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  1. Yea, I'm not happy with the mess surrounding Epstein's death. But for all we know it could be prison justice. Child molesters getting attacked or murdered isn't exactly unheard of in the US penal system. Or he could actually have just killed himself while the guards were asleep.
  2. Sooo... What? Is this an admission that all you're saying is rehashed from youtube videos?
  3. Have you? Because all your posts read like your primary sources are hot take youtube video essays.
  4. Lol, you do know the concept of no presumed guilt, right? Because right now you're arguing just that.
  5. Taking donations from rich people or big companies in itself doesn't make you corrupt, or evil, or incapable of empathy. And not all of them are dyed in the wool small government advocates, though most of them probably are.
  6. I'm still interested in them, and the situation in them doesn't seem to be getting better. Hell, the living conditions as they're described are very reminiscent of what happened in the Balkans during the refugee wave/crisis a few years ago.
  7. Partisan gerrymandering is effectively also racial gerrymandering, as Hofeller's files have shown. So as long as you keep up the pretense it's partisan gerrymandering you'll get away with it. Hell, considering Lukumi vs City of Hialeah, they'd have to literally, publically state "well we want to marginalize all the blacks and hispanics and all the other racial undesirables in our politics as much as we can". And considering how the muslim ban went down, I'm not sure even that would be enough.
  8. If Pelosi wants to see Trump in prison then she should probably impeach.
  9. The third option being to curtail Roe v. Wade in some way, while still upholding it. My bet is on curtailing or ban.
  10. People vote against their own interests all the time. Brexit is a good example, the parts of the country that got a leave majority were also the parts where local government relied on EU subsidies for their funding. And in general, a lot of people who rely on social security vote to have it stripped away.
  11. I don't know about the female justices but yes it's not looking good. To my knowledge Kavanaugh, Gorsuch and Alito are all hard anti-abortion, Thomas isn't against it per se but doesn't see it as a constitutional issue, and Roberts is the swing vote while generally being a conservative vote.
  12. The law passed, but it's unconstitutional for now. Whether it stays that way will be up to the US supreme court.
  13. You need them both, probably in equal measure.
  14. jesus dude drop the fucking fascism stuff. go jerk off to something else.
  15. Look friendo, you really should stop playing the fascist card. Nobody cares.
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