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  1. If I'm allowed to submit another unit, I'll give you Falcon Knight Azura!Ophelia. Because you asked so nicely.
  2. Odin as an Adventurer via A+ Niles.
  3. It's alright, I don't dislike it, but I always change my castle theme to something else because there's a lot of songs I like better.
  4. Ah, my apologies. I haven't changed the team on that file for a while. It'll be fixed (and still there) if you need to visit it again tomorrow.
  5. I have Hisame with Miracle. Should be up right now.
  6. If this is still a thing, then I will give you Onmyoji Orochi!Selkie.
  7. Beruka - I didn't use her at all in my first run of Conquest or Revelation, but I've made a point to use her in most of my non-PMU playthroughs since. I've found that I really like all Beruka's supports that I've seen, especially with Silas, Odin, Kaze, Oboro and Charlotte. As a unit, I find her to be pretty good. A Wyvern Lord with high Skill to mitigate the iffy accuracy of axes is really nice, although I've ended up reclassing her to Master Ninja twice (once by choice, the second time by PMU), and I find she functions pretty well in that class, her high Skill fitting in rather nicely and her Strength somewhat helping the otherwise low damage output. Caeldori - To be honest, I haven't really used her (I haven't used most of the child characters in Fates), but what I have seen of her annoys me. I never really liked Cordelia, and Caeldori takes what I don't like about her up to eleven. It might be too early to make any proper decisions, but as things stand I'm not a fan.
  8. Yep! I've got a few bond units that could promote into a Hero (and probably more with it as a reclass option). Pick whichever one you want from the list: I have way too many Bond Units
  9. Oh gosh, I didn't notice that Michelaar beat me to Takumi. Hmm... in that case I'll choose Hoshido Noble Corrin!Kiragi.
  10. Doesn't bother me. I still choose Adventurer!Takumi.
  11. Adventurer Takumi via S rank Corrin Great Knight Fenn (the Bond Unit)
  12. Alright, I just need five more units and then I can start up the story run.
  13. If you do a bond unit run, I'll do a bond unit run as well. I have waaaay too many bond units and I've been thinking of doing one myself. We could take notes on it and compare the runs or something. :D
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