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  1. I don't think the core demographic has changed at all, if I could pick up FE7 at fucking 11 years of age and clear the game on HHM by the time I was 12, you don't need shit like that in the game. I know FE was about to die as Awakening was released, I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did, but I don't think making the game easy as hell is what helped it survive. It's the other shit, the fact that there's now a metric fuck ton of replay value in the games. Now you have DLC stories, you have pairups that let children happen, you have a map you can travel to grind if you want, you have paralogues out the ass, you have spotpass character battles, multiplayer, the games themselves are also longer in the main story. I think what was killing FE wasn't the difficulty. Now, I'm sure it played a part, but I think the fact that ALL there was to do in FE (save maybe FE6 and FE8 for their post game battles, but those pale in comparison to post-game play in the newer titles) was clear the main story and reset into oblivion. Now you can pull 50+ hours out of a SINGLE playthrough easily. Replay value means a lot to gamers, especially the handheld market. Because in the handheld market, you don't have console peasants (that's the PCMR inside me talking, forgive me) grinding it out for 12+ hours a session on first person shooters. It's not about multiplayer, it exists, but it has never been the core value of the handheld market. Hell, I'd venture to say the Pokemon series is what carved out the staple of handheld markets. With handheld games, you have a demographic who is going to sink a lot of hours into their games, not play a game once, put it down and buy another. The 3DS library isn't big enough for you to do that for more than maybe a year or two. So once you'd beaten the older games 2-3 times, that was it. So a lot of people weren't attracted to it, but somehow Advance Wars stayed alive for a long time without bending over backwards for new gamers. I understand adding shit to help the noobs, but Phoenix mode didn't exist in Awakening, the magical title that saved Fire Emblem. That ALONE is evidence it doesn't need to exist, so it's you who is wrong.
  2. I can understand the use of Casual mode to introduce a player to the series, but I don't really think Phoenix makes you better. It may give you a feel for the new mechanics in the Fates games, but as for the strategy element, you don't even need one knowing your entire army consists of immortal steamrollers who resurrect immediately after death.
  3. I can live with casual mode. I can even live with having a path catered to the noobs. It's Phoenix mode that genuinely pisses me off, because it has no place in a strategy RPG. Hell, even casual mode makes it near impossible to lose, you literally have to lose all your units. Phoenix mode makes it LITERALLY impossible to lose unless you entire team gets steam rolled in the course of one single turn, even if you suck complete ass that's unlikely. If you need the game to treat you like a baby and help you walk, fine. I disagree with it, I even hate it. I don't think things like that belong in strategy games. It's not about catering to everyone, because these games are made with a certain demographic in mind, and the strategy genre is by NO MEANS meant for casual gamers who want a cake walk of a game. That'd be like adding a first person shooter mode to World of Warcraft. It's not about catering to everybody, it's about catering to your loyal fanbase, the demographic meant for the game. So all this "Let's all have fun!" shit is just, I don't know. It makes my soul die a little bit, I believe in trial by fire. It's enabling a mentality that has ruined this world on a grand scheme, not just one in video games. I grew up in wartorn Serbia, so maybe I see it differently than most people on this forum. I know I'm right about one thing, a game isn't meant to cater to everyone, they all have a demographic, a niche, and shit like Phoenix mode and even Casual mode shits on the core demographic that kept the series alive as long as it did alive. I rest my case, I'm not going to argue about it anymore because I won't be swayed. To be 100% honest my ideal world is sort of the same as Ashnard's, minus the destroying it with Yune part. TL;DR, I don't fight for my friends. I fight for strength and intelligence. The weak fall behind.
  4. I'd need a flow chart to describe everything wrong with that logic. If you're the kind of gamer who likes to play on modes where losing is literally impossible, then the entire strategy genre isn't for you. It's pollution, end of story. Challenge is fun, because anything otherwise makes you a person who wants everything handed to them. I'm not going to pat you on the head and tell you good job when you didn't earn it. Plain and simple, it ruins the spirit of the series and the genre. I'm by no means the only person who thinks this way. Casuals do gaming no favors. Go buy GTA and enter the god mode cheat if that's your idea of fun, the genre is strategy RPG. Not "I'll get sad if I lose mommy" RPG. Casual and Phoenix mode isn't real Fire Emblem. It's not a real battle, maybe it's because I've served in active combat in the USMC and I know that too well, but when you get struck down, you're either gone forever or in no shape to return.
  5. I don't think steamrolling the game with zero challenge is fun or what FE as a series was ever meant to be. Go play FE1-FE5, the games that laid the groundwork for the entire series, and see if they let you play the way you do. You can play however you want, but as someone who has been with this series for 13 years, I consider everything you just said to be FE blasphemy. There's a reason arena/boss abuse, RNG abuse, OP character abuse, etc. is frowned upon and hated by a lot of players. It's not the people who do it that bothers me, it's the fact IS included it. That's not what FE was meant to be when that ragged ass game came out in 1990, it's clear that was never its vision. The genre is strategy RPG, there's no strategy involved in grinding your way up to steamroll through the game. Challenge is fun, I believe in a world with no participation trophies, if you flunk, you try again. That's just who I am.
