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  1. 1-7 7/69 Meg gets the Energy Drop after BEXP to level 14 and 0 strength procs. Sothe gets 2 more Gladiuses. Sothe marches forward. Maybe a six turn is possible with rng. Tormod’s party did get in the way one turn. Sothe damages the boss, recruits the gang next turn and Maurim gets the kill. Shove Micky over and sieze 1-8 9/78 Could’ve been much worse, but with nobody to cover the left side quickly things drag on. Sothe goes west and kills the boss and everything in the area. Maurim covers the south and most enemies from the left, though some chase Volug/Nailah/Rafiel north while they avoid combat. Micky heads into the swamp to deal with incoming dracoknights rather unreliably, with roughly a 25% chance of death against the pair spawning turn 8. Meg moves north but shit mov and the swap slow her down. Maurim is mostly untransformed but with Resolve faces a rather low chance of death. Sothe rushes back after killing the boss to help with the remaining units on the left. 1-9 9/87 Micky Paragons to level 20, but since you need to rout first to spawn Jarod, BK is too far away from his spawn and Micky can’t reliably solo so we take a bit longer. 1-E 11/98 Micky gets Dracoshield. Ilyana gets Pass, Savior, and Celerity. Here’s hoping part 3 will help cover the turns I lost in part 1. Meg promotes after procing strength 0 times but has nearly capped speed and Luck so hopefully will be able to BEXP in time for 3-12 and 3-13. 3-6 may be a Sothe beastfoe cheese but we’ll see how she looks then. BK and Maurim head for the Stairs, Maurim transforms turn 2 after 2x Olvi Grassing after a dance on turn 1. The rest head up the ledges after some slightly unlikely hits from Sothe but with Micky support and a dance odds are decent. Meg stays back for the reinforcements. Both converge after stairs and head north. Sothe grabs the Speedwings and Vantage, BK kills the boss. Maurim was a point off from doubing Jarod but that exp didn’t really matter. Micky siezes. Could have saved a turn but a bit too much RNG with Micky dodges. Level HP Strength Magic Skill Speed Luck Defense Resistance Micaiah 20/1 32 8 21 16 16 24 7 20 Sothe 9 37 22 4 26 23 20 14 11 Meg 20/3 38 15 4 13 22 26 14 11 Maurim 21 59 19 3 15 11 14 15 10 Rafiel 13 32 1 6 1 6 32 3 13
  2. I'll take Oliver, a staffbot that isn't Mickey could help for Endgame. Much better than Fiona. Hopefully recruiting him won't cost too many turns
  3. 1-P 6/6 Took a few more turns to feed micky more kills as my DB consists of her, Sothe, Meg, and Maurim. She needs it. She got some speed and magic, so I’ll take it. 1-1 7/13 Never realized how annoying this was with only Micky and Nolan. Same as before, go a bit slower to get Micky more kills. 1-2 7/20 Could be an 6 turn but Micky could only get to the Thani on turn 7 after killing the myrmidon and Sothe didn’t crit the boss for EXP. With shove strats Laura can reach on turn 6 but I think Thani is worth that extra turn. Sothe basically soloed the top floor, while I choked the point to the left of the start with Nolan and Micky. Still feeding more to Micky 1-3 8/28 Not too mad at myself here, things went rather smoothly. Kurth and Aimee both ended up dying so I lost some BEXP, and I didn’t steal the Discipline scroll from the boss. (Which I may regret later, but it’d cost a turn and I’ve already lost a ton of turns). I did recruit Aran by leaving Laura behind a bit while the others escaped (TIL escaping units BEXP so everyone but her and Aran escaped which’ll help). I recruited Aran for the sleep staff he gets in a base convo with Laura later (I forget if he gets anything else). Maybe could’ve 7 turned it but too many units one shot Micky and despite really good level ups was just missing some KOs with Thani so Sothe had to slow down and cover her. 1-4 8/36 Not much I can do here to lower it. Micky is OHKOd by Tigers. Sothe has to get all the treasure, notably the Beastfoe which costs a turn. Maybe if I skipped the gold chest but I’d rather have that gold. Meg got 2 BEXP levels and 1 from the enemies so she and Micky could KO a tiger with EP+Thani+Steel Sword. Beastfoe has 5 uses left. Also forged Sothe a knife to help with the next map. 1-5 6/42 Gave the Angelic Robe to Micky. Really got HP screwed more than usual. Wish I could’ve given it to Meg but that’d be a luxury. Got spirit dust from Aimee and gave it to Micky. Holding onto the Dracoshield and Energy Drop. Sothe kills the boss on turn 3, but apparently that doesn’t