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  1. Then why are some people saying the way to judge characters used in tier lists is the only good way to judge a character?
  2. And he most likely doubles for not-so-great damage. You could always give gat/brom the boots. It helps them tremendously in regards to usefulness, since mov is really the only thing standing in the way of them being frontline material. And of course supports become more viable for them with that sexy added move. You'd be surprised how well a KW+A zihark Brom dodges. He faces hitrates along the lines of 40-50%(displayed)
  3. Pfff. I had originally planned to write another in-depth post, but it seems pointless to me. All right, read. I and Brighton do not disagree with the way you try to judge a character in tier lists. But. That does not mean we find the resulting tier list to be anything but incentive for further debate. That is what I think it all comes down to.
  4. False hope, schmall schope. I have lied to myself about my hope a lot. But ultimately, there is only one thing that has kept me from suicide, and I guess you could call that bit hope. Or not having the guts to actually do it. Thing is, I've learned that in great clich├ęs lies great wisdom. At the end of the day, what you make of your situation is what matters. I am lonely and unhappy with that, I have started making friends and am happy with that. This list continues, but I'll list nothing more. How I value these two depends on how I want to see life, or how I value life depends on how I value these. And that is one thing I would call a reality. Also a friend of mine suggested I spend new years eve with her. Out of pity, yes. Or maybe out of love for thy fellow man. But I said that if it were possible, yes please.
  5. A lot of philosophy which I'm not going to explain is behind Meteor's statements. I suggest you read "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey. It is the book I think best explains that philosophy. Over the past year, I have come to at least not dislike myself as much as I used to, and started getting to know people around me better and better. It's not what I would call friendship, but a start is a start. Reading what you wrote... it makes me think you are in a situation much like mine.
  6. Then tell me why almost every FE7-and-beyond character guide on gamefaqs bases ratings mostly on 20/20 stats. There are a ton of facets of a character that make up his or her usefulness, and it is ultimately up to you to decide which of those facets you actually use to determine someone's usefulness. And of course how heavily you weigh each facet is very important, too. It doesn't mean that what you believe to be "good" or "mediocre" is wrong, but only applicable within the set of facets and circumstances -- each with attached value -- you use to compare. It is completely and totally irrelevant outside of that. And above all of this, tier lists apply only in theoretical realm(if not fixed mode) because stat gains are dependant on statistical chance. While it IS true that stats and the such tend to follow averages, it is far more likely for them to deviate from averages (to a certain probable extent) than to completely adhere to them. I understand that average stats are the only viable way of measuring theoretically, but they do not apply beyond that. Or else tell me why I should use my fail 20/-- Hector who has 8Str, 11Def and low skl and spd. Theoretically Hector is good; one of the best characters, even. But practically, he is utter crap AND a liability to my team. So sure, in the in-the-end theoretical tier list, PEMN does not apply; but it DOES in practice. So quit yammering on about PEMN this PEMN that. Attaching different values and such is also the reason why a good amount of people here don't agree with, say, FE10!Sothe getting a 9.0 in Red fox' ratings. Then you wonder to yourself why anyone would even bother responding to bias. Is murder good? Is murder in self defense good? Is murder in war good? Three questions, different answer per person. Rules of relativity apply yet again. It is you with your own set of preferences, circumstances and whatnot who makes the decision what is good or not and it applies only to you. The words good, mediocre and their entire line are as subjective to opinion as they come. I think people should stop praising the tier lists so high in the air, they are undeserving of such devotion.
  7. Trust me, girls have a way of knowing. Girls who I rarely ever talk to come to ask me if my birthday was xx of the xxxxxx'th. And they always guess correctly. Also I have the very same problem, I can't even remember my mother's birthday. It's the 20th-21st-22nd but I don't know exactly which one. I usually just wait around for someone to celebrate her for her birthday.
  8. I got me some big, whole pickles, cut right from whatever they grow on. I'm so proud of myself.
  9. I'm going to ignore all discussion before this to bring up another interesting point of view. Most people who travel by airline are old(40+) and ugly. Who the hell would want to see nude pictures of them?
  10. The sad thing of it all is that I know that. Somewhere, I know that. And somewhere I don't want to admit it. I gotta get my mind straight. I have got to stop holding myself back with nonsense like this all. Everything I wrote up to now has been nonsense. Excuse me.
  11. Read blame! and Vinland Saga.
  12. Then guess what happened to me Eddie went and didn't get his spd on level up and was rendered useless in the process.
  13. IIRC Edward doesn't OHKO with activated wrath and he doesn't double in at the very least the first few maps of HM. That makes for a half dead enemy that will attack him on EP and probably hit and kill Eddie if you don't heal him. Though I agree that it can be used on EP.
