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  1. When I first found out that there were more powersave codes available for fates I was excited but immediately after discovering that un-equipping a powersaved skill permanently removes the skill I was bummed out lol. Through save editing however you can have your units learn and unlearn skills including Songstress, Beast, Corrin, and Enemy only skills. So for a lunatic Conquest run I have Xander running around with Dragonskin and Immune Status (take that garbage inevitable end ninjas). I did not, however, know that Divine Shield and dragonskin stack. That's super interesting lol. Edit: Have you tried messing around with the enemy-only classes yet? I haven't tried the bigger one's like Silent Dragon, Blight Dragon, or Empty Vessel. I think the one that might glitch out the most would be the Silent Dragon.
  2. I currently have these units up Shigure: Rally Skill, Rally Strength, Rally Speed, Rally Defense, Rally Resistance Soliel: Lethality, Astra, Luna, Rend Heaven, Hoshidan Unity Percy: Bowbreaker, Axefaire, Lancefaire, Nohrian Trust, Hoshidan Unity Ophelia: Quixotic, Deathblow, Certain Blow, Lethality, Hoshidan Unity Kiragi: Swordbreaker, Lifetaker, Draconic Hex, Lethality, Hoshidan Unity Midori: Certain Blow, Luck+4, Lethality, Miracle, Counter Asugi: Luna, Rend Heaven, Sol, Hoshidan Unity, Vantage Rhajat: Shurikenbreaker, Hoshidan Unity, Death Blow, Certain Blow, Nohrian Trust Selkie: Swordbreaker, Lancebreaker, Axebreaker, Shurikenbreaker, Bowbreaker MU: Astra, Lethality, Luna, Sol, Rend Heaven All units have no weapons and are on hold. Throne is free! I have Ophelia up with Death Blow and Certain Blow
  3. Selena's would be awesome for the bold stance pair up. I would like to throw on an offensive skill, possibly aether, so he can get some HP back IF he manages to take quite a bit of damage...which is why I wasn't sure about beast shield taking up a slot. I wanted to keep him as a paladin for his defense though his speed kind of makes me nervous. If I get bad RNG and his speed barely increases then I'd probably be screwed a bit. If I edit to increase his speed cap a bit I would think it would make no difference if his speed isn't even increasing upon level up. I'm extremely interested in swordmaster Xander as I haven't used him as a swordmaster yet. Hopefully he'd give those annoying ninjas hell.
  4. That sounds really interesting. I'm not very creative when it comes to skills. I really wanted to change his class to get rid of his beast weakness. I just wasn't too sure what other classes he would perform well in lol. I might as well make him a Vanguard that way I could save a skill slot for an offensive skill.
  5. My first playthrough of Lunatic Conquest really put me on edge. I had to lower it to casual mode after a while. I know Xander joins late but upon recruiting him I want to see how well he handles the last half of lunatic conquest by himself...after applying enemy only skills. This isn't for online play obviously as enemy only skills will just result in me getting shadowbanned but I really want to mess around with ridiculous hacks. I'm not entirely too sure what other skills to throw on him besides dragonskin and immune status (for those pesky staff users). What other ridiculous skills should I throw on him? And what about his stats? Ridiculous stats sound fun but maybe not too overboard? Maybe I should only give his speed a "boost" just so he can hit things better. Or perhaps he shouldn't even be a paladin. And his weapons I'm unsure about as well. I guess I'm really just asking for help picking a ridiculous Xander to solo the ending half of Lunatic Conquest.
  6. My absolute fave in this game is Xander. I find his character to be absolutely amazing and I'm in love. I'm Xander trash 100%.
  7. I had A LOT of help and tips. I was ready to give up by chapter 23. In no way did I complete a chapter perfectly without losing units lol.
  8. It is indeed! It's Rose Quartz :)
  9. Hello fellow FE fans. I'm a complete newbie to this site and to Fire Emblem in general. Fates is my introduction into the series and I'm in love . The FE characters in smash is what made me interested in the series. So after buying all Birthright, Conquest, and Revelation I can honestly say I'm digging this series. I've been playing Fates for almost 4 months. I recently got extremely curious and tried my hand at Lunatic Conquest because I've heard it gives even veterans a run for their money so why not right? It obviously kicked my inexperienced, newbie ass but I managed to actually beat it (on casual mind you) and it was the most stressful fun I've had. I'm dumb and the AI are so smart. Plus I've learned to read skills and pay attention to stats I started on Classic but I was like "nah man this isn't good for my stress management" so I lowered it to casual. Blow to my pride. But all in all Conquest is my favorite out of all three gameplay-wise. The timed maps are quite fun....stressful fun. But the icing on the cake is Xander. One of my favorite characters in this game by far. I'm Xander trash. More about me: I'm currently a college student and hope to get my Bachelor's in English and maybe get into editing or publishing?? Teaching is a no-go. I do like to write - though I've never published anything. I stan Beyonce so hard it should be illegal.
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