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  1. Secret Scenario: Black Brave Express: 5/67 (16)

    I'm not sure what to spend my money on next, so I'm going to sit on it for now.

    I'm going to make a project out of getting Sousuke to 40 kills for the bonta-kun secret scenario. It should be doable with the kills from the secret scenario.

    The secret scenario is spent getting Mightgaine a lot of kills.

    Stage 18: 5/72


    VangRay: Booster, Booster

    Mightgaine: Auxiliary GN Drive

    Nadesico: Mars Bowl, Bronze Emblem



    I bought a Booster before the stage.

    Mightgaine and Soji go straight for Joe, the rest of the crew is on cleanup duty. Joe is sent packing on turn 4, and I'm not sure it can be done faster. After this another boss pops up and is offed on turn 5.

    I buy the ExC boost TAC customize.

  2. Stage 10: 4/38 (10)


    Vangray: magnetic coating



    Soji route simply saves a turn over Chitose here. I get some kills on guard diver.

    I get the SP boost and TacP bonus for my first two TAC customizations.

    Stage 11: 4/42 (11)


    VangRay: Magnetic Coating, Dual Sensor

    Mightgaine: Chobham Armor


    Mightgaine: EN +4(5), weapons +3(4)

    Having fully upgraded weapons on this stage helps big time as Soji oneshots the Tetsujins on a Rekka crit, and handily twoshots those two hokushin characters.

    Player reinforcements show up when 3 enemies die. I Accel Akito into the enemies and start hitting things, he kills the first thing on enemy phase, and softens up a few. Then on turn 2 Soji Accels into the fray and takes down number 2, and Akito takes down number 3, while also positioning away from the rest of the enemies.

    Then the player reinforcements spawn, and start running towards the enemies. On turn 3 I move Soji into the enemy group on the left, and hit the hokushin bot. Mightgaine aims for the pack on the right. Turn 4 is mostly mop up, and everything dies on enemy phase.

    Soji hits ace somewhere during this map.

    Stage 12: 5/47 (12)


    VangRay: Magnetic Coating, Dual Sensor

    Mightgaine: Chobham Armor, Propellant Tank


    Mightgaine: EN +1(6) Weapons +1(5)


    Maito: potential +3(9)

    I tried for a good while to get a 4 turn, and I think a 4 turn is possible, but I couldn't get it, and moved on. It's a fairly standard map, but 6 or so starting enemies are scripted to beeline towards the Nadesico regardless of anything in their path. And it's one of these, that refuses to attack and let themselves be destroyed, that costs me the 4 turn.

    Stage 13: 4/51 (13)


    VangRay: Magnetic Coating, Dual Sensor

    Mightgaine: Chobham Armor, Propellant Tank

    Huckebein: Aqua module


    Mightgaine: Weapons +2(7)

    Once again a pretty easy map. Soji runs ahead and kills everything, and hits great ace.

    Stage 14:2+2/55 (13)


    VangRay: Magnetic Coating, Dual Sensor

    Huckebein: Aqua Module


    Mightgaine: Weapons +1(8)

    I dropped Tobia into the Xi gundam

    The first part of the map is not worth mentioning. I managed to do the second part of the map in 2 turns, thanks to full weapon upgrades on VangRay and Accel. Soji basically killed everything, and gets the Bronze Emblem. I might be able to get the SR point in 3 turns, but that's more effort than is needed.

    Stage 15 Japan: 4/59 (14)


    VangRay: Magnetic Coating, Dual Sensor


    Mightgaine: Weapons +1(9)

    Judau swaps into Hyaku Shiki.

    Soji, Tobia and Velt head for Vuitton. Mightgaine, Tri Bomber and Lottie head for the other bots. Nadesico and Judau head to intercept the OG enemies. Soji oneshots Vuitton on turn 3 for the SR. OG units show up, and the Vuitton crew heads down to help out. Cleanup on turn 4.

    Stage 16 Japan: 4/63 (15)


    Vangray: Multi Sensor, Booster


    Mightgaine: Weapons +1(10)

    I buy a Booster in the Factory, and put it on Soji.

