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  1. Your avatar is very cool. +420blazeit69 thumbs up

    1. Seti


      Thanks! Ran into an imgur pic of a cat from svalbard. I somehow got the idea to "embelish" it and ended up with this.

  2. Maybe im stretching the topic by going outside the games, but the general stereotype that many have of the FE community "infighting" and debating constantly isnt such a bad thing. It's good to be self critical and be able to analyse both the good and bad in things. Circlejerks get real old real fast too.
  3. Seti is one handsome devil so i couldn't resist nabbing his name 🙂
  4. In chapter 4 the enemies will never attack Clarine. Even after she is recruited. Use that to recruit Rutger once you try again.
  5. SRPG studio, the program that the fire emblem daddy himself uses to make games has still not gotten translated into english. Are they even planning on translating it anymore? Could we try to convince them in some way that the program would sell really well if they translated it? Something like a petition sounds silly but if it could convince FROM software to port Dark souls to pc then it should be worth a try at least.
  6. CPU throttling maybe? A CPU will throttle itself down when not doing anything intensive to save power.
  7. The absolute last thing I would want is a "3ds style" game. I want a return of proper Fire emblem. That´s never gonna happen though because waifu emblem is what IS is gonna milk until the end of time.
  8. Does a "hacking scene" for FE9 exist? Are there any half decent tools for hacking fe9? Are there any hacks out there? Edit: should put this somewhere more appropriate. Plz delete this mods
  9. Not worth it bothering with leveling healers. Merric (when promoted) and Wendell do the healing job just fine while also being powerful combat units. Until then just dont put your healers in risky positions.
  10. Been playing Conquest Hard/Classic today until chapter 18.... I start the chapter, position my units and end the turn. As i expected the general with the hammer walks up to my great knight corn cob and attacks her with a 53% chance to hit. He hits and kills her. Ok fair enough bad luck so i reset and start the map again. I position my units the same way and let the turn end. Once again corny gets nailed by the 53% hammer. Bad luck again so i reset and start the chapter again and position my units the same way and corn cob gets nailed by the 53% hammer again. So i reset....and reset...and reset (way too many resets later). Alright you get the problem. Ive been nailed by a 53% hammer 20 times now and this is smelling fishy. Just to clarify this is NOT a battle save im reloading from. I am reloading from the prep screen and keep getting this BS. Even tried going back to castle a couple of times to "reset" the RNG but still not working. Is there some hidden value where effective weapons get some stupid hawkeye on the first turn?? EDIT: holy shit the hammer finally missed!!!!!! I guess this topic is a bit moot now however i still think there is something up with how fates calculates rng. For the 2 chapters i have had xander he has nailed more 10-15% criticals than i can count.
  11. Wish nintendo would stop sinking their localising budget into stupid censorship...... The 90´s are over nintendo. Stop trying to baby us.
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