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  1. Thanks for the reply Lord Raven. I'll definitely be going with the HD60 or HD60-S for the 1080p 60fps quality sake. And since I'm primarily planning on Wii U recording, I don't think I'll need to worry about the extra cable for PS3 (Since I'm a Nintendo/PC Only boi). I'll most likely go with the HD60 since I probably wont need the USB 3.0 considering my PC only has 2.0 Ports
  2. So I've been wanting to make some YouTube videos for a while now, and while I could do PC gaming since I have that setup going for me. I want to be able to do some Console videos as well, specifically Wii U, and later on Nintendo Switch videos. Right now I have some Smash 4 videos in mind, and I'd like to have a capture card to record it in good quality. While I would use the replay system to do acquire footage, I would imagine it would be easier to be able to record it. And Smash 4 Wii U's replay system of uploading to YouTube it only uploads the video at 720p 30fps. Which while it's not terrible, it still takes a long time to do with that method. And I personally believe a fighting game like smash 4 should be shown in 60 fps. I've done a bit of research and apparently the Elgato Game Capture card is popular, so I have my eye on buying one. However I've found 3 different versions of it so i'm confused on which one I should buy: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/elgato-game-capture-hd60-s-black/5187800.p?skuId=5187800 http://www.bestbuy.com/site/elgato-game-capture-hd60-multi/7634008.p?skuId=7634008 http://www.bestbuy.com/site/elgato-game-capture-hd/8838042.p?skuId=8838042 Anyone happen to know which capture card out of these would be the best? Quality wise and Money wise.
  3. Oh it's that simple? So if I were to make Itsuki a Conqueror 1st, and then later reclass him to Great Lord I'll have access to everything?
  4. So I'm at the point in the story after Draug is defeated, so Class Change was just introduced. I'm pretty confused with how this works. So as in Fire Emblem games, you use a master seal to become an advanced class, but then in order to re-class, you would use a Second Seal (as in Awakening), so do the Second Seals exist in this game? The reason I ask is because in Awakening I liked to use the Master Seal to make them into the secondary advanced class first, and then they're primary advanced class (for example, making Sumia or Cordelia go become a Dark Flier 1st to get Galeforce, and then later reclass into Falcon Knight). So is this concept still relevant in Tokyo Mirage Sessions? Since this game seems to have a lot more grinding, it's seems like a difficult choice. I thought I would make Itsuki a Great Lord, since that's what Chrom should be, but then after reading the description as Great Lord is described as a support unit, and conqueror is more of an attack unit, which I think Itsuki is better suited for, now I'm confused. I'm assuming re-classing would open up new weapon options (since that's the way you get skills) depending on which class you pick, so I'd like to know what's the optimal choice here (with all characters). When I get to the final boss, I like to have the best possible skills and be at the highest level I can be (or close to anyway), and say if I want to only have one playthrough, can I unlock everything in one go?
  5. Ah I see, I did a bit of research and found a Forum post on GameFaqs: https://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/701254-tokyo-mirage-sessions-fe/73976145 Not sure if it's completely accurate, but it gives me an idea of what to look out for
  6. I've been wondering if the dialogue choices in this game even matter, since Fire Emblem Awakening had some choices but only the last one mattered. In the game the dialogue choices make me think that there's a hidden romance system, so i'm wondering if the choices have any effect on the story besides the dialogue.
  7. Ok so I just beat all chapters of the Heirs of Fate DLC, but here are my questions: I only got the rewards (Skilltaker/Lucktaker) on the 1st one, and I believe that's because that was the only one where I won without losing a single unit, So in order to get the rewards do you absolutely HAVE to keep everyone alive by the end? Continuing the "Keep everyone alive" thing, does this stay true for a different ending on the last chapter? I won the last chapter and only lost a few...and the ending I got was which sparked my question, also So is there a better ending than the one I got?
  8. Dangit, my grinding on Chrom was completely unnessessary. But dang that really sucks since Lucina can learn that skill herself.
  9. So I decided to replay Awakening, and this time make better use of child units with the whole passing on skills thing. I have Chrom x Sumia and I got Aegis on Chrom and Galeforce on Sumia, Galeforce successfully passed down to Lucina, However it seems Aegis didn't, and Aether did instead And I'm sure I have Aegis as Chrom's 5th skill, so normally it should pass on right? What's the deal?
  10. Wow thanks again Lightchao, Perfect explanation! oh yeah it definitely did, best reply I could have possibly asked for! :D
  11. So the DLC for Fates has caught my eye Before I buy, I'd some some of you kind folk that have these DLCs to give me a summary of what each is about :) And which ones really stand out and our worth getting, (or which ones suck and aren't worth it) And it looks like Map Pack 2 is about the 2nd Gen Units, which I believe I saw the same concept with Awakening, though I never bought any DLC for Awakening (Which I might go back and do) Which with Map Pack 2, do those give you specific units to work with? Because it looks like it uses the Child Unit's default look (with only their father's hair color) and also on "Endless Dawn" and "Lost in the Waves" I see both Male and Female Kana on the thumbnail on the Official Website. So if you've played them all and would be so kind as to give me a summary of what each is about, that would be great! -Try not to spoil it unless you absolutely have to (if you do it's fine, I wont be mad) -Thank you for your time
  12. Alright thanks Lightchao42, now I can buy DLC without fear or hesitation
  13. I have the conquest game cartridge, and i've bought and played Birthright on it 1st, so being finished with that path, I'm now playing Conquest, and I would like the ability to take time leveling up my units and take my time getting those S-Ranks and getting child units, but alas, in Conquest you can't really do that, so I'm debating getting some dlc, BUT HERE COMES THE REAL QUESTION: If I buy the "Boo Camp" DLC for example, would I be able to play the Boo Camp DLC for all paths? Or in this case, just Conquest? I know the not having the freedom to train your units is part of Conquest and yatta yatta yatta, but I digress. Also i've noticed a path bonus that would get me some Dread Scrolls or Dragon Herbs, If I were to snag those now in Conquest, would they be available in another playthrough/another path?
  14. Alright things make sense now after doing a bunch of research throughout the internet. When I 1st looked at the subject of how your level doesn't reset, I was afraid of not being able to learn all the possible skills from a class, but then after further Google Searches, I found out that the Eternal Seal will solve that problem. But thanks for the informative responses! Now I'll have to have fun with Fire Emblem Fates for the next year or two since I plan on doing all 3 paths on Hard Mode, seriously though, Awakening took me half a year and I was playing on Normal Mode XD I don't see myself doing Classic Mode though because that seems too hardcore for me. Thanks again good sirs! (or ma'am(s))
  15. Thanks for all the info :) but in my case, as far as promoting/re-classing goes, so for my avatar I should go from Nohr-Prince --> Promote to Hoshidan Noble --> at level 15 reclass to swordmaster? and buy Lethality from the skill shop if possible? Also what I did with Awakening, after I acquired the unites desired skills after reclassing, I then reclassed them back to their original advanced class, Is that acceptable to do in Fates? So the main reason I would want to reclass back to Hoshidan Noble in my case, would be for the sake of going along with the story, because that's kinda what the character should be (ya know with the dragonstone too, it makes sense right?) just as the avatar in awakening would be a Grandmaster and Chrom would be a Great Lord
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