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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late.

  2. -Obelia- She moves forward, hesitant a moment and hand raised to stop Elune, noting the direction she moves in. But she realizes, a small lament in her head for this fact, stopping her with force only confirms what she believes. To raise violence to violence, you breed more of it, rather then calm the waters. She is hesitant and yet Obelia moves only slightly between Ken and Elune, her arm blocking his heart but her form not in an attacking stance. 'Dreams are foolish things, yes. We believe we can reshape the world using only our hands. It is something to laugh at, yet if we cannot have dreams, if we cannot believe that we can change things, Ms. Elune, what does that leave us? A lifetime of cynical emptiness that begets no reward, no happiness. Simply waiting for death. You claim that you have died thrice now yet you still live, you still breathe. You are truly resolute in the belief that you cannot find some joy in this world? You think of your mother, you say, yet I have no father. But surely if he felt an ounce of love for me as your mother sounds to have for you, she'd have wanted you to find an ending that you could be satisfied with. A resolution. A revolution of spirit.' Obelia's words are all she has to wield, so she does her best with what she has. 'I will not kill you. I will not let you kill Ken. But you know then, how lonely you've been, how dark your life has been and Ken has just realized, in some respects, how isolated his existence is. Would you really throw away a chance to discover more? For the first time in his life, the person you hate, this person, is open to your words. The question is... are you as open to them too? Can you hear yourself?' -Langley- Langley's thoughts drift, her eyes half lidded. What has taken her parents from her? They aren't dead, she can't feel it. She pauses a moment, leaning against the wall of a relatively worn down house, her breathing becoming a bit erratic. What if they are dead? What if she's just deluding herself into thinking they're okay? These questions burn at the back of her head, causing her to rub her palm absently over her left breast, her heart beating harder within. Yet soon, she shakes her head, letting the question bury for a time. Now is not the time, not yet. To trouble Noel and Andy, just when Noel might find some cheer after such a torrid prank by that oaf, as well as seeing Andy come further out of that shy shell... a tiny smile draws to her lips, remembering her parents as they always are. Living for other people, rather then for themselves. She will find them, she swears inwardly. But for the moment, worry must take a backseat, to action. She turns, breaths a little more and heads towards the north, further to the coast. -Noel- Noel's eyes watch his a moment. She hesitates and yet, in her mind, after her sleepless rest, those images and that man's prank, all she can think of is how little she cares for worrying about her words at the moment. She absently cups his chin and tilts it a little upward and again, she glances to him with eyes that seem wordlessly confident, as if assured in herself further. 'I didn't push you, Andy, because if I'd hurt you, I wouldn't forgive myself. I listened to you, because I like you. And yes, before you stammer or meander thought wise, in that way.' She shrugs a little, even as a tiny smile curls her lips. She soon leans down and without any warning, her own mouth rests against his forehead, quiet kiss, quiet moment given. She doesn't care too much for worry at the moment. She has too much else to live for. -Carrie and Ellandra, Together Again, For the First Time! No, I'm not a DC Writer after Crisis on Infinite Earths.- Carrie offers a wry stare at Horatio for a time and yet, maybe it's been being around him a little too much, but her answer isn't shy, demure nor hesitant. Her cheeks do tint, oh yes, after all, he's referring to the act of bunga bunga love, yet she has just enough time to smirk instead, even as her side shoots with ocassional pained feelings and sparks of concentrated hurt. 'Feh, well, I guess remembering last night, you were kind of frisky. Though the things you're into... my my...~' She smiles a little and yet, her eyes glance to the rather hesitant looking girl, whose eyes blink a little once she's caught sight of. Carrie smiles, yet a heavy wince crosses that smile, even as she grits her teeth a little. She eventually un-'locks' her pearly whites from one another and tries to greet her. 'Hello sweetie, is there something... we can help you with? I'm Carrie and before he acts all suave, this Lothario with knives is Horatio.' Ellandra blinks a little, chuckling as if accessing a lexicon, smiling to the both of them, while confirming the words aloud. 'Lothario. Ladies Man. Charmer. Adrian. I am Ellandra. I am the healer and guide of this mission. You are wounded?' She lightly gestures to Carrie and then glances to Horatio, a rather youthful worry there as she tries to confirm with him if she is, in case she denies so. Carrie does, blinking a little and smiling a bit weakly, waves her hands as if to dismiss it. 'No worries, I'm fine, it-' She blinks again, cut off as Ellandra holds a vial of something clear, light blue, one to Carrie and one to Horatio, bowing a little bit as she hesitates, feeling she is outstaying her welcome. 'Take these two and drink whenever you are lightly wounded. It accelerates the bodies healing metabolism for a few hours, four hours and twenty two minutes to be exact. It cannot deal with wounds larger then knife wounds or broken bones, but can mend fractures, cuts, grazes and in the case of light sickness, allows for a higher response from your immune system.' She bows again, turning to leave as Carrie half stares, half gawps at the sudden, educated explanation on the vial. Horatio, Ellandra doesn't mention, was given one as she believes her and him to be 'connected' in that way and trusts him to look after her as she will for him. -Zwool- So, now what? This thought resonates in Zwool's head for a little while. He glances to the guantlet. Glowing and ebbing at the center, this odd regulator, controller. What happens if it activates something in him? What happens if he hurts someone? Two options are left to him. Run, run and never look back. He's almost eady too, to turn and escape and never to return. But something stops him. A deeper logic. A deeper care. However far he runs, if this activates, he will never truly escape this fate. And he could kill anyone. Not just... Ellandra. He remembers her. How sweet he was. Is. She isn't dead yet. She doesn't have to die yet. The other options throbs at the forefront of his mind. He glances down and gulps a little.<br>He's going to have to remove the gauntlet.
  3. -Obelia- Obelia's eyes trail in light suprise to Ken, the girl having traveled enough with him to know how much of a leap in logic, in faith from the one he has been taught, to do this is. To take a step away from doing good because you are told that is what good is, to believing truly in what you are doing, for yourself, because you've seen so. Her smile grows a little, only a tiny bit, yet does so knowing that in that instance, Ken is both a new person, yet entirely himself. She stands quite silently, glancing back to the girl for a moment, hoping against hopes that this has somehow reached her, otherwise, things will become even more difficult then they have been. Her gauntlet clad hands rests on his shoulder a moment though, just giving him a single, strong look with a smile, an indication of her pride in his decision, in standing by him. -Noel- 'You know, you're not very good at this whole sneaking things. Fainted people don't turn their heads.' She opens an eye and smiles a little but, brushing a furred hand through his hair a little, worry soon etched back into her features as well. 'You do know you had me worried there, right? I'm... well, sorry for getting angry like that. That guy just pushed a few buttons, so... I lost it a little. Are you alright anyway, Andy? You seemed to go down like a rock, you've been out for a day or two.' She seems worried for his health, for him, eyes watching him curiously for a little bit, even with his head turned away, smiling a little at the idea this sort of position might be embarrasing the young priest. -Langley- 'Feh.' Langley offers a light nod to the wolfish blacksmith, who offers a light smile and wave back to the swordfighter. She stretches a little, fully dressed if not fully awake, tugging her cloak a little around her shoulders. She walks past the tree, with a mental note to listen to all those obscenities delivered by the struggling, bound idiot in the tree, yawning... then casually delivering a swift, strong kick, enough of her fathers blood in her that it wobbles a bit heavily, causing him to utter a squeak a mouse would be embarresed to let out, due to the high pitch of it. She smirks a tad, before heading off through the town, silence in the center of it for a good moment or two. -Carrie- 'If- Ow, if we are -ever- late again, I will drop you in the water myself.' She offers this through gritted teeth, rubbing her side a little with a wince or two, sighing a little to herself. Something's definately brusied, cracked, whatever. She just moves, not really limps, but wobbles from side to side to a seat by him, settling down with a blink, touching her face. Her glasses aren't there, which means... she offers a low, cursing tone, realising either they're back at the inn... or they fell out on the way. She sighs a little, tugging her hood back, actually letting her face be in full view for a while. She doesn't do so often, not really caring too much for letting others see her face, but shrugs to herself, resting her back against the boat for a little. -Ellandra- She smiles quite brightly, wings fluttering a little. So far, a good grasp of language, spoken too, belongs to her. She hesitantly however notes it's not really the same if you can't use it within conversation. She glances around, stepping back from the boat's front, wondering if any might be around to start said conversation with. Most seem relaxed or talking already, yet she does however note the two known as Horatio and Carrie, hesitantly moving over to them, offering a slightly high pitched, nervous greeting. 'H-Hello?' -Zwool- 'So.' The librarian glances to him for a moment or two, seeing him still quietly looking over the book. He knows the question that will be asked, yet is uncertain of the time it will take to find that answer. Nor what it will lead to. He only knows an answer that will have to suffice for now. 'What will you do?' The librarian asks this, even as Zwool's mouth opens, murmering with a half willing conciousness. 'I'd like some time to think.' The librarian nods and silently, he moves from his chair, heading away with a light sigh while the man with the book glances over it, fingers clenching and unclenching every so often on top of that too.
