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  1. I was told the prosecution is looking for an upward departure from the normal sentencing guidelines, so we'll see. I think that a jury that's willing to convict is willing to sentence to a long sentence (if that's the jury's job and not the judge's, I don't really know)
  2. We're well past the point where "a few bad apples" narrative has any credibility. Police in the US is rotten to the core and needs to be cleansed.
  3. Police never get convicted for murder on the job. This is really an outlier.
  4. I would honestly just increase the tax on gas. Yeah, cars have gotten more economical, but the price of a tank of gas in the US is still much lower than in most of Europe.
  5. It's just not a crazy man and his toadies' rambling anymore. There's still a lot of stuff happening. People getting fired left, right, and center, DeJoy about to get ousted as postmaster general, ICE receiving special attention, and DOJ going after the insurrectionists harder than the previous admin.
  6. At first I thought that I was neutral, then I realized that in my experience, all who say this exact thing use it to excuse bad behaviour or bad outcomes. So put me down for bad thing.
  7. I never even got around to playing MXP in the last 4 years. If I'm going to do this, and I'm not sure I am, it's going to be very basic. If there's at least a menu translation patch, that'd be much appreciated.
  8. ICE is full of piece of shit humans, from top to bottom.
  9. I'm not happy with the acquittal and wanted to see witnesses, because republicans deserve to be made to look bad on national television.
  10. Meh. The republicans are going to gerrymander their way into ~6 house seats, and flip the house. That's even without factoring in the ruling party usually losing seats in the midterms.
  11. I don't think you need mens rea in civil procedure, that's more of a criminal justice thing. I'm actually feeling pretty well about these defamation suits. There's still a good chance that things will be settled out of court, for an undisclosed amount, though.
  12. Impeachment is a purely political remedy, so it doesn't really matter that they're prosecuting for every possible crime they can, as long as they impeach. The rioters and instigators of it should be slapped with every law on the books that can be used against them in criminal court, though.
  13. What Bush did do was start two wars over vague accusations of terrorism that destabilised an entire region and left well north of a million people dead.
  14. The filibuster isn't gone and republicans still have enough seats in the senate to stonewall any legislation with it. As long as Dems like Manchin aren't for dismantling the it, it's not going to change.
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