    The stage is once again not too interesting. It starts with Akito alone, and he can Accel into Hokushin's range, which I do to get the TacP bonus. Player reinforcements appear on turn 2, and after that the enemies just get rushed down.

    Stage 17 Japan: 4/67 (16)


    Vangray: Multi Sensor, Booster



    Tri Bomber solo against Joe. The goal is to lose as fast as possible, which happens on turn 2. After that, Maito solo's Joe while everyone else goes after Wolfgang's gang.

    I met the requirements for Black Mightgaine's secret scenario.

  3. I'm surprised you only started upgrading weapons halfway through the game.

    Stage 6: 5/24 (6)


    Vangray: magnetic coating

    Yamato: Dual Sensor


    Vangray: Weapons +1(7)

    The map is nothing special. I have the Cosmo Zero run ahead of everyone to start taking shots. It runs out of said shots on turn 2 enemy phase. On turn 3 I make sure to get the Yamato spawn with my undrafted units. After that I just mop up the remaining enemies, and shoot down the boss with Fortune.

    Stage 7: 4/28 (7)


    Vangray: magnetic coating

    Yamato: Dual Sensor


    Vangray: Weapons +1(8)

    Again not much to the map. Deploy units, rush to the boss while making sure to hit the battleships along the way, mop up on turn 4. Lottie again gets a Fortune boss kill. Probably the first turn saved from the DLC units.

    Stage 8: 3/31 (8)


    Vangray: magnetic coating

    Grungust: Dual Sensor, Barrier Field


    Vangray: Weapons +1(9)

    Was wondering how this map would go, turns out it's manageable. Vangray and Huckebein go North, F91 and Grungust go Northeast. Enemies conveniently suicide on turn 3 enemy phase.

    Stage 9: 3/34 (9)


    Vangray: magnetic coating


    Vangray: Weapons +1(10)

    A fairly easy stage where having Accel on Soji/Chitose saves a turn.


    This is the situation at the start of turn 3. Gaine by itself can't hope to 3-turn this chapter, it can't reach the enemies fast enough, nor do enough damage. But it can off 3, and leave one for VangRay, if VangRay can reach with accel.


    The situation at the end of turn 3. Gaine has to hit the enemy to the north and move one tile east. This will put it out of reach of the enemy to the west, who will now go for VangRay instead, and get deleted. All the enemies die on enemy phase.

  4. Had to replay stage 3 and 4 because I used DLC parts to complete them, turncounts were not affected.

    Stage 5: 4/19 (5)




    Vangray: Weapons +1(6)

    Ryoma takes out two Invaders in the first two turns, which kicks off the event that spawns additional enemies and player reinforcements. VangRay heads west to start smashing some Invaders there, Yamato heads to the south west to do the same, the other units sort of trail along. Turn 3 and 4 are cleanup, Yamato gets the SR with Volley of Fire.

  5. Stage 3: 4/11 (3)

    The first two turns are spent cleaning up the initial enemies, with Soji and Tobia working together. Soji gets all of the kills. Then the Amakusa comes in on enemy phase, and attacks Soji, whose hit connects. On turn 3, Tobia attacks the Amakusa to cause the next part of the map. I move all units up to the enemies. On turn 4 the Yamato attacks the Amakusa at 53%, putting it in kill range. I spend the turn feeding a bunch of kills to Soji with Kill&Move, and off the Amakusa with a Fortune'd Grungust.

    Stage 4: 4/15 (4)


    Vangray: Weapons +2(5), EN +4(4)


    VangRay: Magnetic Coating, Propellant Tank

    I'm not sure if the EN upgrade on Vangray really matters, I don't recall being low on EN.

    VangRay and Yamato head north to intercept the enemies, the rest of the team heads west to intercept the enemy reinforcements. VangRay has to rely on Railgun Gekko a lot to not run out of EN, but it only oneshots enemies on a Jinrai crit anyway. In any case, they clean up till turn 3 enemy phase, when I get the SR and the enemy reinforcements pop in. The reinforcements spend their phase moving up. I spend turn 4 cleaning up with a healthy dose of Move&Again on Vangray, and get a battleship kill with Grungust.

