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  1. Conservative Americans care a lot about social issues like gay rights, abortion rights and trans rights, and by and large racial rights. In that they want to ban and supress.
  2. We'll see what happens at the inauguration. I wasn't expecting violence at the certification, but look where we are now.
  3. If you feel like reading it, the thread that got anacybele banned is still around. I'd recommend to everyone to just drop the subject though.
  4. We haven't heard from McConnell yet so it's probably a no from him on impeachment. Not surprising, still disgusting.
  5. Trump banned pence from the WH yesterday. That's forever ago, OldyMcOldson, get with the times.
  6. Pence status: hiding in the toilet.
  7. Pelosi says the democrats will impeach if the cabinet doesn't 25th amendment trump Guess we'll have to see what McConnell has to say.
  8. Waiting on what Pelosi has to say. If it's not impeachment time I'm not gonna be happy
  9. https://twitter.com/burgessev/status/1347219783050211330 What are you waiting for, impeach him already
  10. His first impeachment lasted less than two weeks, off the top of my head, and involved a week of testimony. All of that can be skipped now. In all honesty, just impeachment isn't the solution I want. I want trump to be removed from power under the 25th amendment, and then impeached and banned from ever holding public office ever again.
  11. I was just told that the president can blanket pardon people for crimes committed in DC. It's probably time to start calling your senators and telling them to impeach.
  12. At least the insurrectionists are being treated more appropriately now
  13. DC is one of the most dem leaning areas in the country. We still have police taking selfies with insurrectionists inside the capitol
  14. I noticed a few recent joiners who haven't posted much else lurking this thread. Those are usually trumpers. Ssjbardock is also still around.
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