a different silhouette. [spoiler=Screenshot.] [spoiler=The recolor.] Any help would be appreciated. It's not a big of a deal though, so my apologies again for bothering you. P.S: I used BSPalette Assembler too, if it is of any help (I have had problems with it when I worked with FE8 ROMS though).
  2. That's what I meant. But it is a lot of work and she will maybe have her stats destroyed in the process. I will appreciate it if you set her up. Thanks!
  3. Hey, hey! Been around for some time, but haven't asked for anything yet, so here I go. Does anyone have any Seal skills on Flora and/or Shura? I'm currently looking for Sol on Ophelia, Vengeance on Soleil and Tomebreaker on Charlotte (most difficult skill to get naturally on a first gen character, imo). Those though, ain't much of a priority. Thanks in advance!
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