    Edit: I remembered that the V-defensor and V-aggressor are DLC parts, thus I'm not allowed to use them. I replayed stage 3 and 4 because of this. The turncounts and stuff remained the same.

  6. Stage 1: 2/2 (1)

    I went with Soji, not knowing if him or Chitose are faster. I chose the standard spirit set, as it starts with Accel, is otherwise pretty good, and offers an average Soul at level 38. The other spirit set I considered was Virgo A because it offers the earliest Soul, at level 35.

    The stage itself is nothing special. Soji casts Accel, moves as far as he can, and just counters everything on enemy phase, then offs the only enemy left over on turn 2.


    VangRay: weapons +1

    Special scenario: 2/4 (1)

    Getting Huckebein and Grungust because I honestly don't know how to turn the DLC off. It only costs 2 turns, hoping they'll make it back.

    The stage is again nothing to write home about, I just move up and kill everything in 2 turns.

    Upgrades: VangRay: weapons +1(2)

    Stage 2: 3/7 (2)

    The first stage that presents some sort of challenge. Player reinforcements show up when Yamato kills 2 enemies. We have to avoid this happening on enemy phase, because the Crossbone Gundam shows up, and will get attacked. So, I move up Yamato on turn 1, then again on turn 2. I make sure to kill one enemy, and the last enemy to move on enemy phase, so cause the reinforcements to spawn. This leaves me in the following situation on turn 3:


    The highlighted enemies will move to go after Tobia on enemy phase, every other enemy will suicide on Yamato. Huckebein attacks the one next to the Yamato and retreats into the Yamato, VangRay moves in as well. Grungust moves in such a way that these two enemies will attack it on enemy phase, and attacks. This is the situation at the end of the turn:


    The remaining enemies will suicide on enemy phase, ending the map.


    VangRay: Weapons +1 (3)

  7. yftZdSK.jpg


    What is a draft?
    Simply put, in a draft players take turns selecting units and then complete the game using only those units. The goal is to complete the game in as few turns as possible but if you don't want to compete that's ok too, I'm not your real dad.

    That sounds hard
    Fortunately, modern SRW games are pretty easy and there are a number of good units that will be free to use for everybody. I don't foresee players having much trouble just completing the game.

    How do I report my progress?
    However you like! Just post turncounts, detailed strategies, screenshots, a full on LP, anything you want.

    How do I sign up?
    Post in the thread!

    The Rules
    -The game is Super Robot Wars V. Any platform.
    -There will be 4-5 players.
    -Use a fresh save file. No New Game +.
    -Normal difficulty
    -Every SR point will give you a 1 turn bonus to your final turncount and the secret ending will give you a 5 turn bonus
    -Grungust and Huckebein DLC  is allowed however you will need to count the turns for their recruitment chapter.
    -Other DLC is not allowed.
    -The following Secret Scenarios do not count against your final turncount: The Black Brave Express (Black Mightgaine recruitment), Thought Patterns (Bonta-Kun recruitment), Come The Messenger (Shinji upgrade) and Supporting a Long Journey (Melda recruitment)
    -All originals and battleships are free to use for everybody.
    -All other units must be drafted to use. Use of an undrafted unit is a 5 turn penalty.
    -When you draft a unit you also draft their upgrades.
    -Pilot switching is allowed. For instance if you draft Zeta Gundam you can have Judau pilot it even if you didn't draft ZZ.
    -You may not deploy an undrafted unit, unless the game forces it or you need the undrafted unit to convince/persuade.
    -Undrafted units can: convince/persuade and sit on a battleship. Undrafted units cannot: attack or be attacked, cast spirits other than Accel to get out of combat faster, be used for combination attacks, command auras, support attack or support defend.
    -If there is no battleship to retreat to, force deployed undrafted units are free to use. When a battleship reappears they go back to the standard rules.

