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  1. The Seafarer. "A young and inexperienced pirate taking pleasure in not only plunder but the wonders of the sea as well."
  2. I-I'm here! I'm here. The Adamant: "A Hero deeply rooted in his honor and fixated on their goal. Wields swords, bows and axes." Pseudo-final boss of my maybe-upcoming hack. I dunno.
  3. blows off dust Yeesh, these are old. I actually forgot this thread existed at some point. I should post something...
  4. I don't think it's considered necroposting if it's your own gallery thread. Besides that, a lot of these sprites are smooth, but a lot of people have forgotten to address one crucial thing- Shadows! It's actually incredibly hard to draw proper feet without them.
  5. Yeah, I should fix that. It should look more like a Soldier's.
  6. Marth sprite I made on the Ft. Mangs discord. Nothing special, since Marths are a dime a dozen nowadays...
  7. To be fair, nothing about the Mercenary makes sense. I threw together the frames pretty quickly too, I plan on changing it.
  8. Yet another palette I won't even use because I already have a revised Mercenary animation: [spoiler=watch out]
  9. Dammit, I should've entered that old cactus I made. Can't find it anywhere, but hey.
  10. Yeah, I always thought the skin colors were sampled terribly. The two white pixels on most faces were barely readable, since the skin shade was so light. The weapons were way too blue to qualify as metal as well.
  11. [spoiler=MORE Palettes!] \ EDIT: All the purple ones belong to Brahm's mercenary group, the brown ones are generic bandits and the green Nomadic Trooper is part of a certain tribe of albinos.
  12. Thanks. I'm no BwdYeti or anything, but I'm one of the few people who animate the majority of their standing sprites in their subforums, so yeah. i'm a special snowflake
  13. Palettes for the two potential longcoat-wearing heroes, Thomas and Jotaro respectively:
  14. Completely ditched the old shading and redoing it because why not.
  15. Yeah, I was going for a Lyn-like shading style earlier, since it made the clothes stand out in an interesting way without making it shine too much. The colors I'm currently working with are temporary, though.
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