  4. -Obelia- Obelia's nerves have not been of good late. Her promise to care for the priest has not wavered, yet Ken's trust and honesty have led him to take decisions that make her job of protecting him even harder. Such as taking in the assassin who mocked him before, with the death of her brother. It... stuns her to see both such reckless want for an act that seems ridiculous, yet, she grudingly admits, confirms the care with which he holds dear to. She sighs a little, entering the room in which he rests to find the situation involving the girl hidden within that bathroom. She watches from the doorway, a small wince at the shout from the girl, herself still armoured. Oddly, she's rarely seen without it, but it may be a comfort thing herself. She just observes, a mixture of sadness, sympathy, yet a hint of anger boiling with the two. Ken has done so much to aid her and the girl needs it, knowing of the wounds from Ken's words. But, she marches over, soundless bar the clank of her armour, within a second, drawing her foot back and aiming it's metal clad base at the doors hinges, letting it fly. It smashes into the side and most of the time, this might've dented the wood, albeit slightly. But coupled with a well trained swordswoman, clad in stern armour, a jolt of anger and worry powering her, the sheer force thrown into the kick smashes the hinges off the wood, not launching it, but causing it to fall back, albeit slowly, with which in the moment, Obelia's hand darts outward, to catch it by the handle and toss it aisde, her features stormy as her words come out. 'Ken, if you could heal her now. Miss, we have no intention of hurting you, raping you, sending you to prison, whatever. But for the love of anything you hold dear, let my friend heal you.' -Langley- Langley smiles a little, for the last few days having enoyed the various side trips to town. It's been enjoyable to see some of the citizens gasp a little, the residents of the town, usually against this sort of punishment, wholeheartedly grinning, sighing in frustration, one very specific couple white with both shock and shame. Langley herself rests against the blacksmiths, the grinning wolf anri she knows so well, older now, a little hunched, glancing with her to the large tree at the center of town, considering a sign of nature amid the growing township. 'Feh, considering staying a little longer, Langley? You actually okay with that? Thought you had your journey to go through.' She casts her eyes to the side, the wolf's own eyes older, a little softer with the worry he sees etched into her features. 'I would, but... my parents, you say, haven't come back yet?' He seems to be quiet, yet nods soundlessly, causing her to close her eyes for a little bit. Ignoing the display of the boy grown to angry man, screaming obscenities while his form, still clad in the mock dyed fur of an anri, tied to a tree with a sign dangling around his neck, which is to make sure they know why, written by Langley, illustrating in large capitals the words: 'Tried to be Noel's Auntie Back From The Dead. Tied To Tree Until Future Undecided Time.' 'Langley' -Noel- Two days have gone by. In Noel's bedroom, a boy's body rests after one of the longest faint periods known to the anri, her arms hugging him a little in her rest. She has her eyes closed and just listens, making sure his heart beat never gets to shallow. She's wearing clothes, quite clearly. (This isn't an eroge after all.) Her hand does ocassionally brush through his hair, her eyes a little concerned. Is the boy anemic or something..? He seems almost like he isn't built for shocks or anything of the sort. She just sighs and for now, amuses herself with a thought as to what has occured to her 'dear ol' auntie'... -Carrie- 'H.. nn? Whaaa..?' Carrie's mumbles come between groans, her body slumped against something, moving fast- wait, that smell? It smells like- she blushes a tiny bit, recognising the distinct 'scent' of Horatio, then her eyes widening, she growls a little too, seeing a ship in the distance, Horatio's footfalls leading to it as it seems almost ready to- 'H-Horatio? T-That isn't... the boat, is it?' She means the boat, drawing away from the edge of the land, about to set sail. What occurs next is done in both a blind panic and yet, with an eerie calm about Carrie. She pushes herself off Horatio's back, grabbing a firm hold of his hand, jogging quite suddenly. For a girl without much combat skill, her running speed is incredible for a non-combatant, due to the sheer amount of walking she's been doing. She jogs and tugs him with a hard tug, her foot reaching the edge of the jetty, her only word one that is quite obvious. 'Jump!' She hopes he listens, her foot pushing away, tugging him with her in one long longjump... so close to the water, she feels a little fear of just crashing into the surface. Instead, she curses as her form and Horatio's slam into wood, her body rolling with it, though her side feels atrocious. '...O... oww...' She glances though, a little weakly to the side, panting from the run, to see if Horatio made it. -Ellandra- Ellandra mumbles to herself, as the boat cuts through the water, trying new words. She knows words, dozens of them, but to say them, is quite a little bit else, a small adventure of her own to indulge in. Her smile is quiet, careful to treasure the moment of talking. Yet she seems to be relaxed enough as it is, just her mumbles, testing her vocals and for now, letting the world go about it's own buisness, herself absorbed in her own sense of self-discovery. For now, at any rate. -Zwool- Zwool's eyes tiredly glance over the pages in the book, a small, bleak glance across the pages. Suprisingly, the librarian simply sits across from him, a look of quiet consolement there. The words within reveal a sinister truth behind his own existance. Not just an anri, but an artificially made one. That seems like a redundant statement, but his life, it seems, is a futher fabrication. His type, dragonic with a strange gauntlet on each, are known simply to be odd creations, made by a delusional memeber of the 'founders' of the Anri. They are dolls, said to simply wander from place to place, killing someone and then moving on, without a word. They are referred to as the 'Unthinking Assassin's' in the pages of this disturbingly bloodstained tome, flecks of dry blood along the pages. He says nothing, nor the librarian. They just sit for a good while, quiet as he feels absolute fear, for anyone who he has mixed with, 'contaminated' with his prescence.
