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  1. Leave it up to Sinema (and Manchin) to blow up a wildly popular bill that would do much to improve a lot of lives.
  2. I feel like it might be relevant for the people who are reading this thread, the next SRW game will also be released in America and Europe, for the first time ever.
  3. Until not very long ago, the DoJ was filled with Trump appointees who had an interest in doing nothing, and the DoJ is also busy with prosecuting people involved with the jan 6th insurrection. Also not sure if threatening election workers can/will be prosecuted under state or federal statute.
  4. Venice was a major power in the Mediterranean in it's heyday. In the same vein Poland, or rather the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was an elective monarchy with a proto-parliament called the Sejm, and it was one of the major European powers for a few hundred years. The Dutch republic was a globe spanning empire that rivalled the British Empire during the time of the American Revolution. Great Britain had an elected parliament. Much of of the American constitution was in fact founded in principles of British law.
  5. A lot of people, actually. Most of them at least reasonably intelligent.
  6. Qanon is 4chan bullshit getting mainstreamed thanks to facebook, reddit and twitter It might be a joke to some, but the jan 6th attack on the capitol says otherwise for at least a part of the movement or whatever the hell it is.
  7. I'll give you George de Sand. He seems like someone you'd like. Birthday will be 1/30, bloodtype A. For earliest Soul, you see. edit: actually, make that Guy Shishioh.
  8. You sure are flashing those tory colours
  9. I was told the prosecution is looking for an upward departure from the normal sentencing guidelines, so we'll see. I think that a jury that's willing to convict is willing to sentence to a long sentence (if that's the jury's job and not the judge's, I don't really know)
  10. We're well past the point where "a few bad apples" narrative has any credibility. Police in the US is rotten to the core and needs to be cleansed.
  11. Police never get convicted for murder on the job. This is really an outlier.
  12. I would honestly just increase the tax on gas. Yeah, cars have gotten more economical, but the price of a tank of gas in the US is still much lower than in most of Europe.
  13. It's just not a crazy man and his toadies' rambling anymore. There's still a lot of stuff happening. People getting fired left, right, and center, DeJoy about to get ousted as postmaster general, ICE receiving special attention, and DOJ going after the insurrectionists harder than the previous admin.
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