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    Odds and statistics are my passion, so I calculate stat growths for Kana in my spare time. EnD mY lIfE. But, it's actually pretty fun. If you ever want stat growths calculated, I am your girl. <3
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  1. I. Didn't realize. This was here. Oops. Um. If you read my fic. Plz review. :,D You can read the fic... here. ILU all.
  2. It is a word; just looked it up. And, yeah, that's kinda what I was going for. A sort of memoir feel.
  3. So... I haven't written fanfiction in a long while. Like, a LONG while. Years. But... Fire Emblem Fates has so many interesting characters and stories and it just gave me so many ideas! I decided I wanted to write something for it. As you can probably tell from the title of this thread, this fic follows the struggles Forrest faces after his cousin Siegbert dies in the events of Fates: Revelation and he becomes next-in-line for the throne of Nohr. As I have not played Revelation... I had to spoil the whole story for myself... (Except I haven't done it yet. ToT) I haven't finished the first chapter yet, but... I wanted to show you what I have of the first chapter. (I hope that's not against the rules... I should have checked...) I would appreciate feedback! This part takes place later in the chapter. The story itself is in first-person, from Forrest's perspective. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I slowly started shaking. First, my knees, making the loose fabric of my pants billow and sway. Then, my hands, making me drop my staff. As it clattered to the floor, I jumped at the noise, still in my state of shock. Shock… and fear. Fear that made my heart pound. Fear that made me feel sick. Fear that blocked out all thoughts but one: Siegbert is dead. Siegbert is dead. Siegbert. Is. Dead. “Oh… Gods…” I fell to my knees and vomited from the build-up of stress and the new flood of thoughts that drowned everything out: My cousin is dead. My best friend is dead. The future Crown Prince and King of Nohr is dead. He’ll never join me on another outing again. He’ll never fight with me in battle again. He’ll never hold me when I cry again. He’s dead. And I wasn’t there to save him. And now… I’m going to be the Crown Prince of Nohr. I’m going to be the King of Nohr. The thought made me feel even sicker. Not caring that my clothes were seeping up my own bile, I folded in on myself and vomited again. Then… I started to cry. “Gods, why? Why him…? Couldn’t you have… taken me instead…?” I looked up to the Heavens and started to wail, cursing the First Dragons, the Gods of Battle, the Gods of Fate, and the one who killed Siegbert. I wanted to die, too. Suddenly, I felt two strong arms wrap around my small frame from the side. I gasped when they pulled me closer to the body they belonged to. My father… His tears made strands of my frazzled, dirty hair wet as he kissed the top of my head, rocking me. “Forrest, I… I’m so happy you’re alive. I love you, my son. Please don’t leave me. Please…” Of course. I wasn’t the only one who loved Siegbert. My father’s words gave me the courage to open my eyes. All around the area, soldiers in the army wept and grieved. My aunts, Corrin, Azura, Camilla, Elise, and Hinoka. My Hoshidan cousins, Shiro and Kiragi. My uncles, Ryoma, Takumi, and… Xander. Xander was beside himself, on his hands and knees, begging Siegbert to wake up. I’d never seen him so desperate. I couldn’t watch. I couldn’t listen to his tortured cries, wishing his son would return to him.
  4. Haha, the reason why the Fire Emblem Wikia says that it doesn't include Avatar's stats is because I edited just half an hour ago... Also, thank you very much for the information~
  5. This is a little embarrassing, considering my passion is calculating Kana stat growths, but, I've uncovered new information that has me a little confused. Originally, I thought that stat growths were based on both Corrin's, their spouse's, and Kana's growth rates (thanks, Fire Emblem Wiki), but I just found out that this isn't true. It's just the spouse's and Kana's. Knowing this, are just the spouse's base stats calculated, or are the extra stats that come from classes also a factor? *Weeps on the inside*
  6. *Waves enthusiastically* Hello! My name is Meg. It's short for Margaret. And that actually fits the 8-character limit of most video games! Bless. I'm only been into Fire Emblem since February. Of this year. Fates (read: Leo) captured my heart, and I'm not getting it back any time soon. My hobbies include support-grinding for LITERAL HOURS, calculating Kana stat growths with different combinations of classes, Boons, Banes, Talents, and parents, and drooling over the Nohrian royalty (except Elise because she's a loli). I sure do hope I'll fit in. XD Like I said, I LOVE calculating stat growths. So, if you ever want to find out what the best Boon, Bane, and Talent would be for certain stat growths for Kana with certain eligible characters, pls come to me because I actually find that stuff very, very fun.
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