  6. This, minus the getting entrapped and having over leveled characters, was essentially how I did it as well. Except I used Ryoma paired up with his wife Rinkah for wicked Defense and Strength boosts along with Takumi to basically steamroll the left flank of enemies. I also used my Kaze (who turned out exceptionally well, I also used virtually every energy drop I had on him to increase his strength up into the 30's, I also had his defense up into the mid 20's with Dracoshields. Combine this with exceptionally growths due to the right luck and Kaze was probably my best character on that run) to pick off a lot of the enemies Takumi or Ryoma either couldn't one turn (this was VERY few, usually due to a miss) or enemies they couldn't target that turn.
  7. The 50% was just a random number I pulled out of my ass, that wasn't the point. I'm aware that FE1-FE5 used one RNG number draw, FE6-FE12 used two and FE13 and FE14 are back to one. Either way, the RNG is much more functional than it was in 6-12, there's no way to deny that. The 6-12 RNG will condition you to false percentages. I cannot take "There appears to be something wrong, but nobody can prove it." as functional evidence for it not being accurate. You can easily prove the RNG in 6-12 is not random. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the RNG system still isn't perfect or 100% accurate, but it's leagues better than the bullshit I faced in 6-12 because once you play those games for years you can literally guess the next numbers, and on top of that you can lose numbers by RNG move tile abuse. I didn't grind in Birthright either, I don't grind ever, not unless it's expected grinding (for example, the Villager class, or catching up piss poor units that you literally have to grind to make functional) so I'm not sure what your issue is without actually watching you play your own way since we're all different. If I remember correctly the entrap wielders will eventually leave their position at the top of the map and draw in closer, so if you turtle it out until that point you can knock off a majority of the reinforcements and then even if one does warp you, the danger is minimal. I remember positioning my units on the very edge of the entrap staff ranges in sort of a zig-zag formation. It only took a few turns of Takumi and Ryoma to completely wreck the reinforcements and the Wyvern units that were already there coming down from the left (with the aid of some other units of course, support roles) and I just hard turtled it on the right until the Strategists came running down into range. If they're not immediately in range when they run out and there's still a bit too many enemies up there for you to be comfortable risking a warp, simply retreat back out of range. Try your best to anticipate the range AFTER they move by comparing their movement range to your positions along with the entrap staff range. Maybe I just look at too many details, I'm a notoriously slow FE player. Lunatic mode and some of the older titles has conditioned me to play like a grandpa because I actively avoid any real chance of risk.
  8. I honestly don't remember a single map in Birthright that gave me even slight trouble. I do remember this one, what I did was just turtle it out until the Strategists come galloping down toward you. At that point, you'll have killed off a bulk of the on-map enemies and you can rush them before entrap becomes an issue. Patience is one way, but the other way is to just make sure the unit who gets entrapped can hold themselves very well against a bunch of Berserkers and magic attacks. Ryoma really does break the game in Birthright, so using him is a given. I played through Birthright all six times (so far) on Lunatic, so I don't know what difficulty you're going at it on, but that was my method. If you think this map sucks, try Conquest Hard/Lunatic Chapter 10. That fucking SUCKED. By finicky do you mean accurate? This is one of the first FE games to have an RNG where 50% is actually 50%. There's no true hit bullshit or easily predicting/manipulating the RNG like you could do in older games. The RNG in Fates is actually RANDOM. Even a 10% hit chance still hits 1 in 10 times, and it's not always 1 in 10, just like how flipping a coin can yield heads ten times in a row. It's unlikely, but possible. Using confirmation bias to choose to remember only the times when enemies hit you on low odds will warp your perspective. You can get 50 crits in a row on a 2% chance. It's EXTREMELY unlikely, but you can. In older FE titles low %'s were screwed because of true hit, which conditions you to false percentages because you'd rarely see 40% hit chance enemies ACTUALLY hit, but you'd see 75%+ hit chances land nearly every time. I encourage you to download an RNG viewer for the GBA titles during emulation just so you can physically witness how bullshit the RNG in those games actually was. It was NEVER random. Two numbers kind of breaks the system, not to mention how the game draws it's NEXT values isn't exactly random either. I grew overtime (as in over 100+ play throughs of each game, been with FE for 13 years) to hate the older titles at times. Namely the GBA series. They were great games until you played them SO much you literally had guessing the RNG down to a science, which is entirely possible when the RNG isn't actually random and you can accurately guess the next set of numbers by adding in the numbers you just got in combat. Not to mention RNG abuse is stupendously easy in those games.
