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  1. so if it didn't hit basically it wouldn't crit at all despite having an 100% crit chance? or would it just be a mask while it would be a lot lower than it actually being displayed?
  2. as we know, crits cannot miss. so if i had a ludicrously low chance of hitting (somewhere between 1-25%), but 100% crit, what would happen? i believe that whether an attack hits or not is calculated first, but if it says it as a miss, then it shouldn't crit right? but the crit chance is 100%, so what would happen? would the crit not happen at all and just miss, or would you hit the crit since crits can't miss at all? (of course if getting such a low chance and also getting an 100% crit chance is even possible)
  3. is it possible to add affinities and if it is what would be the simplest/easiest way to do so? (for fe7)
  4. the msot people usually go to is about +1-3 but even then iron weapons +2 still has the same power as silver with less downsides. i wouldn't say it's broken per say just a little too strong. getting +7's are excessive but take a lot of time even for brass/bronze weapons since it requires 128 of the same weapon in total to get one. online it really isn't that broken since everyone has +7's anyways with some miracle midori lethality quixotic hoshidan unity bullshit, but sometimes its the only way to actually damage an enemy because they have like 60 defense.
  5. only 1, and that's chapter 10 in conquest. which really sucks cause even though that chapter busted many balls it was still fun as hell.
  6. Lethality does go off of skill, but its more so how it manages to proc way too much for how low its rate is supposed to be. Usually the rate is like 10-15% but when fighting an actually well trained Midori it feels broken. I think with quixotic its supposed to be about 25-30%, and for somehow the chance is far higher than it usually is. The 100% of the time thing for miracle is true but the lethality being 100 is more of an exaggeration, just that it almost always procs somehow.
  7. Everytime I go online for some battles I usually see 1 of 3 things: 1.) A hacker with level 99 units with broken stats and +7 Omega Yatos and S-ranks, 2.) A guy who has a bunch of stolen units, 3.) An annoying as hell miracle Midori with lethality and the highest crit chances I've ever seen, that procs lethality almost everytime they engage an attack. I'd just like to know how this is even possible?
  8. Birthright was literally a cakewalk by the time you get Ryoma due to how fucking broken he is. I'm pretty sure that if Kamui wasn't needed in every chapter, that I could frontline every chapter on Lunatic with Ryoma by the time I got him. With me being terrible at strategy games I'm surprised with how easy I beat it, even without grinding since grinding in the story is way better because the challenges give you like 5 EXP for kill (atleast for me). I did prefer its story though. Since I never played Conquest due to me being a huge vagina, I'll tell my cousin's playthrough. I'll sum this up in a few words: EVERYONE BUT KAMUI DIES. After seeing some playthroughs, holy fuck its challenging. I've only seen one person complete Lunatic!Conquest and that's with most units being capture and everyone also being dead.
  9. I like the direction its going in, its just certain things just piss me off a bit and wish that were changed. I haven't lost faith since FE is one of my favorite game series. I'm gonna take Fates for an example. I like how Fates has the different paths which you could choose from (despite Revelations sort of ruining the point of going with your blood or not). I like children units. What I don't like is constant "Rout" chapters that annoy the hell out of you with constant reinforcements. More unique defend chapters, or something of the like. Having no durability, which while a very nice convenience, dislike due to the lack of strategy. With durability you had to learn how to use your weapons, because the destruction of something like a silver lance might cost far too much or could be used somewhere else due to you being able to kill or not because death is inevitable. While I like children units, making them broken as hell is something unwanted. Offspring seals can give you almost maxed units near the end, while also a nice convenience (especially in Conquest), loses the point in making your units grow stronger from level 1 with a master seal.
  10. Eyoh. Call me what you want, but I prefer Bred. Possibly one of the worst tactician magicians and can't beat the first chapter of Hector Hard Mode. Currently learning how to rom hack (jesus the guide I'm reading for optimal hacking is 76 chapters long). I hope to have much fun here in the Forest. Thanks for accepting me into the community. :)
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