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  1. It wouldn't make the game freeze,but it will just go on without the Aida conversation it would just end the chapter there.
  2. Red my favorite color,Merry Christmas,Sf!!
  3. I remember now. Ephraim's route chapter 11 is Phantom Ship.I only lost once that chapter in normal mode,but hard mode not yet.
  4. No,he told Shanan to watch Deirdre because he has to seize Madino.So I am right.You're wrong.Manfroy found the book of Loptousou.Gave it to Julius,when he was 18 (old enough in the games to fight,unlike Julia)Julia felt like she was at least 12 or 17.
  5. DO NOT GET ME STARTED WITH C11 EPHRAIM'S ROUTE.I forgot what it was,but I literally hate it,so it's pretty much hard,even in easy mode.I cannot beat vigerade,just soo hard.... I couldn't finish it,however, many times I restarted.show me the map,it's been long since I played fe8,and my ds is broken.
  6. but....not as well I could say,but it really doesn't matter,Half 1/2 of my characters are dead,and I paired them up late.C4,here I COME!
  7. As if she even she even didn't listen Sigurd when he said "Don't go out the castle,you have to take care of Seliph." Not only did she not listen and got kidnapped,her memories were erased!But then,just when Alvis was going to kill Sigurd,He gets Deirdre out and lets her see him.But then,she remembers that she married Sigurd,but Alvis wouldn't let her touch him.So,she was killed 17 years later by her own son,but since minor + minor =major,Julius called her by "Deirdre".
  8. But if Julius was born then how was he the reincarnation of Loptousou and Julia was the reincarnation of Narga?
  9. Do you ship those two? I sure don't! :P

  10. If you plan on raising Ena,then try to level up her throughout the game,try to flee or get Nasir,but since Ena sucks because of her Demi Band (it makes her weak if you didn't know),Take off her demi band because she is just fine without it,even though she is powerful.I think just don't use her at all,because I would rather use Ike,Soren,Oscar,Wolt.
  11. WWhy did Manfloy kidnap Deirdre to marry Alvis?Why?He's an insane,evil looking psychopath.
  12. Best game after PoR and RD I see so Ike is just plain stupid he doesn't know what's he doing. My Black DoomKnight form is so cool that i'm going to use it.
  13. Dracula and I are the Prince of Dragons,and Darkness!

  14. I know how battle before dawn hhm is.I literally hate after i saw worst levels ever 12.Ursla will PWN Zephiel,but we have to fight him in fe6 we saved his little sorry butt and he wants to take over the world oh please even eliwood can stop you but idk about lyn,she can critical you with the mani katti
  15. i ALSO HAD PROMOTED COLM IN ERIKA'S ROUTE BUT HERS WAS A BIT HARD.ephriam,normal mode I haven't played it yet.Valter is more stronger than caelleach.while he has attack power and skill valter is just skkill and do criticals!!!!!God,that was hard!But in my final chapter normal mode rika's route,I was using Authur and colm,and erika and ephraim.That i restarted at least 3 times!And it was on my ds!I had every single character except Lton and Fado.I always fail inside lagdou ruins.Them onsters,escpecally the elder baels and cyclops they are strong!I at least faced one with 70 hp.my sacred weapons are about to break so I PUT THEM IN THE SUPPLY.When i reached ruin ten,Ephraim was losing his cool,and he still had A support with erika!
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