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  1. So, I first posted this on a thread seconds after e3, but I thought I'd make a proper post here. I photoshopped the map of three houses in the trailer, and the map of the tellius games together for comparison, and well well well. Don't they look similar, huh? In the three houses trailer, the blue country is right where crimea is, the yellow is where daein is, and the red is where begnion is. The only thing missing are the laguz. Also, it shows a continent next to the main one. This baffled me for a while, until I realized...... In the tellius games, they spoke of a flood that supposedly wiped out every continent except tellius. Meaning, that'd explain why there is a continent next to the main one in the three houses trailer. I highly think this is a prequel to the tellius games! And if so, I'm so so so so hyped for it!! My elderly mother watched me play path of radiance and radiant dawn years ago, and when I showed her the trailer for three houses, her first response was: "Where are the animal countries?" Anyways, I want to know what you guys think. What are your thoughts about all this? Do you agree, or disagree? And if so, why is that?
  2. @thecrimsonflash yeah, I noticed that too. I just showed my mom the trailer, and she said "why are the names of the countries wrong? And why are there no animal people?" I didn't even have to show her the comparison, she saw the similarities immediately. And I hope more people realize this! Its so amazing that we might be getting a tellius sequel!!
  3. @thecrimsonflash yeah, no worries! But considering PoR and RD are my absolute favorite Fire Emblem games, I can't wait for Three houses. I hope its plot ties to PoR/RD in some way shape or form!
  4. Also what do you mean by an awakening follow up? Fire emblem Awakening took place on Alm's and Marth's continents.
  5. @thecrimsonflash yep, the second I noticed that I freaked out. I had to make the image to compare the two, and damn am I hyped. Also, just a side note, its Ashunera, sorry to correct you :P But yeah, the similarities are insane
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