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  1. How useful are the movement combat arts you get from mastering beginner classes (Swap, Shove, Reposition, Draw Back)? I’m playing on hard mode and if the game wants me to move onto intermediate classes as soon as possible I should be doing that, right?
  2. How are reinforcements? Are there ambush spawns? If so, do the ambush spawns vary by difficulty like in Awakening (where normal mode didn’t have them but hard and above did)?
  3. The main deciding factor for me deciding between normal and hard is whether or not this game has ambush reinforcements. Awakening did not have them in normal mode, but did on hard mode and above. If Three Houses does the same thing, I will start with normal mode because I don't like ambush reinforcements, even if the game becomes painfully easy as a result.
  4. Everyone's voting for Marth but I'm voting for Caeda. She deserves it!
  5. Laslow is my favorite Fire Emblem character, and I've been inspired to a solo run of Conquest with him (paired up with his S rank partner my avatar of course), as soon as you recruit him in chapter 12. I have only beaten Conquest normally on normal mode, but I am willing to try hard; I refuse to do lunatic. I will give Laslow every permanent stat-boosting item I can give him, and maybe use tonics in battle if necessary. Here are things I need to consider and could use suggestions on before I begin. What class should Laslow be in? I'm willing to use heart, partner, and friendship seals. What class should my avatar be in? What should my avatar's boon and bane be? At what level should I promote Laslow? I appreciate the help.
  6. I just did that map and was so close to S ranking it but didn't, with me beating it in just a little over 7 minutes and getting around 1960 KOs. It was so stressful. These harder missions might be easier for me if my characters were higher leveled. Everyone I use is at least level 100, but no higher than 106. What's a good method to level grind in my situation? I have all the DLC.
  7. This question may be idiotic to ask, but I just want to be completely sure. When you reset a character's level, are the crests you gave them undone?
  8. I also believe Olivia's moveset will be brand new and I'm excited to see it, but part of me actually worries that she will be a clone (but who would she be a clone of is the question for a lot of us I suppose) because it kind of impresses me that Koei would manage to create one more unique sword moveset but have all the archers be the same. Ah well.
  9. I honestly feel betrayed. With this and the Heroes schedule being a mistake as well, I keep getting excited for no reason.
  10. Fire Emblem Warriors is my anger management game, but I've finished all the stuff from both the main game and DLC that I want to. The 28th as likely as it seems, I don't know if I can wait that long. I'm currently on spring break as well. This whole situation aggravates me.
  11. I hate Shadow Rush, but if I really have no other choice...
  12. I'm currently trying to get my units in the hundreds myself, so I need a good way to grind exp for that alone. Scenarios like the Pincer Escape level 104 is what I'm grinding for so I don't want to use it for grinding with.
  13. I'm trying to get the last hard mode momento in the game's story. It says what you need to do is reduce Velezark's HP down to 50% or lower in ten minutes. I swear I got it to 50% or so (the shorter bars), but was that not low enough? Because Anna wont' show up. I was expecting her to show up after all the goodbye messages and delayed gameplay messages, but nope. I waited a few minutes even, still no Anna.
  14. A couple of questions if anyone can answer. How many supports does a character need for you to unlock their voice clips in the unit gallery? I haven't been paying attention and would like to know. I wanna forge the Plateslayer attribute onto some personal swords, but currently have no swords at my disposal with the attribute. I've used the bonus blessing in the temple a couple of times, but in return have gotten, like, dragonstones with Beastslayer on them. I'm getting the idea that the weapon drops you get are based on what characters I use and types of enemies they fight, but is there anything else I can do?
  15. I know it's been forever since this topic has been active, but I have a question that I hope someone can answer for me. Let's say I did a Branch of Fate on hard classic mode, but on that particular save file, I lowered the difficulty down to normal. If I were to do Branch of Fate again, would the difficulty be normal or hard?
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