    As an example, say the start of Chapter 20 has Mightgaine deployed alone and you haven't drafted Mightgaine. You can freely use Mightgaine until turn 3 when the Nadesico appears. After that Mightgaine goes back to being an undrafted unit and you can no longer use them.


    Balcerzak: X-1 Kai Kai, Zeta Gundam, Arbalest, Qubeley Mk-II (purple), Qubeley Mk-II (red), Black Getter, M9 Gernsback (Kurz), Razor, M9 Gernsback (Mao), Boss Borot, Guard Diver, Kshatriya, Gundam Mk-II, Czvarke, GN-XIV, Hambrabi, Jegan (with shield), Savage (crossbow)

    Excellen Browning: Mightgaine, Vilkiss, Zambot 3, Xi gundam, Mazinger Z, F91 MP type, Venus A, Hauser Chris Custom, Methuss, Battle Bomber, Glaive Hilda Custom, Hyaku Shiki, Black Mightgaine, Evangelion Unit-08 Alpha, Re-GZ, Glaive Rosalie Custom, Jesta, Raziya

    Tf0rce: 00 QANT, Raphael Gundam, Nu gundam, Black Selena, Daitarn 3, Destiny Gundam, Harute Gundam, Brave, EVA unit-01, Goryu, Super Aestivalis, Force Impulse, XB Gundam X-1 Full Cloth, Enryugo, ReZEL, EVA-00, Jegan (without shield), Penelope

    eclipse: ZZ gundam, Great Mazinger, Unicorn gundam, Zabanya gundam, Strike Freedom, Shin Getter, Infinite JUSTICE, Hauser Ersha Custom, Arquebus Salia Custom, Banshee Norn, Aestivalis Custom, Arquebus Vanessa Custom, M9D Falke, EVA-02, Alpha Azieru, Delta Plus, Byarlant Custom, Neo Zeong


    Unit List

    Zambot 3

    Daitarn 3

    Black Getter
    Shin Getter

    Mazinger Z > Mazinger ZERO
    Great Mazinger > Mazin Emperor Z
    Venus A
    Boss Borot

    Gaine > MightGaine > Might Kaiser > Great MightGaine
    Guard Diver
    Battle Bomber > Tri Bomber
    Black MightGaine

    Zeta Gundam
    Byarlant Custom

    ZZ Gundam
    Hyaku Shiki
    Gundam Mk-II
    Qubeley Mk-II (purple)
    Qubeley Mk-II (red)

    Nu Gundam
    Alpha Azieru

    Unicorn Gundam
    Banshee Norn
    Neo Zeong
    Delta Plus
    Jegan (with shield)
    Jegan (without shield)

    Xi Gundam

    Gundam F91 MP Type
    XB Gundam X-1 Kai Kai

    XB Gundam X-1 Full Cloth

    Destiny Gundam
    Strike Freedom Gundam
    Infinite Justice Gundam
    Force Impulse Gundam

    00 QAN[T]
    Gundam Zabanya
    Gundam Harute
    Gundam Raphael

    ARX-7 Arbalest > ARX-8 Laevatein
    M9 Gernsback (Mao)
    M9 Gernsback (Kurz)
    M9D Falke
    Savage (crossbow)


    Arquebus Salia Custom > Cleopatra
    Glaive Hilda Custom > Arquebus Hilda Custom > Theodora
    Glaive Rosalie Custom
    Hauser Chris Custom
    Hauser Ersha Custom
    Arquebus Vanessa Custom

    Evangelion Unit-01 > Evangelion Unit-13
    Evangelion Unit-00
    Evangelion Unit-02
    Evangelion Unit-08 Alpha

    Black Selena
    Aestivalis Custom
    Super Aestivalis


    Note about drafting: I'll set up a discord server where we will pick drafts. I'd like to draft this weekend, on saturday.

