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  1. Final: Fierce Battles 3/186(49) Soji heads over to deal with Desura II, Kouji heads over to deal with the Gardim. Desura goes down on turn 2 player phase, Gardim goes down on enemy phase of the same turn. Then it's on against Nevanlinna. Soji unfortunately gets twoshot and doesn't help much, but more than half of the Nevanlinna's attack Kouji and are oneshot in return. Then on turn 3 I mop up the remaining ones and it's a wrap. Looking back I think it might be possible to clear out all of the Nevanlinna's on enemy phase, but I'll take my 3 turn to be done with it. Final turncount: 186-49-5= 132 turns I feel like this is a solid turncount. Unit analysis VangRay/GranVang: Soji ended up at 433 kills, more than double the next highest killcount. GranVang has a strong but not super strong finisher, but lucky for us there's stat boosts. Easily one of the best units in the game Mightgaine: Maito ends up in second place, with a respectable 174 kills. A strong unit throughout the game, though it fell off in the endgame boss rush. A solid unit throughout, that sadly lacks ends up lacking damage output. Mazinger Z: The second part of my endgame carry, Kouji stands at 168 kills despite only being in half the game. An excellent unit, that desperately needs movement parts. Shin Getter Dragon: Part three of the endgame carry. Ends with an encouraging 106 kills, while only available for 11 scenario's. Getter Dragon pumps out less damage than GranVang and Kouji, but can still oneshot Nevanlinna's with a Valor. Yamato: Yamato is a very good unit. Not to mention that Okita comes with Prospect. Xi Gundam: I thought I'd switch in Kamille eventually, but I ended up sticking with Tobia. A very good unit that unfortunately falls off in the lategame. Zambot 3: Zambot is kind of like Mightgaine, but weaker. Still a pretty good unit, just not great. Huckebein: A good unit, but not spectacular. Vilkiss: I regularly hear people say that Vilkiss slaps, but I find that's it's good but not great. It doesn't have accel, and neither does it have very good damage. Methuss: Fa's ride. It's FUB gives it a resupply module, which makes it a good support unit. And of course it had Fa in it, haver of a lot of SP and Prospect. Re-GZ: Iino's ride. I thought that having Resupply would matter more than it ended up doing, but still good to have. Another haver of Prospect. Venus A: Sayaka's ride, and another haver of Prospect. Grungust: Lottie was very valuable in the early game with her Fortune shot, but couldn't keep up with my faster and stronger units. Nadesico: Bless battery. Tuathe de Danaan: Also bless battery, but worse at it. Everyone else: not worth mentioning because they didn't really do anything.
  2. Stage 51 Fierce Battles: 2/183(49) Soji heads off to fight the big Mazinger boss on turn 2. He'll solo them on the same turn with the power of Zeal, Soul and Foresee. (and one support attack from the Yamato) Kouji sends Great General packing on turn 2, and preserves his turn. Mightgaine, Zambot and Vilkiss hurt Black Noir enough to trigger the scene, after which Kouji two shots them with a Move Again assist from Getter Dragon
  3. Stage 50 Fierce Battles: 2/181(48) I had to burn quite a few prospects and do some extra turn shenanigans. It helps that a few of my units can oneshot midbosses still.
  4. I doubt they'll get it but they could be handed the death penalty for their crime.
  5. No. Felony murder does not (always) require intent, per example. The McMichaels were assaulting and attempting to kidnap/unlawfully imprison Arbery when they killed him, both of which are felonies, so it's felony murder and not some degree of manslaughter. Also, Travis McMichael was found guilty of malice murder, and that requires intent. So if he didn't intend to kill Arbery, he didn't convince the jury.
  6. The verdicts in the Ahmaud Arbery case have just been handed out. Travis McMichael guilty on all charges, including malice murder (which seems to be murder with intent to murder). His father Gregory and William Brian guilty on nearly all charges, including felony murder, but not malice murder.
  7. The controversies around the judge are media nonsense. Bottom line though, Kyle Rittenhouse got away with murder. He was pointing his gun at the protesters before they engaged him, and that is a really big no-no no matter how you slice it. He was the one threatening others before they engaged in self defense, not the other way around.
  8. Stage 46: 4/171(44) Mazinger Z and Getter Dragon run to the left, everyone else goes right. Getter Dragon smashes the big battleship on the left on turn 2, then moves right to smash another on turn 3. Initial enemies are cleared by turn 3. Kouji singlehandedly deals with the Invaders on turn 3 enemy phase, after which the final enemies turn up. They're smashed to pieces on turn 4. Between stages I unload a bunch of TacP on CQB Up for Getter Dragon, and RNG Up for the Yamato. Fa and Iino get Concentrate and max SP Up. Stage 47: 3/174(45) Not much to say here. Stage 48: 3/177(46) Mazinger Z and Soji clean up the Gamillas enemies, everyone else focuses on the ELS. Gamillas go down on turn 2, most of the ELS are wiped out, and Chitose gets offed on enemy phase. Turn 3 is spent dealing with the big ELS and a few stragglers. Stage 49: 2/179(47) First you have to down Desura II, then the Gardim boss. I clean out most of the Gardim mooks as well.
