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  1. I kinda stopped working on this project so adding additional stuff won't be possible. I will still fix some bugs though
  2. Ah, the archer and sniper have the same hex value in my resource, I will update it soon.
  3. I will work on it some time, doing something else at the moment. For a workaround, you can copy paste 99 to the text box to max the stats it will clip it to the max value. Put in a negative number to reset to base stats.
  4. try using the one on the link above, its the one I'm using
  5. Not a convoy editor, but you can edit unit's inventory : Haven't tested on other pc so let me know if there are problems
  6. I made a simple editor that allows changing class, stats and inventory of a unit which can be found here: https://github.com/vince11/FESOV-SaveEditor/releases You need to use FEST to decompress the save as I have not added it in the code. Instructions: Dump save file using a save manager (e.g. JKSVM) Make a back up just in case Use FEST to decompress the save file to get "Chapter_dec" file. https://github.com/RainThunder/FEST Run program, Click File -> Open, select the decompressed file and edit stuff Once finished, Click File -> Save and compress the file using FEAST Note: Item changing will work best if each unit has an item. You can only edit a unit's item if they are holding something. Sometimes if a unit is not holding an item it accesses the item of the unit below them (not going to break your save file) You need the DLC loaded to access dlc items/classes Max stats of the unit does not scale with the class as I don't have data for it, so max stats is the max stats https://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-echoes-shadows-valentia/characters/maximum-stats/ (Cipher characters' max stats are just placeholders) Thats All!, I am not very good at coding so feedback would be appreciated.
  7. This guy has most of the resource: https://gbatemp.net/threads/research-fe-sov-save-discussion.471890/ which can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VY_4xG2Ehlj8vh_TyhuUyoRoTR9FImzQCorF3LgzuQI/edit#gid=1796432204 or click the 'resource' link on the former link. Weapon values are 8 bytes long in the resource. I tested putting just the 8 bytes value and its working fine, so the 4 bytes after 02 01 doesn't matter. Correct me if Im wrong though as I havent tested much.
  8. Duplicate is replicate right? If so I have them for the children too.
  9. Children units with Corrin skills in my castle.
  10. Breaker Skills on my castle. Come and stop by. 17036 47338 09620 85883
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