  5. -Obelia- Obelia sighs a tiny bit once she leaps out of the wagon, letting herself stretch a moment or two to loosenup. Though rest will come soon, in her mind she needs to at least make sure she is ready for whatever these unseen assassins will throwat the group next. She tilts her head at Ken's query on sharing a room and while hesitant, she nods, though noting Sophia's need for extra space. She lightly touches her old friend's shoulder with a surprisingly light gauntlet, offering a solution to her worry with a smile. 'If you need space, I can rest perfectly fine in a chair or on the floor, Sophia. Just make sure you, your daughter' before finishing her sentence, she swivels her gaze to Ken and gives him a rather firm gaze 'and you, Ken, get your rest. I'd rather be defending non-lethargic charges if I could.' -Langley- So it comes to this. Langley's primary thought is this, her eyes observing the exchange between the two with a silence settled across her, arms folded and waiting. She barely notes the tensing of her hand across the side of her blades handle.This moment means more then she knows, but why comes only a few seconds later. -Noel- She could swat Andy aside and that pale idiot bound in the chair could get his throat ripped out within the space of a minute. She could do it, she really could. She wants this.But he's trying to stop her. He could die and she'd have her revenge.All she has to do is kill Andy. And it's in that thought that she realises, with a slightly sudden relaxation of her body, that may be the most impossible thought to put into practice. She feels herself go quiet a moment more and all she can muster is a glare at him. Shehas hate for the other, the other who sits frozen in their chair waiting to see what happens. '...You're lucky, boy.' Her eyes trail across to the fearful other, before returning to Andy. Langley is barely noticed, relaxing her stance as Carrie's eyes stay on Andy's amoment. It's hard to judge the expression a moment, somewhere between hurt and care. But after a moment, with what seems like great difficulty, she shrugs and turns away, murmuring over her shoulder. 'He's learnt his lesson. Set him free, take him to the city council, dump him in a flower bed, I don't care.' She waves her hand over her shoulder, before heading for the front door. -Carrie- Carrie can't really remember much as she wakes, a small sort of grumble escaping her lips once or twice at the feeling of someone nudging her awake. Her mumble that follows seems tired and drawn out, yet she moves as if on automatic from thewagon, almost shambling from the wagon to the inn ahead, intending to sleep out the night in quiet rest. She half-remembers heading to her bedroom... --- Half-awake the next morning, she grumbles the same as yesterday, wishing for five or ten more minutesto rest, tugging at sheets absently and trying to figure out her bearings a moment or two later. -Ellandra- A quiet mumble comes once or twice from the dove anri along the journey, but her reclusiveness is so much so that it's hard to tell if she's alseep or cocentrating sometimes.When eventually, the journey takes a small stop at the inn, she seems to confirm being awake, quite easily trailing out of the wagon,heading inside... --- The next day, a small yawn escapes Ellandra's throat, a tiny bit easier then yesterday. She blinks further awake, noting the ease at which sound is beginning to come from her and smiles a bit to herself, sitting up on her bed and stretching out for a few good moments, wondering what the day may bring. -Zwool- 'Wow.' Zwool's eyes trail around theroom with a sort of wonder, after all with the size of the library, shelves and stairwells towering over them, it's hard not to be slightly staggered by it. The librarian seems to have wandered out of view for a moment or two, perhaps to requisition a drink. Indeed he has and, unbeknownst to Zwool, it's probably gonna be a strong drink.Not many dragon anri turn up at his door at this time of day you see. For a few moments, Zwool is alone and he glances around nervously,unsure why he clutches so tightly onto the book. Something about it both calls out to him yet makes him nervous, like learning a parent is fallible. It's an inevitable thing and yet there is a certain sadness in that moment. For Zwool, that moment comes quickly to him and nothing is going to stop him from discovering what will be inside this book. For better or worse.
  6. -Obelia- Obelia's smile is something that matches her mothers, but that's not really what's on her mind at the moment. What matters is that Ken is smiling again and that's what she set out to achieve. Giving his hand a squeeze, pale finger squeezing equally thin ones, almost amused at the feminine quality they have, Obelia lightly moves herself, falling into the seat by Ken with an audible clank, She smiles at his mention of what they must do and offers an agreeing nod, glad to see vengeance or anger have not consumed her friend in his entirety. 'True justice is indeed what we must seek, even at the lowest of moments for ourselves. If you ever feel yourself come close to letting sadness consume you, tell me, alright? You aren't the only one who has let… drive, shall they say, consume them.' At those words, an odd guilty look flashes across Obelia's features, something troubling her but she smiles again soon, as if the look was a temporary oversight. -Langley- 'This isn't gonna end well if you don't tell us why, kid.' Langley, having been quite calm so far, none the less understands why the spectre of a missing relative haunting them could make her quick to get things 'messy' as it were. So her tone now has a slight edge to it, though as the boys mouth opens, she pauses, noting Noel's own frozen moment. 'You'll never leave, will you? My grandparents disappeared one day, they just did and all they found in their homes were scraps of torn clothing, blood. And claw marks across the walls. You think that there aren't any human slaves? You don't HONESTLY THINK-' he raises his voice and Noel admittedly hasn't expected this, Langley noting her silent posture, 'THAT ALL OF YOU DAMN, INFERIOR SUB-BEINGS, DON'T ACT AS 'TERRIBLE' AS WE DO?!?' His eyes are angry and wild, yet something wet seems to be burning their vision. This boy has grown, but grown so full of anger. So when Noel speaks, Langley is surprised enough to jump at the interjection. -Noel- 'You think that gives you an excuse?' Her voice is low, cold. She has no sympathy for him, though her clenched fists and beginning to shake frame say something somewhat different. 'You honestly think that because your grandparents may have been taken by an Anri, maybe as slaves, you think because you never got to meet them, that gives you some sort of right to judge?' His angry features are frozen by the words as if in rapt attention to poetry, hanging on each syllable but out of fear at her darkening features. She continues, advancing a bit and Langley's hand twitches, casting a worried look back to Andy. She has honestly never seen her friend this… 'Charged'. -Carrie- 'Arcen. Archen sounds like your slurring arching.' Carrie's smile remains, her good cheer returning after witnessing the rather violent predeceasing events. If she so much as focuses on the tree that's been set on fire, she fears her mind will have to take a short reality break. So for now, she is quite content to rest her back against the side of the cart opposing Horatio and fix him with a beady stare. 'I could shoo if you like, unless you're slurring chew just for fun.' Carrie smiles once more before her eyes close and her breathing begins to take a more relaxed turn. -Ellandra- Still a tad red, Ellandra's form grabs the back of the cart, rubbing her throat as she hauls herself onto it. Speaking is rather like learning to ride a bike, in that it can hurt, it's best to take some time out before jumping straight in and if she could somehow find the equivalent of a 'bicycle helmet' for her throat, she'd wear it. But once we move away from the fact bicycles may not exist in this reality, let us instead focus on her, mirroring Carrie, curling with her back against the wagon's side, closing her eyes. It's always good after a fresh dose of embarrassment to sleep it off because usually, you forget for half a second what embarrassed when you wake. With that futile logic in mind, Ellandra's eyes clamp tight shut and she tries to return to a form of rest. -Zwool- 'I must say, when I woke to hear such banging on the door this early, a dragon anri lying on his back clutching a book was not what I'd hoped when I opened the door. Call me old fashioned, but I'd have preferred the milkman.' One of the elder librarians, his face a cragged and slightly more bewildered then annoyed set of features, stands in a rather snug, if overly long violet robe, not exactly becoming but in the middle of the night, becoming isn't really what you go for. He folds his arms with an amused expression and Zwool, eyes a bit hesitant and cheeks flushed in a form of rather typical embarrassment, stand quickly, brushing off himself as the librarian asks, rather quizzically. 'So to what do I owe such an ear-' His voice is stopped as Zwool eagerly, maybe a bit too eagerly, holds up the scaled book, eyes bright with curiosity. The librarian looks at the book, then him with an almost shrewd stare. 'Well, you're a thief or I'm sorry, it's a bit odd to get donations at this time of day.' 'N-No! I'm not… well, I guess I…' Zwool seems to hesitate, but the librarian, with an absent sigh and yet a slightly weary smile, turns and begins to walk inside. 'Maybe after you incredulously deny it a few times, you'll follow me inside and explain what it is you want. In the meantime, I'm going to get something warm to drink.' He heads inside and soon after, once Zwool's surprise and indeed, incredulous thought wears off, he hesitantly looks around, before following inside.