  9. Stage 44 Nadesico: 3/163(42) Getter Dragon gets megaboosters to get it's movement up, it has to get an SR point. From the start of the map most units pile into the enemies, Zambot heads up to setup for the Gardim. Nothing worth mentioning happens on turn 2 player phase, but on enemy phase the Gardim spawn and they go after Zambot. Getter Dragon gets the SR with a MAP and another kill on turn 3, and I finish off the remaining enemies. Stage 45 Nadesico: 4/167(43) I'm able to clear the first wave of enemies and Exev in 2 turns with heavy use of Huckebein's MAP. After this the Mazinger big bad shows himself, and I spend 2 turns running to the opposite end of the map to deal with him. I drop a bunch of TacP boosting Soji's RNG and Kouji's CQB between maps.
  10. You're going to have to back up this claim.
  11. Stage 40: 2/150 (38) Parts Mightgaine: Palladium Reactor, Haro GranVang: Minovsky Drive, Turbo Penetrator, Spiral Effector, Palladium Reactor Mazinger Z: CQB Supporter, Megabooster, Palladium Reactor Zambot 3: Aux. GN Drive, V Circuit Huckebein: Booster, Supercond. Motor Vilkiss: Megabooster, Range Extender Xi Gundam: Booster, Booster Grungust: Booster, Booster Yamato: Booster, Booster, Gunfight Supporter F91 MP Type: Hero's Mark, Booster Jesta: Booster, Supercond. Motor, Supercond. Motor Hyaku Shiki: Booster, Force Reactor Methuss: Mars Bowl, Cryst. Dragunium, Diva's Ring Re-GZ: Aux. EOS, Rescue Unit Venus A: Cryst. Dragunium, Bronze Emblem, Pink Haro Upgrades Zambot 3: EN+5(10) Great Mightgaine: EN+5(10) Mazinger Z: HP+5(10), EN+5(10), Armor+5(10), Mobi+5(10), Sight+5(10) GranVang: HP+5(10), EN+5(10), Armor+5(10), Mobi+5(10), Sight+5(10) Pilot Swaps Amuro into Jesta Fa into ReGZ Not much of a stage, GranVang and Mightgaine head out to snipe Getter Dragon on turn 2, after which the initial enemies retreat and a bunch of trash mooks spawn in. I feed some more kills to the Nadesico and Ptolemy and my second stringers. Stage 41: 3/153 (39) Parts Mightgaine: Palladium Reactor, Haro GranVang: Minovsky Drive, Turbo Penetrator, Spiral Effector, Palladium Reactor Mazinger Z: CQB Supporter, Megabooster, Palladium Reactor Zambot 3: Aux. GN Drive, V Circuit Huckebein: Booster, Supercond. Motor Vilkiss: Megabooster, Range Extender Xi Gundam: Booster, Booster Grungust: Booster, Booster Yamato: Booster, Booster, Gunfight Supporter Shin Getter Dragon: Booster, Booster F91 MP Type: High Fidelity Radar, Booster Jesta: Booster, Hero's Mark Hyaku Shiki: Booster, Force Reactor Methuss: Cryst. Dragunium, Cryst. Dragunium, Diva's Ring Re-GZ: Aux. EOS, Rescue Unit Venus A: Aura's Protection, Bronze Emblem, Pink Haro Nadesico: Cryst. Dragunium, Mars Bowl Upgrades Gundam F91 MP Type: HP +5(5), EN+5(5), Armor+5(5), Mobi+5(5), Sight+5(5), Weapons +10(10) I send the first pack of enemies packing on turn 2 while also killing the boss, then some Gardim appear. Soji runs towards Chitose on turn 3 and chunks her, then sends her off on enemy phase, which ends the stage. Stage 42: 3/156 (40) Decided not to list parts, upgrades and pilot swaps, since I think it's not relevant information anymore. This stage is a simple kill all map, with no enemy reinforcements. So the only factor is how fast I can reach the enemies to kill them. Stage 43 Nadesico: 4/160 (41) The DG alliance is taken care of on turn 2 player phase, with some Move Again + Prospect spam from Soji. After this Purple spawns in with a bunch of goons, Soji moves in and kills one which triggers a bunch of plot. Then some Mycenae dudes show up, and I spend the remaining 2 turns cleaning up.
  12. Manchin is in a red state, Sinema isn't. And Manchin is going to lose his seat in the midterms, regardless of what he does.
  13. Stage 39: 6/148 (37) Parts: I switched around a bunch of parts after the map, and I unfortunately forgot to list them before doing so Pilot Swaps Kamille into Xi Gundam Iino into Methuss Fa into Jesta Amuro into ReGZ Riddhe into Hyaku Shiki It's a big boss rush once again. First I have to waste 4 turns fighting an Angel with my EVA's though. After the rest of the squad finally shows up, I immediately set about killing the closest Angel, then Mazinger Zero, then the second Angel. Mazinger Z deals with whatsherface on his own and nearly oneshots her. I also spend some time feeding kills to Fa and Amuro, and Fa hits ace.
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