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  1. I am in need of aptitude on, Asugi, Hisame, Forrest. Thanks in advance.
  2. M.Kana Aptitude, Death blow, Miracle, Aegis, Pavise
  3. Because Shadowness asked. (Insert-funny-joke)

  4. Anyone have Vantage, Nohrian Trust and Death Blow on Midori?
  5. Bye SF! Have a fun time.

    1. mysticalEnchanter


      Please don't do this :(

  6. Coming along great, Quamosthy! :D
  7. I do but M.Kana and F.Kana are considered different characters so I can't actually get you it
  8. If you don't get anyone else for Selkie you could do, Master Ninja Selkie (Kagero)
  9. In-game It says "Save supported unit from lethal attack if hp is >1. Trigger % = (target's Lck stat)," So it should rely on Midori's luck stat + her skills such as Hoshidan unity, Quixotic and Lucky charm.
  10. I did, Yarne: Virion Nah: Ricken (Gives her a nice brown hair color) Inigo: Gaius Severa: Male Avatar/Libra Laurent: Kellam Cynthia: Henry Kjelle: Frederick Owain: Lon'qu Brady: Donnel Noire: Vaike Gerome: Stahl Lucina: Female Avatar/Sumia Male Morgan: Chrom Female Morgan: Cordelia Maybe not the best pairings but hey they're mine :P (I never got Severa or Yarne on my first playthrough but these are my leftovers so there's what it is)
  11. Olivia turned into my favorite awakening character due to that promotion, although at the time I didn't realize how important Galeforce was so Inigo go gimped out of easily one of the best skills
  12. Didn't know that :o Personally I made her a Bride in my first run married to Gaius, she was bomb I just wanted to put it on her so I could have forged weapons and not waste like 10k on a weapon that'll break in like 10 battles
  13. Could do the Before awakening DLC get the Hero's Brand and give it to the sub, Then get the Dual Guard+ skill from Lodestar to help you with that, Probably Kaze for his personal skill and could equip her with a Votive candle to get an even better chance of miracle. Hopefully this helped you ...
  14. 1. Cavalier because It's a perty cool class, 2. Sage because killing people with thunder is fun plus I can heal so, why not?
  15. I made my Laslow a Vanguard in my earlier Conquest run, and he did okay in the class, Liked it better than Hero Laslow at least.
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