  7. -Obelia- Obelia’s eyes widen and within a moment, narrow, resisting the urge to rest her hand on the blades pommel. She looks at her friend and, even with her cheeks a flushed red, resolving not to look directly at Sophia ‘feeding’ at the moment, she goes to one knee in front of Ken, moving one hand quite calmly and tugging away a gauntlet. She places pale, smooth skin over his hand, her hand gently squeezing his and gently smiles at him, murmuring. ‘You are not alone, Ken. I swear to you, on my honour that you don’t have to be alone in your journey. Being with you, I understand that sometimes, things take precedence over pride or the self. Honour and friendship, especially with good friends matter a great deal more. When she must be brought to justice…’ Her eyes narrow, but her smile grows stronger, looking into Ken’s eyes straight on, ‘Then she will be brought to the correct justice, with me there by your side, to ensure your heart remains untroubled. I swear it.’ -Langley- 'You've got a good heart in you Andy, but shall we say, things are more complicated then that.' Langley smiles a half smile at her friend and then glances casually to Noel, before, noting that her focus is both on the boy and seemingly uncaring of any explanation, continues to tell of why this bothers Noel so much. 'This kid, oddly, only met Noel once. His family kept mostly to themselves, but one time when Noel was little, she went to say hi and this kid just kinda spat in her face, called her inferior. Shall we say, Noel wasn't as… drawn together as she is now.' Langley can't help a tiny grin at the derisive snort that comes from Noel, glancing to the side a moment later. 'Noel, it was a long time ago… I'm not saying I think what he did is good, but… can't we just kick him outside or something?' -Noel- 'Yeah, that'd be fine. Except for something that bothers me, kinda a bit.' Noel's eyes narrow and her tone adopt an almost sarcastic, angrier tone as her eyes flicker to both Langley and Andy. 'I would quite like to know why he pretended to be my missing, presumed dead aunt. You know, that just bothers me, a teensy bit.' Her words drip with a sarcastic edge and her head wheels around at him. Even growling and grumbling as he is, that look makes him slightly cower, the sheer anger in her features barely restrained. 'So? I'd quite like an answer, boy. And unlike when I was little, you'll find I won't run and cry from any of your usual cut and dry insults.' Her arms fold beneath her chest and she eyes him a few moments, watching his internal struggle between being angry and being scared. -Carrie- Carrie sighs a moment or two after Horatio ambles over, Carrion quite unconscious for the moment. Luckily, there aren't any signs of serious injury for the moment, but it seems she'll be out of it for the time being. She offers an overt grumble at Horatio's shooing movement, raising an eyebrow in amused annoyance at the noise. She sighs a moment more and then follows him back to the wagon, murmuring aloud. 'So, I take it you agree she'll be fine? Or should I query you on how funny you think you sound when you go 'shoo?' Carrie makes an amused grin, despite the circumstances, though maybe that's exactly why she makes it, clambering back into the wagon. -Ellandra- Ellandra nods in answer to Aiduen's thanks, a small smile though quite easily noting the distaste in Aiduen's tones. Clearly, things are not exactly feeling that cheery for her or the group at the moment, but Ellandra is not quite sure how much of it is down to each other, or rather foolish in thought, down to her. She doesn't really think, quietly musing it to herself, that being here has had a positive effect on anything. But silently still, she resolves to just stay quiet, as always- ..Wait, why must she stay quiet? She blinks and her hands pause halfway to Aiduen, a silent thought on why she must be so silent. She has been silent her entire life, but the reasons why are… vague, she thinks. She wants others to feel like she tries to help them, but how are any meant to feel reassured by a silent wall? She goes if possible, even quieter, still as can be. Her cheeks flush and a moment later, an odd, high sort of sound escapes her throat. So she slowly, very formatively, begins forming words, her cheeks flushing every further second with high embarrassment at her lack of composition. Having a reputation as the 'Silent Angel' means nothing if others do not seek your aid, for they feel no words of reassurance come from your throat. She has seen dozens of healers do so and yet has never tried her. So she just shakes with embarrassment after some words finally leave her throat. '…Uuu… urr… uu … you… rrr, are… well-welcome?' The noise is odd and the pitch is off, the words are enunciated differently. Her throat, even if her mind is used to hearing words, is unused to saying them. Silently embarrassed at her efforts and hoping she has not made Aiduen feel embarrassed, she just turns after resolving she's well and quietly heads back for the wagon, rain trail down her hair and wings quite quickly. -Zwool- Zwool sighs a moment or two, resolving that maybe no ones in or as such, maybe just asleep. With a tiny curse, he turns away from the door, before blinking, feeling those smooth scales in his hands again. Glancing down, his eyes trail over the scaled book in his fingers. With a tiny resolve, he wonders what he should do, to read it or not? He muses that really there is no good reason not to read it, yet something feels off to him. He hesitates, back and wings resting against the door for now. His fingers trail the edges of the book cover and claws brush the edge, to flick it open, to reveal its secrets to him, to find out why it tugs at his mind so. And then the world spins forward and his head crashes against something hard.
