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  1. Destroying the world economy to own the libs It's pretty self-explanatory. If you think someone in Texas has in any way helped someone perform an illegal abortion (so basically all of them) and have some evidence, you get to sue them in civil court. If the complaint isn't thrown out for some reason, you get to go to discovery to get information from the person you're suing to make your case, then there's a trial and you end up at least $10,000 richer if there's a conviction. And getting a conviction in civil court is much easier than criminal court, at least in theory.
  2. You are such a bad poster you should be banned from posting in this thread.
  3. Meanwhile, several unemployed workers in Texas — where Governor Greg Abbott cut off pandemic jobless aid on June 26 — told CBS MoneyWatch that the early end to the support made their lives more financially precarious without helping them secure work. "When [unemployment benefits] ended early we basically lost everything we owned," said Kamilla Mills, 59, of Denison, Texas, who sold signs for big corporate events and school events before the pandemic — a business that has dried up during the crisis. She lost her home, and is now living in a motel, she said. Mills job search has produced customer-service openings that pay about $10 an hour, which she says isn't enough to cover living expenses like rent, which has increased considerably in her region since the start of the pandemic. And she said it's difficult to even score an interview, which she puts down to a glut of potential hires flooding the market with their resumes. Before the pandemic, she added, "I had a comfortable living." Now, asked to describe her financial status, she answered: "One step away from being homeless." tl;dr they're looking for jobs, just not finding ones that pay the bills.
  4. You are severely underestimating just how many things are made in the US and in Mexico.
  5. All of America's weapons and their components are made in merica or allied countries, wth are you talking about.
  6. This is a tortured analogy and also not true.
  7. I don't see the republican base shifting their vote over abortion of all things.
  8. Why would you make this assumption
  9. And a seed can grow into a plant. Still not the plant. They're not the same thing, and should not be treated as such.
  10. Roe v Wade is dead. They haven't said the magic words yet, but the scotus letting the Texas anti-abortion law stand is beyond the pale.
  11. Nice self-victimization and good job putting words in my mouth. I'd also like to see you back up this claim.
  12. I'm not sure who is ultimately responsible but considering it's Texas they'll absolutely have dems arrested in order to push through the bill.
  13. While I admire the effort, why do you folks still take ninjamonkey seriously?
  14. I can't tell you how the bill is going to be financed, because very little about the 'american families plan' reconciliation bill is actually known. What I can tell you is that what you're describing here is not how things actually work, at all. The government does print money, but what finances public works and investment is mostly public debt. The sort of thing the right gets very angry about going up when someone else is in charge, then keeps quiet about when it goes up massively under their administration. The funny thing about national debt for countries like the US is that interest on them is near zero. And, like with all investment, the question is whether or not there will be a good return on investment. The answer to that question is absolutely, unequivocally, yes. A lot of parents are stuck at home because they can't afford to pay for daycare, per example. Along the same lines, investment in good, free/cheap education is always a good investment, and one that's desperately needed.
  15. What's your point here? The congress is getting trump's tax returns because it wants them and has fought a years-long legal battle to obtain them. Obviously they're interested in reading them.
  16. Leave it up to Sinema (and Manchin) to blow up a wildly popular bill that would do much to improve a lot of lives.
  17. I feel like it might be relevant for the people who are reading this thread, the next SRW game will also be released in America and Europe, for the first time ever.
  18. Until not very long ago, the DoJ was filled with Trump appointees who had an interest in doing nothing, and the DoJ is also busy with prosecuting people involved with the jan 6th insurrection. Also not sure if threatening election workers can/will be prosecuted under state or federal statute.
  19. Venice was a major power in the Mediterranean in it's heyday. In the same vein Poland, or rather the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was an elective monarchy with a proto-parliament called the Sejm, and it was one of the major European powers for a few hundred years. The Dutch republic was a globe spanning empire that rivalled the British Empire during the time of the American Revolution. Great Britain had an elected parliament. Much of of the American constitution was in fact founded in principles of British law.
  20. A lot of people, actually. Most of them at least reasonably intelligent.
  21. Qanon is 4chan bullshit getting mainstreamed thanks to facebook, reddit and twitter It might be a joke to some, but the jan 6th attack on the capitol says otherwise for at least a part of the movement or whatever the hell it is.
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