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  1. Trump's been making a damn mess of the executive branch ever since he was sworn into office, and has completely fucked all levels of the federal judiciary to boot.
  2. As a side note to the Armenian Genocide, it was a more general massacring of non-Turks living in the Ottoman empire. This included Anatolian Greeks, Kurds and Syrians, just to name a few. And if you think having a group of people being murdered to the last is okay, or at least not your business, I don't know what to tell you.
  3. Are you willfully ignorant of the last 100-120 years of history between Turks and Kurds?
  4. And the Kurds fought ISIS with funding from the US. Not sure what you're trying to imply here, but fact of the matter is that the US is allied to both Turkey and several Kurdish factions, and one of them has been a shitty ally for decades now.
  5. I don't doubt that there'll be a "I feel bad for him" moment, but considering that Manafort and Cohen didn't get pardoned, I don't think Giuliani will get one. For now, at least. Who knows what Trump'll do when impeachment proceedings start happening.
  6. You are aware that the president has legal immunity and can't be jailed, right?
  7. It's not an impeachment yet, because the impeachment process hasn't actually started yet. You need to have a majority vote in the House for that. There is no Constitutional Crisis™ Does this mean the White House can just not cooperate with Congress investigations? Well, that's been their position throughout the Trump presidency, mostly on the claims of executive privilege. But the courts have consistently found that nonsense, and forced the White House to comply with subpoenas, and forced people to testify before Congress.
  8. I'd make up some nonsense on the Bidens in return for a stop to the trade war.
  9. Trump tried to extort China and Ukraine on national television like 2 days ago, as well.
  10. If the level of attachment is that serious, there's nothing you can do aside from empty platitudes. You're also the teacher of their children, not their therapist. What's weird here is that you think you have to do something.
  11. As long as the American nuclear arsenal remains relatively intact, nobody is going to start some actual shit. There's also the fact that only Mexico and Canada could viably used as a staging point for any invasion.
  12. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, patreon, WhatsApp and Mumsnet are tools for racist forces far more than the anti-capitalist or green extremist movements. Edit: pretty surprised that my phone autocorrects Mumsnet into having a capital M, but not patreon
  13. If you ask me the French nobility getting guillotined was the end of it.
  14. I'll belittle your beliefs because your beliefs are at least 300 years out of date, if not several hundred thousand and obviously unworkable.
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