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  1. I have a suggestion, how about adding turn requirements to the Hector Mode exclusive chapters?
  2. I used some of your tips and a few assets of your portrait (palette, eye form, mouth, face structure) to make the old (new) one better. So we go from something like this: To this: My inspiration comes from her official artwork and her Bridal Blessings outfit. I just like her more younger look in those appearances, while her in-game sprite looks more mature.
  3. Thanks, just let me make son adjustments and then I'll see what you do. EDIT: I've finished editing the portrait (made a new one). Here it is.
  4. Which way do you mean a pixel or two? Horizontally or vertically?
  5. I can't find a problem, except that maybe for the background you need to use a solid color other than white.
  6. First of all, make him face to the right. Second, make sure he uses up to 15 colors, use USENTI for that. Finally, if it doesn't work maybe your mug is too big.
  7. Then if she's Sacaean, give her the respective skin colors too
  8. Priscilla's Splice looks odd in the hair department (a bit too dark), The ephidel one looks fine, the one with pent needs shading (although you already knew that). Finally the villain, in my opinion, I don't like looking at her hair color.
  9. So, I've made my second custom gba mugshot, but I don't really like the way the armor looks. Anyone got any tips? Feel free to express your opinion, I'll only hate you slightly.
  10. Agreed on both fronts. I'd love to have weapon arts replace the activation skills and encounter female enemies once in awhile outside the designated girl classes. Maybe, have some skills be class exclusive (like the mastery skills or passive skills) It's quite disappointing the female variants of the classes don't appear in SoV.
  11. Well, that's her canon promotion. With those bases, growth-rates, and that spell list (PRO: She gets Ragnarok, CON: She doesn't get thunder). Just like other games that the match doesn't end until you claim the base. Other unpopular opinions: They should combine the pair-up and rescue commands, well it's a bit complicated. Let's say a pegasus knight rescues a general, she should get bonuses in ATK & DEF but should lose SPD, cause of general, duh. Now, if the peg. knight had a myrmidon she would get a boost in SPD and a decrease in DEF because the myrmidon is so fragile she has to keep an eye on him, therefore losing DEF. Also you could choose who gets the boons and banes. Daggers should only inflict the stats lowering thingy when they start the attack, or when they attack at close range (higher risk, higher reward) Weapon arts and class skills should become a staple in the series. Magic-users should be able to learn a personal spell which they can only cast by sacrificing HP, like in Gaiden/SoV. Auto-saving like in GBA should return. SInce Anna is/are all the sisters across the multiverse, they should be versed in different types of weapons, we need to get one of every weapon. (Canonicaly and playable, reclassing doesn't count). If avatars were to return you should choose your starting class, unless it's a lord. Also, if it's able to use more than one type of weapon you would have to choose only one. Samurai should replace the name of either myrmidon or swordmaster. Most of the classes should receive the gender-neutral treatment, encountering both genders but the same class would be awesome.
  12. I would like to help you, but I'm like bad at explaining so I'll do my best: -First of all you should know that gameboy advance (GBA) games have limits, one of these limits are the limited colors an image can have. Every tile, object, etc, in GBA has only 16 colors, 1 for the transparent background and the other 15 for the animation. If your animation is very colorful, you'll need to make some colors similar so you don't break this limit. EDIT: Let me give you an example (I'm going to be a little harsh in here), your portrait seems to have more than 16 colors, with your background, if you were to insert that portrait in the game you would get an error message and fail. -Second, like my father says; if you want to do something you'll have to do everything in order. First make all the animation frames (attacks, dodges, and crit attacks), then to program these you'll need a script, look in the Ultimate tutorial if you want to know how they work.
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