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  1. Aw, I couldn't find them unfortunately. But don't be sorry, you're being extremely helpful and I appreciate it!
  2. Aw, it says "Could not find the data" when I input your castle code :(
  3. Does anyone have Renewal on Kagero, Camilla or Hinoka? Also, would you recommend Renewal over Aether on Kagero?
  4. @aurisxd Thank you so much! EDIT: Wow, I fail so hard at mentioning people.
  5. Hello! Does anyone have Effie with Renewal? I'd greatly appreciate the help and see if I can get you skills you need in return!
  6. Hi! I hope this thread is still alive too, because I'm looking for Effie with Renewal! I might have some skills on various units in return if you'd like, too!
  7. Ah, alright then. Enjoy the mad exp. boost :D
  8. Word of warning for your first playthrough; yellow Faceless will try to run to their escape point (to the North of the map), but green ones will actively attack you if you're within their range so keep that in mind. I.. May or may not have lost a unit because I thought it works the same as the experience DLC in Awakening where all units just want to escape xD
  9. Yep, based on what I've observed (with my level 50 Charlotte), no matter what level a unit is, if you kill a yellow Faceless, you'll get around 33-50ish exp. It's truly a deus ex machina.
  10. Cinbri


    I just went into 3rd person view near the statues for the first time after reading your post and it took me a while to figure out why they look like that haha
  11. Cinbri


    I'm Cinbri, I found this place while looking for information on statue bonuses and saw that it's very helpful. Okay, closing phrase, closing phrase.. Oh! Have a nice day!
  12. Hey, just registered to say thank you for making this!
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