  9. I'm inclined to disagree with the sentiment that it won't make a big difference. The entire aspect of what makes Conquest HARD is the extremely limited amount of gold, exp and weapon rank proficiency. Play through Conquest on Lunatic/Classic and other than the Paralogues (which I feel are fair game) don't grind a single bit. You will get wrecked, your soul will be crushed, you will reset again and again. Mostly because you get RNG screwed, but that's irrelevant. I've gotten FE down to a science, I'm extremely good at it. I don't say this to brag, anyone who had been playing Fire Emblem for nearly 13 years like I have AND has completed the ENTIRE series + spinoffs would be retarded good at the game. You run the same chapters over and over again in the older games on the hardest difficulty settings, it literally forces you to get good. It could take the most mediocre joke of an FE player and turn them into a pro. So maybe I'm just different since I've been invested in this series so long, I've gotten it down to a science. Conquest changed that up, Conquest was the first FE I've played in a long, long time that genuinely felt like I was experiencing something NEW, and it was also challenging because it limited you to the bare minimum. This reminds me of FE2, which is a game I hate but you don't really get shit to help you in FE2 and the growth rates in that game are fucking tear jerkingly low. Phoenix mode shouldn't exist period in my opinion, I get casual but playing on Normal/Phoenix AND using grinding is literally just ruining everything the game stands for. It's not a strategy RPG at that point, you can just rush through the game like a button masher without a single worry or trouble. It's IMPOSSIBLE to lose a map in Phoenix mode, considering EVEN IF THE AVATAR DIES, the game goes on (Casual is like this as well) and then they come back THE NEXT TURN. So you're literally immortal. I think this pisses on what FE is supposed to stand for as a series. So yeah, the addition of paid for (this is honestly the worst part) DLC maps that let you grind for gold, EXP and weapon shit is just a bit crushing for someone like me. I've seen this series get stepped on HARD ever since FE8 (and that wasn't that long after I even started) in terms of difficulty and Conquest was such a breath of fresh air, the first since Radiant Dawn and FE11/FE12 and their higher difficulty modes. Don't get me wrong, Conquest is still the best game in the series in my opinion, but I think things like that should be reserved for Birthright, and if it was for MC battles, it should be reserved for post-game playing.
  10. It's kind of like Phoenix mode, of course I don't have to use it, but it sort of taints the game in spirit.
  11. Regardless of what it's intended for, though I do admit that's a much better use of it and it makes sense, some people will use it to grind their characters into oblivion. I'm just happy it scales with story progression, meaning past a certain point it will be literally useless unless you want to kill 100 units per level until you progress further in the game.
  12. I just played Boo Camp (DLC) for the first time in Conquest and it saddened the fuck out of me. WHY in the ACTUAL FUCK would they include a DLC made solely for EXPERIENCE/SUPPORT/WEAPON RANK GRINDING in a game that's supposed to keep grinding to a BARE MINIMUM? This is fucked, I'm genuinely angry. I suppose the saving grace is, it's a DLC and you don't have to buy it or play it, which I definitely will not be doing. Though by this same logic, none of Birthright's Challenge grinding is something you have to do either. Fucking A, IS makes some questionable fucking decisions sometimes. They literally added a grind service that COSTS MONEY. So basically, this is a paid for hand out for those casuals who still want to experience Conquest. I hate that, I really do, I think if you want to experience Conquest and you suck at FE, you could play through Birthright on a harder difficulty until you get the game down. Not just give IS money to make the game easier. Fucking christ. "Hey there! Do you suck complete ass at Fire Emblem yet still want to experience Conquest? No worries! For $2.50 you can buy this DLC map that lets you grind until you're an overpowered stub and go on to ruin the entire concept of this path! Woohoo!" My brain hurts. They should've just added save stats and an arena that gives Gold/EXP/Weapon Experience to My Castle if they wanted to ruin the concept of the game for the low cost of $2.50.
  13. I feel the Paralogues (and DLC) in Fates was its weakest point in terms of story. Every single Paralogue in Fates felt extremely empty in terms of story and none of it really tied to the main plot. Awakening had this issue as well but at least the Paralogues in Awakening were a little more fleshed out, the Fates Paralogues literally feel like objectives with no real descriptive elements past the parents briefly talking to the child. Awakening did this in some but most of the Paralogues actually fleshed out the antagonist in the situation (The Boss) a little more.
  14. The Awakening DLC is definitely NOT free, I think one or two things is but overall there's over $60 worth of shit in there. I bought it all like the sucker I am, I can't resist new Fire Emblem content. Same with Fates, which I feel had good DLC but that's one of the weak points of Fates, the DLC wasn't as good as it was in Awakening. Neither were the Paralogues, they felt really lacking in description and story. I wish nearly every single Paralogue in Fates and Awakening didn't focus on children or recruiting past characters from the story. I like those aspects, but having some Paralogues that ACTUALLY had firm ties to the main plot like the gaiden chapters in past games would've been really nice. In Awakening and Fates almost all the Paralogues focus on recruiting your children or recruiting some character you previously encountered or saw in a past game.
  15. I honestly wish the difficulty would've carried over to Revelations, as I understand they need a noob friendly game in the series, but Revelations is just as bad as Birthright if not worse in terms of nerfing the difficulty.
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