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  1. I'll be blunt and say there's nothing wrong with milling about in your free time.
  2. I smear some nutella on a slice of bread and eat it. It's supposed to be a quick fix, right?
  3. So, double post and all, but good news. Supreme court ruled 6-3 that Trump's tax returns have to be handed over to NY district attorney. the opinion, for anyone interested: https://t.co/RhRLnd47so EDIT: actually, never mind, it's bad. Supreme Court decided that Congress can't subpoena the president in the same opinion apparently?
  4. Another black person found hanged in public, apparently immediately called a suicide. https://t.co/D79UgpAYJo?amp=1
  5. Truly, the world wonders why you haven't been banned yet for your hot take garbage.
  6. If people are taking the Kanye thing seriously, Trump is going to win. Trump 2020
  7. I'm well aware of posse comitatus, but it doesn't outright ban the use of federal troops like you seem to think, it just imposes restrictions. 101st airborne escorted black children to school after brown v board of education, when then-governor Faubus attempted to block them by deploying the national guard. Federal troops were deployed to deal with the Rodney King riots, and army troops were used to keep order, no matter how bad, in the aftermath of Katrina.
  8. If you can use national guard for riot duty, you can use them and MPs to fine people and order them back into their home. And obviously, people running errands or more specifically getting groceries, and working, and working out on their own would be the exceptions.
  9. Banning protests and closing malls, restaurants and bars are two separate things. And from the looks of it, the protests contributed little to the viral load, and opening up the restaurants added a ton. As for the issue of enforcement, start handing out fines. If the cops won't do it or suck, you still have national guard, and military police. Obviously deploying MPs for civilian duties on US soil would be problematic, but I'm sure a way can be found.
  10. At this point? Stay-at-home orders in states that have seen a surge, that'll probably have to take a few months. And probably a ban on non-commercial interstate travel.
  11. nice meltdown, racist Also no. The simple truth is that it's a matter of perspective. From the perspective of white americans, black americans are disadvantaged. From the perspective of black americans, white americans are advantaged.
  12. That's a good question, but I stopped believing that republicans, as a whole, believe in anything other than making other people suffer.
  13. To answer your question about college; it can be worth it if you can get a (mostly) free ride through scholarships, or if your parents have built up a college fund for you, or if you're studying for a field that has a really good chance of getting a well paid job. As a hard rule, don't put yourself into a ton of debt without a plan to pay it back. You can think of getting an associate degree at a community college, as well. Depending on your state, tuition might even be free. I completely understand your feelings re: the situation in the US right now, and yeah, it looks like it'll be a while before things are going to get better. But things will get better, job opportunities will start popping up, and colleges will open their doors again. So in the meantime, just sit tight and figure out what you want to do.
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