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  1. hey thanks! sorry I never replied TT^TT i hate how life always gets in the way of fire emblem... anyway Im downloading FE7 right now! thanks for your recommendation
  2. Im really excited to play Sacred Stones now? I mean I already was, since I liked what I started of it, but now I'm just excited to contrast Ephraim and Leo and whomever else I see fit. Almost forgot that I can go all Literary Analyst on this kind of stuff, ohohoho
  3. i believe it's because of a certain ad that runs on this site. if this starts happening, try searching for an ad that you can x out of (for me, usually underneath the toolbar; it's an all-black "ad" with the option to close it), promptly x out of it, and see if it'll work for you. this is what I've been doing and it resolves the problem.
  4. oh jeeze I completely forgot about that? that's completely fine with me though haha I'm not Offended about this in the slightest, I'm just more wondering what key differences make Ephraim more likeable, since when I played Sacred Stones (I believe that's the game he and Eirika are from) I didn't get far enough to explore his character. Im pretty much in the dark about most of the characters before Awakening and Fates, so I'm just Unsure what reasons people could have for choosing said characters over the ones I personally know and love. Hopefully I'll be immersing myself in all the older FE games next week, though, so I'll probably figure out why everyone loves the characters they love. also he is, quite obviously, my favorite Nohrian royal hehe, but I find myself falling for Camilla if I separate her from her over sexualization Thanks for your feedback! and sorry for the rant ^^;;
  5. hello friends, I have like 5 names but you can call me Rubin. My pronouns are he/him, and Im a dweeb. so Im not actually new?? I made this account a while ago, but life started happening, and I lost touch with my goal of delving into this fandom. basically, I've only played Awakening and Fates, and I want to play the rest IMMEDIATELY. But I may have to wait a week because I have two midterm projects. Anyway. feel free to talk to me, tell me which games to play in what order, rant at me for being uncultured, or literally anything i love humans, so please, love me (edit:// it wasn't 4 am when i made this. i dont know where i got that. maybe Im really tired? but gauntlet)
  6. oh sweet so if everyone's using that logic, it's more of a gameplay thing than a personality thing? i dont know why im so protective lmao thanks for your time!
  7. So I'm just curious; Why is Ephraim getting more gauntlet votes? What is wrong with our dear tomato boy?? (Is it the "you'll never guess which fruit i fancy... tomatoes"??) (It is, isn't it...) (I know he's a Freak but we love him anyway okay) (also yes I know that Sacred Stones is generally much more popular than Fates, I'm asking more on a character level than a story/plot level) (I thank you ahead of time for your consideration!)
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