  8. -Obelia- Obelia offers a quiet nod to Ken as he mentions his want to aid another traveller, in the moment of talking with her old friend, letting her guard down for a few more moments. She turns her head after a few seconds, a slightly wary glance to Sophia that seems to be unsure if she's crossed a line. She seems silent for a few moments, a small tint going through her cheeks after a few moments of Sophia's head resting against her own. But she stays still, a silence settling a bit further once those words are said, a quiet sigh offered. 'Sophia, you know when you ran… look, I'm… not to great at this sort of thing but… if you want to talk, I'd be… more then willing to listen. You're my friend and… I want to be able to help you…' Something tugs at her senses, an odd feeling she's missing something a moment. But when Ken enters, she sees him look a bit off-centre, a keen eye noting that he doesn't seem as composed as he was when he left. She calls to him in a gentle tone. 'Ken..? You alright?' -Langley- Langley seems almost sympathetic to the shaky, squeaking Andy, unsure for the moment how exactly to proceed. On one hand, she see's the almost a nervous wreck Andy, having to deal with the transition from slightly eerie ghost to cruel from of prankster in a matter of moments. Yet on the other hand, she knows why Noel is this way, why he seems to anger Noel to a point where she is almost willing to beat him rather mercilessly. So she is unsure what to say, until blinking at hearing Noel raise her voice, trying to ignore the slightly shaky tone in her voice. -Noel- 'This… thing, is a boy I used to know. I tried to make friends with him… when he was younger, he… well, spat in my general direction, shall we say. I thought your parents had taught you a bit better, but…' She seems to glare a bit darkly at the now silent, if equally glare ridden man in the chair, dark hair that has slightly popped out from beneath the furred sort of mask now tugged up a bit. He stays silent and yet Noel resists shaking for the moment, just silently murmuring to Andy. 'His name is Kern, my parents told me he was just an angry kid. Guess you grew to be an angry adult, huh Kern?' To his credit, Kern declines answering. -Carrie- Her rest has dawned on her, after a time, the want to sleep becoming something Carrie can't push away for the entirety of the day. She knows the others are there, notes Amera falling asleep soon enough. But when she awakens, it's to screaming and anger and fighting. Of course, when you first awaken to such sounds, cast your eyes over the lip of the wagon and observe a fight between so many of the group it makes her wonder how it begun in the first place. For a moment, she goes a bit quiet; wondering if should do something, though noting that to get admits an argument without knowledge of it's cause is not a good way to aid a situation. So with a rather hesitant look to her and a glance around, searching for Horatio, she just sighs, moving across to the back of the wagon, before gently leaping out the back. She heads for the unconscious body of Carrion and as best she can, kneels down and checks her for any more substantial injuries, touching her neck to make sure her pulse is consistent. -Ellandra- On the other side of things, Ellandra, nodding in answer to the rather under the weather sort of looking Giselle, smiling a bit to show she appreciates the want to at least offer a greeting in kind. She lightly scrawls on her pad and then offers it to the woman, the words a bit renitent but ones that try and at least reassure the other woman she appreciates the name. -I'm Ellandra. Thanks for saying hi, Giselle. I'm sorry if I look a bit naive to be here- Then, what occurs next is something Ellandra observes with a deathly, worried silence, unsure exactly of why this has to be this way. But it's after it moves to the moment that Adrian and Arcen begin to fight, having gone still and paler then before at Carrion and Aiduen fighting that Ellandra does something odd. She writes something on her pad, then gently leaping over the rim of the wagon, a small wince as her wings don't exactly lighten the leap, she tosses the pad at Arcen's feet before he can let himself go to far, darting to Aiduen, gently touching her shoulder to steady her. She begins to focus on channelling healing energy to at least help the obvious wounded one, seeing the other girl, Carrie, checking on Carrion. -You think your sister wants you to fight like an idiot? Take a moment to look at what's important and calm down, meat head!- -Zwool- The libraries doors stand in front of him and for a moment, he hesitates, a gentle look cast towards behind him, unsure exactly what to do now that the nights closed in. He grits his teeth, even with a minor task like this, something to do and distract something to give himself time to think. So after a few moments, a bit distracted but curious, his fist raps against the door and he awaits an answer, curious and worried if anyone is available or even awake.
  9. The First Mission: Diary of a Manly Boy Called Wil [04:49:45] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: Dear Diary, Today, I was off to my military training, after finishing going through Valkyria Chronicles without saves, cus I'm a man now, when I looked to the sky, and some meteors fall. Which sucked, because I hadn't brought my umbrella. [04:51:35] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: So I took refuge inside the only thing nearby that I believe could've withstood the strike of a meteor. An environment outside the game programming, which meant the meteors couldn't strike their. I could go there cus I'm a man now. [04:53:48] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: So I waited there for a while, until all the fire and screaming and explosions and fire cracker factories had finished doing their thing, then came out. Well, I say came out, this large metal thing some call 'metal' fell on me, so I got stuck for a while. I whiled away the time stuck doing the one thing I knew I could do for fun, which was try and remember why I'd become a soldier in the first place. [04:55:06] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: -Editors Note: Normally we'd put a backstory here, but you know what? You can guess by now.- [04:55:46] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: So after I'd done that, diary, and I managed to escape, I found this bike and despite being the only one alive, my unit showed two people in the bike due to the animation constraints of the bike unit. But I digress. [04:56:53] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: So this guy turned up and he seemed shouty and stuff, and called himself the Beast, because IS likes to self-refTHIS SECTION HAS BEEN EDITED OUT BY INTELLIGENT STUDIOS. BUY OUR SHIT. [04:58:27] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: After an exchange of words, I got pulled into an alternate dimension which looked like a tent and I talked to this woman called Lin, yes there was a woman called Lin and a man called the Beast in thiTHIS SECTION HAS BEEN EDITED OUT BY INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS. YOU KNOW OUR SHIT? YOU SHOULD BUY IT. [04:59:54] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: So, after that and feeling like I'd been trippng on drugs for a while, I finally emerged and then did my patented 'tutorial moves that are present in evey strategy game ever' and I did them because I'm a man now and don't need to be prompted. [05:01:16] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: After that, the Beast got mad because I think he thought I stole his tacos but I didn't because they make me gassy, so I left after the lady called Lin and the manliest man in existance turned up called BRENNER UGH LOOK AT HIS CHIN, IT'S LIKE IT'S CHISELED OUR OF CONCRETE AND VANILLA ICE CREAM. [05:03:06] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: So I held back and watched BRENNER MY GOOD HIS MUSCLES ARE MADE OF TREE TRUNKS AND BITS OF JERKY in his tank go fight the beast. So the Beast was like 'Who the hell do you think I am? You think yoTHIS SECTION HAS BEEN EDITED OUT BY INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS. TRY FE10. IT'S OF MICE AND SHIT. [05:03:54] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: After he beat the Beast, and the Beast was all like 'NEXT TIME MOTHERF***IN GADGET, NEXT TIME' he ran away. [05:07:36] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: So sometime later, he came to me BRENNER HIS VOICE NNNNNN IT'S LIKE A SOUND BOARD MADE OF STAINLESS STEEL AND A BOUNCY CASTLE and told me he was aiding others like me, trying to help me feel better about you know, the end of the world* [05:07:57] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: *End of the World Variant 39575, Meteor Shower. [05:09:06] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: So with the end of the world gotten over, because I'm a man now, I decided to join his rag tag group of mercenaries to become a man, because I'm a man now. [05:10:15] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: This was the greatest day of my life, diary and that was just today. Oh, bar the meteors, that sucked too. They took our my favourite fire-cracker factory. Love Will. XXX A man. [05:11:43] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: Lin's supplement: I weep for our group. We've taken in a boy who makes the Beast look like a dignified member of society. And considering society just got blown up by meteors, that's not that far fetched. [05:11:55] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: Lin, Signing Off. [05:12:22] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: Brenner's Log. God, I love being me. From, me. Yeah. [05:12:31] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: -End of Chapter One or something-
