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  1. On to more pressing matters, how low will the senate republicans go? Will they back a president starting foreverwar 3 when they can also impeach him? I'm not holding out hope.
  2. In other news https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/06/us/politics/bolton-testify-impeachment-trial.html Bolton says he'll testify if subpoenaed. I guess it's cool to hear it from the horse's mouth, but it's not going to matter.
  3. The Iranian regime was never in favour with the population to begin with. Not that it really matters.
  4. Healthcare costs need to go down dramatically, and insurers need to be forced to start paying out for healthcare like they're supposed to. If this outcome can be reached via legislation and imposing some government control over the healthcare industry, that's fine as well.
  5. we ain't no gosh darned socialists in this here country! *Shakes fist*
  6. I would definitely vote Sanders or Warren before Biden. But I'd vote Biden over Bloomberg, and Trump.
  7. What I got from your post was that you were thinking about getting involved in the democrat candidacy race, and I was arguing for it. I wasn't really making a point about stupidity.
  8. Only a special kind of stupidity would vote against the democrats in the next presidential election, so you might as well get involved in getting someone you like the candidacy.
  9. I wouldn't necessarily call it the milennial vote, because it's roughly people between 18 and 45 years old who have both a much lower turnout and a much higher chance of voting democrat, or at least anti republican.
  10. Trump gonna get impeached. There will be witnesses, he won't get convicted. Which is a shame, but with the republicans being what they are, what can you do.
  11. I just grabbed a US population graph for you here you go, sources are in the link as well. The main takeaway is that US population growth went into overdrive, and saw a fairly consistent growth between ~1949 and 2008. In comparison, incarcerations started ticking up after 1970 (when most of the baby boom generation started hitting adulthood) and outright exploded after 1984.
  12. So instead of cherry picking other countries you cherry pick Africa. And then completely ignore that Africa is, in fact, not a single polity, is much more culturally and politically diverse than the US, African countries have very little in common with each other in general, manage to completely misrepresent female genital mutilation, and imply that this happens all across Africa, and that Africans are all the same to you.
  13. Devin Nunes filed a million billion dollar lawsuit against CNN Considering this is a lawsuit on fact reporting, it won't get far. Which is a shame, because I would like to see this one go into discovery.
  14. Are you sure utilities are fine in California? Because last time I checked, PG&E filed for bankruptcy after causing the biggest wildfire in the history of the state.
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