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  1. You're a legend! Thanks! Could you please keep your F-Kana until tomorrow? She's got all the skills I need, it'd be awesome if I could get her.
  2. Thank you, I bought Asugi. I managed to get a Sophie in the meanwhile.
  3. LF Asugi w/ Nohrian Trust and Vantage; Sophie w/ Rend Heaven
  4. Thanks for the find, I was talking about Effie!Mitama
  5. With Effie as a mother your Mitama will inherit an insane amount of strenght and a +6 mod, which is incredibly high. This helps her a lot with high damaging classes like Hero, Wyvern Lord or Vanguard. Because she also gets a +3 Speed, Berserker is the best fit for her in my opinion. I personally would avoid both Great Knight and General, since her defense growth will be average and her resistance growth will be quite low, along with a +1 and +0 Def/Res caps, which are very low. You can still use her as a damage dealing tankish unit, but she'll end up being mediocre. Edit: for PVP, go with either Spear Master, Berserker or Kinshi Knight. Spear master is an all-around good class, Berserker will let her oneshot anything and her +6 strenght/+3 speed will mitigate Kinshi Knights' low caps in these stats.
  6. It depends on what you want to do with her. If you're grinding for PVP then you don't want balanced stats, specializing in one or two stats is much, much better. I'd go for someone with a +2/+3 skill mod and then choose an high skill class like Sniper, Ninja or Hero, since you have it as your talent. If you're just playing the main game, then mods don't mean much, especially in Conquest where you can't grind anywhere except in Boo Camp. Peri as a mother would absolutely destroy Ophelia's potential.She needs either Nyx (dat speed), Orochi (dat skillz) or Elise.
  7. Any speedy class is good for her. I made mine a Swordmaster, but Witch in general suits her better in my opinion. Hinoka gives her +1 speed to her already great +3 cap and Witches are very fast. Also, you can get her to be a decent avoid tank with a Bird Spirit and some breakers.
  8. Looking for Female Kana with Even Better and Better Odds and Rhajat with Swordbreaker!
  9. It was a pretty interesting article, thanks for sharing it!
  10. Looking for: Nina with Lance Breaker Sakura with Spendthrift Ignatius with Draconic Ex, Nohrian Trust, Hoshidan Unity Selkie with Miracle
  11. Missed the fourth one! Thanks for pointing that out
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