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  1. I tried to enjoy this game, but chapter 22 was the last straw, the enemies literally have more hit and avoid rates than your army! and if you don't have enough door keys, beating the final chapter is IMPOSSIBLE!, I don't understand why aren't everyone throwing shit at this game, it is so unfair and poorly designed, and still many people think that it is a good FE game and it has good difficulty, I don't think I will ever beat this game...
  2. It still has several design mistakes. I like the game and it gives me nostalgia, but I acknowledge it is not good at all. If going offtopic annoys you and the other guy, maybe I should make a thread called "I'll describe how bad Dates is" in order to get it all off my chest
  3. Stop putting words in my mouth, I said that it SEEMS like he likes anime girls because of his avatar and profile, and MAYBE Dates is his favorite game because of that, even if it is true, it is not a insult like calling him a weaboo or anything like that
  4. I did'nt insult anyone, I did'nt say that Levant or any person who likes Dates is a casual weaboo faggot or anything like that, I just was insulting Dates, so I would urge you to calm down.
  5. The story, plot and characters are important in FE and most RPG´s, most people would settle for a decent story like most FE games, but Dates goes too far, the story, characters and plot are not only AWFUL but cringy, I would feel completely embarassed if my family saw me playing that shit. Also, even Conquest gameplay is far from being the best in the series, I would say that even Sacred stones is better than it, besides, it seems like you are a fan of anime girls.
  6. Dates may have better gameplay than FE5, but overall, FE4 and FE5 are far better at designs, plot, characters designs, you don´t have to pay a lot of money to play the game completely, etc. I call it "Dates" because it looks like a cringy and weeb dating sim where its characters appears to come from a moeshit anime, and, Unlike Livant with FE5, I have played all routes of Dates (Afortunately I have CFW and I did'nt pay a single buck for that shit that would have cost me A LOT of money). Regarding FE4, I am agree with Koko and I think its biggest problem is being completely unabalanced, but I don't think it is easy at all (Dates difficulty besides Conquest is much worse than it).
  7. You're right about the FE5 flaws, so I think we must accept that Thracia 776 is shitty and poorly done, but overall, I think Dates is worse
  8. In fact I did'nt intend to insult you, I just found ironic that you are so fussy about Thracia gameplay whereas DATES is your favorite game
  9. Seeing that you favorite game is Dates, I don't think you have good taste at all, and despite all its problems, I consider Thracia 776 far better than Dates
  10. I never had problem moving non-mounted units, except for Arden, but he is a bad unit anyway, so I think you are exageratting, and there is also the movement ring which provides you +3 movement. Pawn shop is one of the mechanics of this game, like all units having his own money, and you can earn money easily by the arena, villages or using thiefs who can give money to anyone. Also you can use the time when the map is empty to manage your army and healing your units, then you can go to the next enemy whenever you want, so don´t think it is a problem. The only problem with promoting is that you neeed to go to the main castle once you got a unit to level 20, but you can still earn experience anyway since level does not reboot once you promote a unit.
  11. >. And I dare say that FE4's maps manage to be EVEN WORSE than those of Revelation due to the design. Dude, I think you just went TOO far, I think you must take it back or I'll attack you with a parasol being almost naked!
  12. I know Conquest has better maps and difficulty, but you can still grind with those bad DLC´s and there is still that tedious reclass and skill system and regarding the rest of the game, Birthright is even worse than Awakening, and Revelations maps are outright AWFUL and you have to pay 20 bucks for it! and that is without regarding the even more HORRIBLE characters, designs, plot and supports. I liked Awakening a bit, but I think Dates is the worst thing that has happened to the series
  13. Agreed, I also did'nt like the FE4 large maps at first, but once you get used to it, it becomes enjoyable to play. Also, I hate the maps and most mechanics of Dates and Awakening, especially the reclass and skill system based on annoying grinding.
  14. Worst gameplay?! It is far better than Awakening and Dates
  15. Do you think Holy War has a shitty gameplay? It has its issues but I don't think it is that bad
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