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I live on a dairy farm out in the hilly countryside of Amelia, VA. I'm also homeschooled, so those two factors combined mean I'm not very well cultured or extremely sociable or anything like that. I like Fire Emblem, though, and I really like the environment around the forums here, so you'll see me chiming in from time to time. 

Other things I enjoy are writing stories, poems, and songs, critiquing the writing of others, creating fictional characters and fantasy worlds, feeding, petting, loving, and eating animals, looking at maps, operating heavy machinery, looking at classical art which usually features beautiful women as a centerpiece, listening to pop, rock, country, bluegrass and, occasionally, rap music, most of which is from before I was born. Oh, I also am obsessed with geeking out about certain video game series and micromanaging my playthroughs of them. My favorites would be Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, the Legend of Zelda, and any other game with a grand storyline, strategic gameplay, and phenomenal music. Additionally, I have recently acquired an interest in Mafia, namely, the phenomenal social murder game that is EiMM.

Oh, by the way, if you're a girl or a fellow guy who's crazy about girls, send me a PM or hit me up on Discord and I'll make you feel loved, or, in the latter case, accepted. Who knows? Maybe we'll be friends.


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