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  1. Just fill in as the 5th skill for Kaze The important thing is to let Kaze use procable skills. Since Midori has Nohrian Trust, she's able to use Kaze's skills. If you want to get nearly 100% proc chance, you have to play Revelations, ship Mozu with Kaze, getting all the gold statues.
  2. Why don't you go for the Miracle Midori with Kaze as a support unit? Midori: Hoshidan Unity Nohrian Trust Luck +4 Quixotic Vantage Kaze: Lethality Astra Rend Heaven Aether (up to you, maybe Luna, Sol or Dragon Fang)
  3. *-* This music fits so perfectly Even though they aren't together, they look so cute! One of my biggest ship in this game!
  4. Wow everyone is so salty. Why so serious? Shipping isn't even that bad. Never had a crush when you were 12? I'm just asking for cute ships ... and not to ship bcuz u have to make babies "sheesh" Looks like there aren't many ppl who's thinking about romance or true love and stuffs like that ~ I did this too. They look so cute together >.<
  5. Innocence exists to be taken away :)
  6. Hi everyone We all know how adorable Midori is. And I want to ask all of you, what's the cutest, best ship with Midori that makes your Kokoro go doki doki ;) That's all. Have a nice weekend, Mira
  7. Oni Savage -> Oni Chieftain. But reclass after reaching Lv. 20. Samurai -> Swordmaster (will be primary class for Corrin)
  8. Kagero: Shares the same VA as Midori (nice!) So when I let her marry Kaze it's a bit funny. Kana: Cute little guy, I like him.
  9. Oni Savage Mitama (RinkahXAzama) S Support with either Dwyer or Shiro.
  10. Oni Savage Sakura and Oni Savage Mitama. Corrin: Name: Trump 2nd Class: Samurai STR+/-DEF S Support with Midori http://imgur.com/OvdlmhL
  11. Oni Savage Sakura (marry her to Hayato) and Oni Savage Mitama (RinkahXHazama).
  12. Am I the only one who finds Shiro x F!Kana cute? I ship them so much.
  13. Am I the only one who finds Shiro x F!Kana cute? I ship them so much.
  14. I'm not sure. I said in my first post, that I'm looking for a powerful build which isn't limited to the skills, which he has access to. Since there's the feature of seizing other Castles to get their skills .... Maybe I didn't understand you.
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