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  1. This! Fates often gets treated like absolute garbage and that's not the case at all. I'm not gonna sit here and say that Fates is some secret masterpiece that nobody understands since it does have problems. The stories in all three routes are really contrived and the emotion it wants to draw out of you feels so artificial. I will admit that Three Houses has a better story and better pacing for said story. The pieces fall where they should and each route offers an interesting take on the big picture. Fates story was ambitious for what it wanted to do, but it dropped the ball in every way with mediocre villains, Valla feeling really shoe horned in, and overall just acting like Corrin was the end all be all for all the royals involved. That's not to say Byleth doesn't get this treatment too sometimes, but the lords clearly have their own objectives they want to accomplish. Much more than "I need to get my brother/sister back!".

    People often say the characters in Three Houses is a step up from those in Fates, but are they really? I feel like in Three Houses, characters often rely on their tropes in their c supports like Bernadetta and her "aaaaaaahhhhh! I have anxiety and am paranoid!" with Funny Footsteps playing the background schtik. Then in their later supports, then they decide to get serious and have some backstory and stuff which is nice, but it feels like a cop out after having these really icky c supports. Fates does this too admittedly, but it gets chastised way more for it. Fates supports honestly are really solid and I feel they don't shy away from just having a light hearted, fun support. Some characters are designed to be quirky and fun (like Keaton, Effie, Setsuna, etc.) and I think that's totally fine! Past games have had fun characters too and they didn't need some secret edgy backstory to make them feel like a "real" or "interesting" character. Characters like Bernadetta and Lysithea feel really jarring when one minute, they're quirky characters and then the next minute, they're talking about their abusive father or how they were experimented on. I'm not saying quirky characters can't have serious moments. Keaton shows this with Peri about how he thinks it's wrong to kill things just for the sake of it, but he started out serious from the beginning in that support chain. He and other Fates characters don't flip flop back and forth between serious and silly like Three Houses characters do. Long story short, I think Three Houses does have nice characters, but they're not exemplary and the characters in Fates are better than people say they are.

    Gameplay, Fates Conquest BLOWS Three Houses out of the water! Conquest is amazing in it's map design, units, etc. and each difficulty is fair and balanced (except the very late game of Lunatic. Three Houses hard mode is too easy and maddening is not exactly hard, but really annoying. Especially in the early parts of the game where Byleth is the only real competent unit and even they struggle. After that, it pretty much becomes a Byleth solo. Birthright isn't my cup of tea, but it's not as easily exploitable as Three Houses. Revelation... sucks ass just pretend it doesn't exist lol. I finished maddening Three Houses without ng+ and it was only really fun during the mid game. The early game is super slow and the end game is Byleth just killing everything lol. Conquest is fun the entire way through (with some exceptions, but all FE games have a couple icky maps).


    At the end of the day, especially considering Conquest was my first game, I like it better. Keep in mind I've played every game in the series except 1-3, so I've played unorthodox games like Echoes and Genealogy (a game I personally adore). I don't have a problem with games breaking the mold, but sandboxy FE games like Awakening and Three Houses don't do a lot for me. It really becomes a snore fest when only the avatar and maybe a couple other units just dominate the game. The story is really the only thing I like better in Three Houses. It's a good game, sure! But I'll come back to Fates for years to come. I can't say the same thing for Three Houses.

  2. Alright! Let's do this! I'm gonna assume the promoted variants of these classes count lol.


    Avatar: Flavia (not the Awakening character lol), Dark Flier

    Lord: Marth

    Mercenary: Selena

    Myrmidon: Shannan

    Thief: Julian

    Fighter: Barst

    Brigand/Pirate: Uh... Dart I guess lol

    Cavalier: Diarmuid

    Armor Knight: Effie

    Soldier/Spear Fighter: Devdan :^)

    Archer: Gordin :^)

    Bow Knight: Sue

    Pegasus Knight: Caeda

    Wyvern Rider: Jill

    Anima Mage: Arthur

    Light Mage: Marianne (I guess she counts lol)

    Dark Mage: Tharja

    Cleric/Priest: Lena

    Troubadour: Cecilia

    Dancer: Sylvia

    Trainee: Kliff

    Manakete: Tiki

    Beast: KEATON!!!!

  3. Alright, let's try this.


    Shadow Dragon/Mystery of the Emblem: Marth/Caeda

    Shadows of Valentia: Leon/Mae

    Genealogy: Arthur/Silvia

    Thracia 776: Asbel/Eyvel

    Binding Blade: Narcian/Cecilia

    Blazing Blade: Pent/Serra

    Sacred Stones: Forde/Lute

    Path of Radiance: Devdan/Calill

    Radiant Dawn: Edward/Nailah

    Awakening: Libra/Severa

    Fates: Keaton/Reina

    Three Houses: Lorenz/Marianne

    Heroes: Helbindi/Laegjarn 

  4. I think saying the game is way too easy is pushing it, but I definitely agree it's not really hard at all. I think as the game progresses and your characters become more optimized, the game becomes considerably easier. New game+ really does make the game a lot easier as leveling your characters/ranks/abilities become even further optimized.

    I must admit though, Crimson Flower (Siding with Edelgard post timeskip) felt more challenging than Verdant Wind (Claude's route). There are less chapters to be really high leveled and the map layout seemed more set for a challenge. Still, I wouldn't say this path was very hard.

    Honestly, I'm really excited for lunatic to see if it offers up the challenge this game needs. The game is fun and these maps have potential imo, they just need that extra boost in difficulty. I really hope they don't do it by inflating enemies stats to absurd levels or giving them ridiculous skills like Awakening. We shall see I suppose.

  5. My Castle Code: 09331 - 29180 - 01750 - 76120

    Affinity: Revelation

    Avatar Name: Corrin

    My Castle Name: EasySeizeSkills

    Region: NA

    Food Resource: Rice, Berries

    Mineral Resource: Onyx, Pearl

    Battle Level: Easy Seize

    Corrin: Vantage, Nohrian Trust, Hoshidan Unity, Aptitude, Miracle

    Keaton: Aptitude, Lethality, Rend Heaven, Aegis, Pavise

    Reina: Rend Heaven, Darting Blow, Quixotic, Lethality, Aptitude

    Azura: Pavise, Aegis, Aptitude, Miracle, Inspiring Song

    Charlotte: Aptitude, Quixotic, Future Sight, Rend Heaven, Astra

    Selena: Rend Heaven, Quixotic, Aptitude, Shurikenbreaker, Death Blow

    Camilla: Quixotic, Rend Heaven, Aptitude, Replicate, Trample

    Flora: Vantage, Lucky Seven, Replicate, Vengeance, Aptitude

    Caeldori: Quixotic, Rend Heaven, Lancefaire, Darting Blow, Aptitude

    Oboro: Astra, Rend Heaven, Aptitude, Lancefaire, Quixotic

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