  10. From a chat I was in. [03:33:34] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: Long long ago, Ashera let her judgement fall on the world. But unfortunately it was the wrong world and the two sides, Rubinelle and Zepyhrnn\ngznkzsomething were destroyed. [03:33:51] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: So Ashera went 'Oh s**t' and tiptoed away to go ruin a different game. [03:34:14] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: But what she left behind was a world shrouded in ruin, chaos and destroyed Best-Buys. [03:34:43] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: From the dark sections of a wrecked Wal-Mart, between the aisles offering fertiliser and shotguns, came a great evil. [03:34:57] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: But then Caulder came, killed the great evil and stole his wallet. [03:35:29] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: So as a new, greater evil, he said 'I am what I am' clicked his heels, tried to grow breasts, failed and went on to think of an evil plot. [03:35:58] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: Retreating to the Batcave, which pissed off Batman so he had to leave, he wondered what he must do with the world. [03:37:05] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: So he decided to first build himself a lair. Because that's what villains do. If it's good enough for the Joker, Lex Luthor and even Monster Rancher Card Battle GB, it was good enough for him. [03:37:51] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: So he built a base, decided that he'd really go with an Owl Scthick for his stuff's names becuase Owl's are, as he quoted 'Evil and shit', he begn his evil reign. [03:38:12] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: Or he would've been had it not been Friday at 3.00pm and everyone was at work. [03:39:00] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: So he got bored and cloned himself, thinking this was a TOTALLY BRIGHT IDEA AND WOULDN'T IN ANY WAY GO WRONG LIKE THAT THING' y'know, like with spider-man. [03:39:12] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: And then his clone killed him. [03:39:31] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: Caulder's last thought was 'Shit, I left the iron on' and then passed away. [03:40:14] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: Clone Caulder, or as he called himself 'Jeffery', decided that his first order of buisness was to destory the earth. And maybe tape the Fresh prince of Bel-Air. [03:42:19] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: So after he taped the episode where Carlton met Tom Jones, he began to build a vast aircraft, one that would dominate the air ways and lead in a new age, one he would be at the pinaclle of. Unfortunately, the name 'Great Zaku' was taken by some dick named C. Aznable so he named it 'The Great Owl'. [03:44:13] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: However, something made Jeffery worried. What was he to do when he destroyed the world? Sell the rocks on e-bay? Not only would there be no one to sell them too, his account only had a 99.8% approval rating, so it wasn't going to be easy, considerng the 'Giant Laser things which do damage or shit' came scratched to it's reciever, a Mr. C. Azbnable, in the mail. [03:45:08] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: So he decided to take over the world instead. Because y'know, he could drill for oil or re-run Friend's once he controlled the world. [03:45:51] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: First, he decided to do it by stealth. But first he thought he'd best clone himself again because THIS COULD NOT GO WRONG LIKE THE LAST TIME AND WOULD BE TOTALLY OKAY AND NOT IN ANY WAY RISKY. [03:45:56] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: And then the clone killed him. [04:26:41] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: The last thoughts in Jeffery's mind were 'Wow, still left the iron on. S**t.* [04:27:58] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: So as the third clone, named 'Sturm' just to troll everyone who'd tried Dual Strike, came to life, he thought on what he could do to take over the world. Nuclear Strikes? No, most were dead anyway. [04:28:16] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: A massive army? It could work, but to do that alone would be too... sensible. [04:28:42] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: Trying to buy out the Fox News Network? Too costly, and dumb. [04:29:01] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: Kill everyone with flowers? F**K YESSSSSSSSS. [04:29:57] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: So thus begun the idea to create a virus using flowers. Unfortunately Ivy from Batman got too bitchy halfway through the iventing and quit, causing massive dickery for Sturm. [04:30:42] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: But soon, it was ready. Ready to be unleashed on the world who you know, thought all flowers were gentle and that their was no such thing as flowers that killed humans. [04:30:45] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: You know. [04:30:56] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: Something that would take everyone aback. [04:31:01] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: You know. [04:31:11] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: A sensible idea that wouldn't go wrong at all. [04:31:14] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: You know. [04:31:22] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: And then he died. [04:31:36] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: He thought 'Huh, that time, their was no clone.' [04:31:47] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: And then 'Shit, I still didn't turn the iron off.' [04:33:15] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: And finally, after writing his will, selling his car, selling his necklaces saying 'STURM-DIZZLE' and deciding to form a charity called 'The Sturm Foundation For Kids Who Get Named After Much Cooler Bosses Who Can Throw Meteors But Can't Themselves Throw Meteors and Who Also Have A Disease Or Something', he died. [04:33:31] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: For a while, there was no one, because you know, no clones. [04:35:00] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: But after a time, Master Asia and Domon Kasshu turned up and used the Sekiha Tenkyoken, resulting Asia's defeat, as well as the defeat of the Devil Gundam. No one noticed this because they were all busy watching Lost and wondering why they did in the first place. [04:36:34] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: After a time though, Sturm ressurected himself, but lost all his memories, because he'd ressurected with the self-ressurecting ability of the DARK-GUNDAM and with the help of KYOJI except Kyoji wasn't actually called Kyoji, but here was known only as 'Gage'. [04:37:37] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: So, now calling himself Caulder, because he found his birth cetificate underneath a pile of mushrooms and some kind of carrot cake, he decided to resume his plan to control the world. [04:38:13] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: And this the wheel of fate begins to turn, becuase if it spun, you're putting the accelerator on too fast and if it moved from side to side, you've not built a wheel but a slide whistle. [04:40:31] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: The end comes and as the flowers grow, people wonder if the world is truly becoming a darker place. But our story does not end their. Because it begins with a -INSERT NAME OF MALE ANIME HERO HERE WHO MUST RISE TO THE OCASSION HERE- and a -INSERT RUINED LOCATION THAT WILL BE SCENE OF TUTORIAL FIGHT HERE- with a -INSERT VILLIAN WHO KINDA HAS A BACKSTORY BUT IS NOT CONTROLLABLE IN MULTI-CONTROLLABLE BATTLES ONLINE HERE- and a -INSERT ENEMY FORCE WITH A DARK COLOUR SCHEME 'CUS THEIR EVILLLLLLLLLLLL HERE-... [04:41:09] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: The metor shower is over and yet soon... something else must fa.ll. And it won't be the iron. [04:41:15] Olivia 'Funbags' Noel Martin: -End of prologue-
  11. Obelia Obelia has been a light shade of pink during the duration of said journey. It seems odd to be this shade in any way, yet her body has felt an absent shyness with the head of an old friend against her shoulder, the closest she’s come to intimacy in a long, long time. She has, however, tried her best to explain through light anecdotes and simple recollection her journey, leaving the village, searching for her fathers grave and now this side-distraction, something that she feels she should do to at least aid another. She does smile at the now awake little girl, her face adopting a gentler look then she has shown in a long time. It almost mirrors her mothers in the softness displayed, smiling warmly at Sophia’s daughter, with a gentle grin at her friend. ‘I see she’s as sweet as you were when you were tiny, from all those stories your mother used to tell…’ Langley The hours have gone by and with a silence fallen over her, Langley finds herself strained from the emotions that have had to change so rapidly as things have escalated. She is now a light, rather dizzy form of angry, having understood what exactly has been following her for some time since she and Andy have arrived back here, now understanding what exactly it is that has been ‘pretending’ to be a wraith who, from the looks of things and the semblance of the costume that has now been torn of the rather glary looking man in the chair, has been pretending to be Noel’s missing auntie to try and scare them both into a guilt fuelled escape from this place. It is with a silent look to Andy she tries to weakly urge him to bed, not wanting him to see Noel quite like…. Well, this. Noel Tied to a chair now, with some rope Langley has offered from some light adventuring, is a man who Noel remembers from some time when she was tiny. Noel has quite a good memory to her, able to remember as far back as that rather awkward, ultimately fun first meeting with Langley. So she can see in the now rather lined face of this man, that same rather harsh glare, an echo of a boy who called her less then a person once long ago, a small anger called from her depths as she looks at him. ‘I remember you. Don’t think I don’t and to be honest, I thought your parents would a done a better job raising you then this.’ ‘I do-‘he begins, but a hiss from Noel almost makes him fall back with the chair, her eyes as narrow as slits. ‘I am not done. Don’t think, after all this, you have any right to speak to me.’ He does go silent, Noel’s mind a bit too angry to calm down at the moment. Carrie Carrie has spent the journey lightly chatting, sometimes back to Horatio, offering him the occasional reassuring smile, grin and some of the time lightly chatting to Amera and Gideon, wanting to know what had happened since that day at the rather crappy guild. She even blinked, wondering where Ignatius the rather kind wolf-man had gone, but for now focused on those here and now, quite content to chat. Ellandra Ellandra has been doing her best to lightly interact with others, though she has found her writing pad has slowly been getting fuller as time goes on as well. She smiles, listens, trying to engage everyone she can when they seem to be free, getting to Horatio and with a slight tired but still kind of bright smile, holding up a hello on her pad, wondering if she’s just being slightly aggravating or social enough. For now, she just sticks to it, seeing where the reactions will take her. Zwool Zwool is now simply walking to the library, yawning a bit but confident that he can check in for a book or just read for a moment or two before heading back to weight. Maybe he’s unaware this is somewhat taking a leave of being obsessive, but for now he just wonders how long the library is open, a small musing on where it is still placed, before walking in a brusque manner in said direction. The book he still holds, the odd, lightly scaled book is clutched in his hand, wanting to have somewhere slightly cosy to read it.