stop reinforcements and only Volug can reach the top left with all the 1-2 range enemies on time, which he can’t kill on EP. Meg gets a level and Sothe caps strength. I don’t think a 5 turn is possible if rout even ends the map with the Green units wonky AI and Meg getting 3HKOd by everything and Micky getting 2HKOd by most. 1-6 Part 1 10/52 First part was a nightmare. Not because of the difficulty, but because of the reinforcements. Sother can’t be everywhere at once, and Meg still can’t kill anything, despite being level 10. Retreat AI hurt and I’d need to rig some Kard crits to shave a few turns. Got the Arms Scroll though. Meg also hits B in Swords. Sothe breaks both of his forged daggers (Gladius) which also loses maybe two turns. He’d need probably 3 more to get through both parts of the chapter, and I don’t have that money. 1-6 Part 2 6/58 Sothe gets Wrath to OHKO the boss with a Kard crit. Bit rng heavy with some dodges but mostly rng secure. Maybe can turn 5 but wonky boss AI with the zone reinforcements. Micky and Meg deal with leftover fighters and 1-2 cavs as Sothe heads for the boss. Level HP Strength Magic Skill Speed Luck Defense Resistance Micaiah 12 26 4 20 11 12 18 2 13 Sothe 7 36 22 4 24 21 18 14 11 Meg 11 27 11 2 9 13 15 11 7 Overall I'm lagging a bit more than I'd like to, but without Eddy, Nolan, Volug, Zihark, Jill, and even Aran, I'm doing decent. With Maurim joining next hopefully the next few won't be too bad but I still dread chapter 8. Gonna hold off until the draft is done as the final round is reversed and there's a chance I may end up with another DB unit and don't want to go too far.
  4. I'm making a sheet in google spreadsheets and copying it in. It's not the same but accomplishes the same effect
  5. Don't really care for Awakening/Fates Soundtrack. Not bad at all but I can't remember a majority of them. That said not all the older player phase/attack/Enemy phase/defend themes are better, but most are more memorable and catchy FE15 Endgame is nearly ruined by the Mogals spawning, though the rest is incredible Never played The Future Past DLC but can't say I like Lucina, but this already looks like a bit of a Lucina bashing thread On that note, Ike's inclusion in FE10 doesn't bother me, as it wouldn't make sense for a huge war to break out and the now world renown hero of the last war is bound to show up. I'll admit the focus shifts a little too much off Micky but not to the point that it ruins the game. And on that note, most of the Dawn Brigade maps are just meh. Not the highlight of the game (That goes to Endgame), but not awful In maybe 2 months Faye will be completely forgotten about, most hate is just the initial shock of learning of her personality Berukt is a good villain, especially by FE standards. He does excellent in this plot but most of his popularity is due to Based Ian Sinclair and not being an outstanding villain SoV was great, but I have no idea how people are sinking multiple playthroughs into it. I'm sure I will in the future but the Forks and minor reclassing options aren't enough to slog through it again If it weren't for respawing enemies I wouldn't mind dungeons being a permanent feature of the series Literally don't give a shit about durability, Hammerne was always a thing and saving the best weapons for endgame was everyone's habit I did like constitution and build as it made some units good and some bad, though I don't really mind it's removal
  6. That's a relief. My DB was already gonna struggle early on so I'm glad it won't be annoying from the get-go. Thanks
  7. Just want to clarify as I'm planning on starting my part 1 today, the rule about Edward/Nolan for P/1/2 means that each chapter you pick one to be a free unit, not that only one gets to be used free for those chapters and the other is just benched. Soloing P-1 with Micky would just be a pain in the ass (if that's even possible)
  8. Close call between him and another who I'll doubt will be around for my next pick, but gotta go with Muarim
  9. I'd figure with all the BEXP and rather small competition in the D.B she wouldn't be awful, though I've never used her in any playthrough. Kinda looking forward to that now. We'll see if the stigmas hold truth (at least to an extent)
  10. I don't know what parallel universe I entered, but my Dawn Brigade atm is literally Micky and Sothe, so... Meg. I feel sick. I could put her off rather safely, but I'm not running that risk. BEXP Yay
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