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  1. I'd agree... If Azura didn't have such a unique voice and hairstyle that no one else has It's like Clark Kent putting on glasses and suddenly no one knows he's Superman...
  2. Remember when Corrin couldn't figure out that Azura was the singer... Not saying that Chrom and them are that dumb but I wouldn't put it past IS to write them that way.
  3. Honestly I always felt they kinda forced a connection between Awakening and Fates. It made sense in Awakening to connect to previous entires because the world was the same, just years down the line. Fates had its own world to work with. Like if they were gonna include Awakening it should have been as just cameos. For example, the Awakening DLC could have been an epilogue to Awakenings story with Chrom, Lissa and Frederick on their way to search for Robin in the field before encountering Corrin along the way. They help him out and that's where Chrom and Lissa remark how Corrin reminds them of Robin before they continue to the field where they find Robin like in Awakenings ending.
  4. Multipliers active! Anyone on Robin's Team attack now!
  5. Unfortunately I think that's why she's as popular as she is for most people. Same with Camilla. Like I don't hate either as characters on their own. Tharja has a softer side to her that you see in her supports with Nowi, Kellam, Libra and Noire that's endearing but she's got more negative aspects than good. i.e. threatening to curse people, her stalking and obsession with the avatar, and what future her does to Noire. Having these aspects doesn't make her a bad character, but it's why I couldn't support her.
  6. I think people have just been waiting for it before pilling on anymore flags. It might be time to just start going for it instead of waiting if Team Robin has a chance
  7. This seems to be the case. I'm personally on Team Robin though (as if my name doesn't showcase who I'm voting for) and it seems like there's enough push from both sides that this could go either way.
  8. Score update: Robin - 10,762,345,452 Tharja - 11,193,534,673
  9. My friend ID is 9263729827 I'm still relatively new to this site but I'm liking the community already. Feel free to add me if you like. *Hero name is Christian. Forgot this earlier
  10. My first three rolls was in Legendary Heroes. The first one was a 5 star Abel, followed by 3 star Stahl and 2 star Sully... My next rolls landed me 5 star M!Robin and 3 star F!Corrin so I guess it evens out.
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