  12. -Obelia- Obelia’s eyes linger on Sophia for a few moments, seeming to understand indeed what she means, seating herself next to Sophia after a moment and instead directing attention to her daughter, a lighter smile offered at the now resting little one, glancing up and inquiring with the girls mother after a few moments in a gentle tone, genuinely softened in the presence of the sleeping girl. ‘If you want help, any help, Sophia, I’d be more then willing to help out. You deserve a lot more then just help, but that’s something I know I can offer.’ -Langley- Reaching for a good bit of apple, something to mostly chew on in the meantime, she is willing to go with the whole pure fiction route as well, something that is bordering too far on the fantastical. Yet it is a sound a moment later, something that is more then surprising to her, that takes her by surprise. ‘OW!’ -Noel- ‘You little-‘ Noel is standing outside the front door. It has changed, from her just moving to the kitchen to having ran, her ears having flicked a moment or two before crossing the door. Having heard something odd as she’d walked towards the kitchen door, her body moves on automatic, brain intent on solving this mystery before it becomes something that gnaws at the edge of her mind overtime. So now, the door having been burst outward, catching the back of someone... someone who seems to be writhing in fur, some sort of chains rattling as ‘she’ growls at the now rather fierce Noel. ‘Let me go, you furry li-‘ ‘YOU LITTLE BASTARD!’ A harsh ‘thwack’ is heard and the being on the ground hisses, curling on the floor with an angry yell. Noel seems angrier then she’s ever been, yet the way she tones her words, it’s as if there is familiarity between Noel and the ‘ghost’. -Carrie- A lighter sigh at Horatio’s smirk vanishing echoes her lips but a small consolation that he isn’t just letting pride over an ignorant nobleman and his ‘profession’ allow him to continue boasting about wanting an active trip to wherever their going. Recognising the rather pointless nature of fighting is something that some never recognise, earning him a light sigh of relief from Carrie, though a weary warning glance is cast at the offer of a fight later, something which half exasperates her and yes, also amuses her a tiny bit too. After Danyon speaks up, the nobleman finds a warning glare follows to his own glance as well, as if a silent query as to why he sees to provoke a further argument with the pride filled ‘assassin’ next to her. Though her eyes blink a few times, a light surprise at the arm that now holds her a bit closer to the guy by her side and after a few moments, she does finally offer a tiny smile. ‘You think I’d just go let ya die? Horatio, I’m not master swordswoman, but I’m not gonna let you take a sword for me. If we end up in a fight, then I’m going in with you, all the way. That way…’ she thinks a moment on how best to word it but finally with a light sigh echoing her, she smiles back to him and murmurs, a firm resolve in her tone as well ‘That way, maybe you might get I’m not gonna just follow you ‘round and cling in the hope you’ll be my shining knight. I’m gonna prove not just to you, but myself… you don’t have to fight alone, nor do you even have to fight, Horatio. I don’t think I wanna see you die today.’ But she admits, she raises her eyebrows, startled to recognise… two on the wagon she really didn’t expect to see her today. ‘…Amera? Gideon…? Is that you two?’ -Ellandra- Ellandra sits up after a few moments, a light sigh as her wings flutter a few times and knowing that with more arriving, she has to make sure they have some space to seat themselves. It’s not much to do, but she was albeit enjoying the sight of the sky above in such a relaxed position. She wonders a moment what Zwool’s contenting him doing, though with how things have been going, it’s not the most important thing by far. For a few moments, she thinks and then, glancing around to the others, she takes her pad from Carrion’s side quickly draws on it and then, tapping Giselle’s shoulder, she holds it out to read, a bit hesitant of meeting a new person. -My name’s Ellandra, yours?- -Zwool- Zwool’s rest continues to envelop him though his mind is maybe too awake for the middle of the day to claim him entirely in rest. He finds himself beginning to stir, a small grumble escaping him at the mind awakening, yet with a slight effort to force sleep back, the book from before almost slipping from his grasp, he tries to turn over. Something, however, begins to build, an odd pressure in his head he finds comes from nowhere, but makes him grimace, a hazy rest replaced with a dull pain, growing to a roar….
  13. -Obelia- Obelia glances to Ken for a moment, unsure of how at ease she should be discussing her friends past so openly in front of him, yet for now she just smiles to the side at him, a soft one before glancing back to Sophia for the moment, glad to see she’s made it onto the wagon alright. However, even as they begin moving again, she answers her question within a moment, leaving Obelia confused as well, thinking to herself for a few moments. She does remember, before she left that Sophia had been to see someone in Arashiyama, someone she… Obelia’s eyes widen a moment, realising with a start what the implication is. She is about to respond before thinking about how it isn’t right for her as her friend to just chastise her, something het family may alredy have done for what has happened. So looking to her friend’s daughter, sleeping in her arms, seeing how much Sophia seems to keep her close, she smiles a bit and then answers her old friend as calm as she can muster. ‘I… understand, shall we say. Are you… searching for Alyssa’s father or are you just travelling, Sophia?’ She keeps her inquiry gentle, no want to be intrusive in her words. -Langley- Langley really has to admit, after a moment, that it’s not fair to Andy to make him this scared and yet nothing happens in the meantime, nothing to at least console his fears instead of making them unfounded making… well, Langley seem crazy. She glances to Noel and slightly blinks, surprised to find Noel isn’t looking at her incredulously, smiling a bit but not in a patronising manner. The chill has ebbed, so it may have been whatever ‘it’ was that was here has gone now. Langley sighs a bit, lightly nodding to her friend, walking into the kitchen after a moment, answering Andy’s declaration as well. ‘Maybe. I wouldn’t worry Andy, just eat something and then go get some rest.’ She has calmed considerably, walking to the cupboards, looking for something quick to eat before finally getting some sleep. -Noel- Noel believes in her friend’s story. Langley may be tired, may have been someone who could be trying to fight just to get Andy from her, even when Noel didn’t actually have him yet. But she believes in her friend as she thinks Langley does in her, wanting to believe in her. She notes Andy’s words too, a light sigh at dismissing it and walking to the kitchen- -You look just like your father, you know.- Noel wheels on the spot, eyes wide and searching for something, for whoever said that in a light, feminine tone. But no one is there, just the quiet of the room, the tick of the clock and the still night air. She glances around, silent and pale. Before heading into the kitchen, smiling the two and pretending what just happened, never happened. -Carrie- Well, confidence in Horatio, while still quite high, Carrie may admit wavers in the face of a rather angry looking noble waving a sword at the both of them in a manner that seems to suggest they should not be heading in the direction of said cart, something which it seems Horatio is keen to disagree with. A slightly light hesitance is cast aside, Carrie sighing inwardly and quietly thinking a simple ‘Ah, to heck with it’ while placing a light trust in the, to her, quite crazy but still lightly charming man she runs with, though blinking a bit at the tug, a small inner groan at what’s about to happen, feeling her body lift from the ground, the air glancing around her form, across it. Huh, maybe I’m later then I thought, she muses before her side collides with the wood, a small breath left as the air is knocked out of her. She tries to say ‘ouch’ but it seems not enough air is left to actually speak the word, left to just mouthing it from beneath her hood, her cracked lenses. After a few moments, recognising that some sort of exchange is going on, she takes a few breaths, not so much injured as winded rather heavily. So she waits for Horatio and the other guy to finish talking, before in answer to Horatio’s, while a bit late, still rather caring inquiry as to her state of self, she sits up with a slightly strained smile, nods a bit and feels her breathing coming back to her, slow albeit but indeed coming back. The nod was to assure him she was okay, before her speech returns to her. ‘I’m… okay, Horatio, don’t worry about it. Try and… aim for a pillow next time ya try that though.’ She offers a light grumble to lighten the mood as within moments, bar noticing an unusual bunch around he, the couple at the front half-asleep, the rather surprised winged girl in front of her which she smiles a bit hesitantly to, understand that her entrance may have been a bit jarring, the knight that’s present for some reason and the angry noble, she blinks a bit at the rather odd group, not including herself, the scrappy looking civilian and the wise-cracking shifty guy she actually considers a good guy. She blinks though at the rather fancy guys implication that she can’t judge a character like Horatio’s words as true, a light answer offered that isn’t hurtful but is as firm as she can muster. ‘I’m sorry; mister, but I do trust Horatio’s word. Not necessarily because he’s the most trust worthy person I know, but if he’d wanted to be shot of me, he’d have had many opportunities to do so by now, but he hasn’t taken them. I will trust him as long as he trusts me around him as well.’ She does glance however up to Horatio, a slightly quiet gladness in the fact he does support the fact she can make decisions for herself, somewhat glad about that. But these words about Horatio being a killer, being someone who murdered for money prompts both a firm defence and in some ways, an odd promise form her. ‘And I believe in him, but I’m not letting him kill anyone who doesn’t deserve pain while I’m around, alright mister?’ The threat of the guy of that couple with a knife does bother her, but she blinks, glancing to the woman as she begins to speak and noting something in her words that bothers her, answering the woman called Carrion as honestly as she can, as light hearted as well. ‘I said I wouldn’t let him kill anyone, but that includes not letting him die, not for me, not for anyone. I know enough to know he’s a good guy at heart, so I won’t let him die, nor try and hold up you, ms.’ She goes silent finally, her back resting against the wagons side, breathing out a bit as her eyes slightly close. -Ellandra- The sky looks so peaceful for the moment to the dove anri, smiling casually as the clouds drift above. Even with the rather hectic emotions that the day has been carrying her and the others way, it seems a moment’s peace is indeed possible as the blue beyond the clouds calmly continues it light toned addition to the white of the wandering clouds. And then someone crashes into the wood in front of her. Ellandra jolts, a worried glance to other, a slightly hesitant flinch as she notes that the impact may have cracked a rib, or something close to it as the girl seems to be having slight trouble breathing. Ellandra stays silent, a slightly hidden flick of her finger, a gentle tingle going across the girls side as unbeknownst to her, she heals up rather quickly, the airflow returning to her quickly. It’s a minor spell, even though with the magic it requires, Ellandra wobbles a bit at the drawing of magic from her core. She listens to what’s going on before quietly settling back, not saying too much again. She is… nervous, shall we say. With how things went before, she is worried that any action she somehow begins with will somehow annoy another so she is a bit shy of indeed even tapping another’s shoulder for the moment. -Zwool- Sleep has dawned, or rather, dusked for the dragon anri, his wings flicking a but unconsciously against the wood of the bench while his form lays prone against the craft work, for now his mind drifting in a deep sleep and as such, clothed in darkness, nothing really passing the time in a head that itself slumbers subconsciously. His breathing, shallow for the moment, continues as the only sign of life from the still dragon man, one hand hanging over the side of the bench and swinging in tiny strokes for a few moments. And for many at the moment, this would probably not be the worst thing for them to believe. But somewhere inside Zwool’s mind, something wants to drive him forward, something he still can’t quite place, that he has no way to identify when resting this was a want to prove to himself he can change. -Lucinda- The slightly stronger reassurance going across Lilith’s features is rather more evident as her body seems to have relaxed; she does try at moving past the point of being upset which is… a positive? Lucinda hopes so; her mind wanting to will her to sleep after a few seconds more of conversation. It could be an attempt to be kinder then usual, or her mind wanting to make everything feel a bit better so it can rest easy in a few moments. So for now, she listens intently to them both, noting the exchange as best she can, though feeling a bit bleary as she listens to them both. Her aggravation does ever so slightly return, but this time at the rather annoyed exchange between the both of them, their disagreement grating at her ever so slightly. She continues to listen, occasional tired wobbles coming as she nods once or twice to each of Lilith’s answers in turn, in a light sort of answer to the fact that Jabin is at least giving her some sign that he will obey her command at the least. Surprisingly, her father being annoyed with her has not mattered this little in a long time, yet with a slightly curious tug at something in her memory, an odd vestige of memory from a long, long while ago, she muses on something, that name she says which seems to hit something from a long while ago, as if very important. ‘Adrian… somehow, I think it’s a name I heard in passing. The knight I healed, he was following a woman, a witch, who’d taken a boy with her… I think… the boy was called Adrian? Maybe, I’m sorry if it was someone with just the name… but it does ring a bell, slightly.’ She voices her one related memory, curious if it could be the same boy. But at his words to Lilith, she sighs, looking back to Lilith for a second before gently moving out the door, tugging Jabin’s arm before he departs down the corridor, firmly telling him. ‘I understand how you must feel being talked down to, but she has as much a right to be indignant as you do, captain. If I die, you are not to exact punishment against this woman unless she was the one that drove the sword into my heart, understood?’ -Seilynda- The riding continues, her mind wanders into an almost restful state of non-thought. Until Seilynda reaches her destination, her horse carries her in an almost drifting thought process along the pathways to the capital of Shuthra. She doesn’t think of too much, taking this time to let her mind ret from needless worry, sad moments that have no place in her mind. She rides and as if body is operating on automatic, her eyes glance to the sides, checking for unseen enemies, oddities amid the landscape with each gallop. Unfocused and yet at the same time, instinct aware, quiet and yet each clop of the horse echoing against the ground beneath. -Giselle- Giselle blinks off and on, Arcen’s words… she’s half a bit wary, half a tiny bit flattered by the attention. She’s not quite sure which to run with, a slightly light chuckle coming from Giselle, glancing gently to Aiduen for a moment, looking to her as she tried to explain as well. ‘I’m not freaked out by it, really… it’s just… for a guy whose focus is fighting, him… well, and actually being flushed is kinda sweet. I know he’s your brother, but… Heh, yeah, kinda sweet. And I don’t…’ she blinks, a tiny flush herself as she nods in answer to Aiduen’s question, moving with Aiduen to the wagon after a moment. She makes sure not to add ‘mind if he tries anything’ as she gets to the wagons back as the fancy guy seems to depart.
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