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  1. Oh ok didnt know that thanks, I appreciate it.
  2. Hi I am looking for: Laslow - All rallies except strength Flora - Sol,Pavise,Aegis Midori - Sol,Aether,Miracle Been looking for awhile for these so any help would be appreciated, Thanks.
  3. I went back and rewatched the video and you were right it was the max growth rate not stat sorry about that and thank you eclipse for the max stats chart I appreciate it.
  4. Ok so I just beat Fire Emblem Fates Revelvations and was going to work on maxing out all my child units stats,I looked up online what each stat should look like maxed out and when I compared the stats from online to my game it doesn't seem to match up.For example,my Rhajat is lvl 27 and is a sorcerer with Hayato and Nyx as parents and her max magic is 42(her magic stat is green),but online it says her max magic is 60.I would really appreciate any help understanding what went wrong/what i need to do to get it to get max stats for my child chacters cause I searched around google for awhile and I am not finding the answers.(I found a guide on youtube about maxing the stats out for children units by class and parents and i tried that but still no luck) Also first post so sorry if I didnt word something right.
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