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  1. Anyone happen to have Bowbreaker on Elise and Mozu? You'd be doing me a solid : ]
  2. Does anyone happen to have bowbreaker for Mozu?
  3. I'm definitely going to make backups after this, haha Fool me once and all that I was going to look into powersaving, wish i'd done it earlier to be honest! Thanks guys! :D
  4. It was a battle save from my conquest file that screwed me over, and sadly I didn't have one on my Revelations file Oh man, I feel bad enough having done it once, but twice?? Props to you for carrying on playing I have a hard copy of conquest with download versions of the other games on it... I really should have just gone digital but hey Man, I messed up Thanks anyway guys!
  5. So guess who managed to save over her 150 hour revelations save file because she wasn't paying attention? (Hint: It was me) I was wondering if there was any way I could get it back? If not, it's cool, but i'd like to make sure before I give up all of those hours
  6. Thank you very much!!! You're a saint!!! :D
  7. I just visited, and you currently only have Hinoka available! Would you mind putting Orochi back up for me? :)
  8. Does anyone happen to have Mozu with Bowbreaker and Orochi with Death Blow and Certain Blow? You'd really be doing me a favour
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