  14. I myself always try to promote all the units I'm gonna consistently in C17 and to this point that has always worked without having a negative effect on my ranking. After all, C17 has a defense map where Gatrie can be put to good use and in the last C17 map he can be a good tanker against those generals(amongst others). You may need to feed Gatrie a little BEXP if you haven't used him much in previous maps, but it shouldn't be a problem to promote him somewhere in that chapter.
  15. I for one have never used laguz units besides the occasional royal. Not even Reyson/leanna/rafiel, since I also dislike dancers very much. The only ones I used (in the games I played) are ninian/nils and sylvia/leen/laylea and that's because FE7 dancers are forced into endgame and you'll have to use them if you don't want them to die and FE4 ones because they don't waste unit slots. I don't care how high they are in the ranks, their only purpose is dancing, most of them have crappy mov(and there are other good options for boots), and they have a habit of getting one-shotted by just about everything.
  16. Just checked Brunya out... Damn... DAT CLEAVAGE Funny how I beat FE6 and never noticed that. Also Malice might be contender, too.
  17. Mist being 19 or so, I think she's ready to be properly loved. I just can't picture her ending up with anyone but Ike(yea, yea, incest) for males. But in my preference Mist is a lesbian, and ends up with Jill or Marcia or maybe Mia or Neph.
  18. Improved move would also be very useful to azel. Front liner or no, he's still an offensive character. An offensive character that can't reach enemies, that is. Arden should also get some enhanced growths, IMO. I mean look at him, skl 10%, spd 20% at atrocious bases of 5 and 4. I'll acknowledge that Lex isn't looking at skl and spd growths that are much prettier, but at least he has more than two times arden's bases(and he has holy blood and an awesome weapon). Arden sucks as a father AND as a unit.
  19. Considering Fire magic isn't bad in this patch, azel!arthur should be far more workable than the crappy Arthur you would normally get and I don't really see reason -as of yet- to buff him through whatever means. Ditto for Tailto. I never had problems raising her, even factoring in her starting level. Just let Briggid retreat ot the strip of beach that's only one tile wide and let her tank all the hits. Tailto can stand behind and snipe everything while claude has to heal with his reserve staff from time to time. IIRC that should get tailto up to lvl 8 or so. If you're gonna buff her, make her defense growth existent or give her vantage or something. Though vantage might just break her.
  20. Meh. I had to get lucky on kinbois, that bastard one rounds everyone on the team with his silver AND hand axe. Same thing applies to that duke knight dude that rushes nodion. And saving those paladins protecting lackesis is as Zero said luck-based. Most enemies I find a tad too hard to take in the numbers they come by. Mostly because of their high hit/luck at hitting me. It makes all the evade my units have kind of pointless.
  21. If purely by breast size, Petrine. I think she has the biggest bust of all FE characters. Then again, I don't really find any character sexy or attractive in FE games...
  22. I myself wouldn't use Dew the first runthrough, because I myself didn't. Dew starts off with doing 1's to just about everything and doesn't get better for a pretty while... I'd personally go for lexXayra and briggidXholyn to avoid having to field Dew.
  23. Erm, the only character I ever let die that didn't cause a reset was FE9 Gatrie during my first run. I sometimes wish I could just kill off a significant part of the cast just like that, because I only ever use a handfull of units regularly and all those others just clog up the character screen and such. I also wouldn't care if Arden ever happened to die, but since I have never even used him he's never died on me.
  24. Those mountain thieves in prologue were pretty brutal. They had higher Spd than any of your characters at that point, an excellent weapon, Skl that sits around your characters' and decent Str to boot. They're stronger than prologue's bosses methinks. And that's not in a sense of "you should make the bosses more powerful". My god even Sigurd has real trouble dealing with them. Also Alec starts off fairly weak. In normal he'd do like 10 damage or so to 30-ish HP(and double), now he chips 7 to 41HP (and doubles, most of the time). and same goes for Cuan and Fin. Cuan and Fin get significantly lower hit rates on those axes, dropping it to 60-ish chance of hit(AT BEST, MUCH WORSE AGAINST THOSE MOUNTAIN THIEVES). Fin outdamaged Cuan because he could double. And then there is the defense issue. Alec gets 2 hit I believe, Cuan gets 4 hit or so against good hit rates and Fin gets 3 hit or so against ditto high hit rates because they're locked to lances while going against axes. In prologue. To make matters worse, they'll be going against primarily axes again next chapter. ... And the arena lvl7 dude, dulles the general, has enough defense to let almost everyone but sigurd, cuan and azel do 1-2 damage. Pretty harsh. And I only played prologue and arena in ch 1. Stuff I'd think would balance it all out a bit: taking those hero axes off those mountain thieves and replacing with something like a steel axe or hand axe/berserk Giving alec 1 or 2 more points into Str at base Reversing dropped hit rates on some weapons or at least iron+steel lances to give Fin and Cuan a break early on.(I believe you said you dropped hit rates on many weapons somewhere) It was hard but enjoyable, I'll update what I think and suggest as I play through. Chapter 2 enemies don't look too powerful.
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