  8. That's just a proposal for a bill, and the article very much misrepresents what the bill does in the opening lines to follow up with this explanation:


    Croke’s legislation would allow Illinois residents to bring a civil suit against the manufacturer, importer or dealer of a firearm if they, or a loved one, are hurt or killed as a result of the unlawful discharge of a gun in the state.

    So no, not virtually anyone can sue a manufacturer or firearms dealer, in fact very few can.

  9. 44 minutes ago, Armchair General said:

    It happens every once in a while, the government "shuts down" because they can't agree on how to balance the books, and there's nothing that the average person can do about outside of possibly wishing that they voted someone else in office.

    All things considered, there are bigger things that could happen.


    While a gov't shutdown has happened a number of times since the 80's, the way it's currently done is very different from, say, the Clinton era shutdown. It's not about how the books are balanced, but the government debt ceiling, an artificial barrier that has to be raised every year or so to keep the government from defaulting on it's debt. Suffice it to say, the government defaulting on its debt is very bad.

  10. 14 hours ago, Acacia Sgt said:

    Destroying the world economy to own the libs

    1 hour ago, Armchair General said:

    How does this actually work if all it takes is some random person going through an physician's blog in hopes for some easy money?

    It's pretty self-explanatory. If you think someone in Texas has in any way helped someone perform an illegal abortion (so basically all of them) and have some evidence, you get to sue them in civil court. If the complaint isn't thrown out for some reason, you get to go to discovery to get information from the person you're suing to make your case, then there's a trial and you end up at least $10,000 richer if there's a conviction. And getting a conviction in civil court is much easier than criminal court, at least in theory.

  11. 19 hours ago, NinjaMonkey said:

    None of which Larry Elder (who was the only viable candidate) was campaigning on.

    Considering that the Biden administration is letting in Covid positive migrants at the southern border and then transporting them to whatever state they want to go to, I don't think the government has a legitimate role in fighting Covid, since they are the ones helping it spread across the US. It's little wonder that the Supreme Court has told the Biden administration that they have to reinstate Trump's "Remain In Mexico" policy,, after the Federal goverment got sued by Missouri and Texas in a joint lawsuit..

    You are such a bad poster you should be banned from posting in this thread.

  12. 9 hours ago, Armchair General said:

    But anyways, some people are confused as to why jobseekers aren't looking for jobs, anymore.

    Meanwhile, several unemployed workers in Texas — where Governor Greg Abbott cut off pandemic jobless aid on June 26 — told CBS MoneyWatch that the early end to the support made their lives more financially precarious without helping them secure work. 

    "When [unemployment benefits] ended early we basically lost everything we owned," said Kamilla Mills, 59, of Denison, Texas, who sold signs for big corporate events and school events before the pandemic — a business that has dried up during the crisis. She lost her home, and is now living in a motel, she said.

    Mills job search has produced customer-service openings that pay about $10 an hour, which she says isn't enough to cover living expenses like rent, which has increased considerably in her region since the start of the pandemic. And she said it's difficult to even score an interview, which she puts down to a glut of potential hires flooding the market with their resumes. 

    Before the pandemic, she added, "I had a comfortable living." Now, asked to describe her financial status, she answered: "One step away from being homeless."


    tl;dr they're looking for jobs, just not finding ones that pay the bills.

  13. 19 hours ago, indigoasis said:

    The idea of bodily autonomy actually seems a bit ironic when it comes to abortion. Obviously, the mother has the choice to do with the baby what she wants, but at the same time, the baby isn't given any choice. Of course, the baby isn't actually capable of making any decisions yet, so it's up to the mother to make that decision, even if it could go against the will of the child if they were to theoretically make it to the age when they can make a choice for themselves. It's a bit of a paradox.

    My guess is that the ideas behind the anti-abortion laws are that it's favoring the bodily autonomy of the child over the mother. Well, that, and that abortion snuffs out a life before it even gets the chance to live.

    I certainly don't agree with abortion, but I understand the individual circumstances that would lead to that decision are different from person to person. It's not my choice to make, so it really shouldn't be the law's choice, either.

    A fertilized egg is not a baby.

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