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  1. Posting just to say my hype for this is still unreal. Canto Calil sounds super fun, glad to see the cool ideas are still coming even though I'm sure by now my girl Laura has been nerfed into the ground lol
  2. "Units you would never use" "Fiona, Astrid, Lyre, and considering Lucia" I feel attacked. I vote Mist should get the Alondite, just for the irony of it. Also geez, that Leo is insane, he''ll be pretty good with his personal come Part 3.
  3. Not sure if volunteers are still needed, but I'm down
  4. This pretty much hits the nail on the head. Try to concisely describe the job, and then elaborate further by explaining what kinds of skills were needed, what specific tasks you were in charge of, etc. Flowery language isn't exactly a requirement, but you should be descriptive as possible to show that you understand your duties and that you take them seriously. I'd also add that whenever possible, you should meet with people at the workplace before being hired, specifically management if it's at all possible. Of course, it's not always a possibility, but if they can put a face to your resume that will increase your chances more than any kind of rewrite ever could, in my experience. Speaking to anyone in a position to get you hired and showing interest in the position is a great way to show some initiative, and helps separate you from the rest of the people who will be applying for that spot.
  5. It's fine bro, just never had anyone else do that haha. So, we move onto the next mainline mission at last, and it's a pretty interesting one. By talking to people in town before starting the chapter, you can get a handful of side-missions to complete during the map itself, which is pretty cool. There's also a 24 turn time limit so it forces you to think about how you approach things, especially with the Swordbreaker returning from TRS, and 2 Sword users starting veeeeeery close to this guy. He can't even hurt you, he's just there to screw you over. Thanks Kaga. I got wrecked a lot by not paying attention to the turn order this time. It's really essential that anyone playing makes sure that they really carefully consider the order in which you're moving your units. After playing FE for 10+ years it takes a lot of adjusting, at least for me personally, though I really do enjoy this system and all the possibilities it brings. In FE not paying attention to that sort of things will cost you time. In Berwick Saga, not paying attention will get you killed. I do a lot better on the retry, but still this one was running a bit long so I cut the map into two sessions.
  6. Well since someone else posted part 2, I'll go ahead and drop the (relatively) shorter part 3 as well. We didn't get slammed by all kinds of new mechanics this time, so it was a lot easier to keep this around an hour, which I'd like to shoot for going forward. Speaking of new mechanics, I thought I'd go ahead and do a rundown of those for anyone just popping in or who doesn't have time to sit down and watch me decipher all that haha. Turns Horses Durability (aka my least favorite change so far) Spears Knives Bonus Elemental Damage Mercenaries Crafting Furniture There's probably a ton of other things too, but we'll leave it at that for now. This game is really different, man. Ridiculously fun though, I'm surprised no one made the effort to try and take this one on before, because this game is great. There's a lot of eerily similar ideas to what I'm seeing here that have been reused in more recent FE titles as well, though most abilities in Berwick Saga are command based or passive, which is nice.
  7. Gave my 'Best' vote to Ch3 and my 'Worst' vote to Ch4. Chapter 3 is one of the few maps in the game where it's pretty easy to make some good use of your infantry units. Backtracking is minimal, and totally inoffensive with the little that you do have to do. The layout of the map allows infantry to easily combat units that attack your home castle from the start while your horseback units rush to take the first castle, and also lets them set up to take on the Cross Knights as they come. Dealing with Eldigan quickly is another fun challenge, especially if you didn't promote Lachesis by this point. Fast, fun, and hectic, while also being one of the few maps in the game that can reasonably be beaten very quickly (if you don't mind passing on the Wind Sword). As much as I like the story and music for Chapter 4, I have to admit there's a lot of problems with it. The fact that the first castle essentially on the opposite end of the map from your starting position means that your cavalry have plenty of time to leave your infantry in the dust. Infantry will be lucky to even so much as get the leftovers during the first portion of the map, and any advantage they could have had on the second castle is negated by the second issue this map has: waiting. There's so much waiting on this map. You wait for Dew to get to the bridge. You wait for Mahnya to finish up her part. You wait for the guard to move out of the way so you can go to Silesia Castle. By then all your horses are back to the start, where they'll leave all your infantry in the dust again. I was debating about voting for Chapter 2 due to all the backtracking, but at least in Chapter 2 footsoldiers can be used in the last two castles without slowing things to a crawl. At least with Chapter 2 you're still thinking about who needs experience and how you're going to trade around that Paragon Ring. At least with Chapter 2 you can try to figure out a way to quickly get Lachesis up to speed for the next map, if that's your thing. Chapter 4 has...waiting. And lots of it.
  8. It's possible that he learns something like that through leveling up maybe? I dunno, I'm still in the dark about a lot of things haha. I like to play as blind as possible in a game like this. There's some really crazy stuff in this game, especially the next map. Injury is actually separated into two distinct categories. Injury is sort of like a 'disarm' status that also gives units a minor penalty to their avoid, while also making them more likely to be crippled. Cripple outright prevents a unit from attacking, makes all attack guaranteed to land, and allows units to be captured. Though yeah, a lot of the units you start with do have Robust which does indeed give them immunity to those two statuses.
  9. That's mostly correct, yeah. I actually already finished the next part of this where I tried to explain it a little better, but basically from what I understand: Double attacks require AS (attack speed) +1, much like Gaiden/Echoes, BUT Combat ends immediately for any character upon taking damage Defenders will NEVER double attack You cannot double an enemy that cannot counter If you get hit, but take 0 then you still counter Dean's skill doesn't let him get a guaranteed counter, but it does let him get double attacks against any enemy slower than him, and also ignores the stipulation where the round ends upon taking damage. @BrightBow I hadn't planned on it, no, but Aethin has offered to give me a more up to date version of the patch going through Chapter 3, so hopefully I'll be able to show off a little more than I'd otherwise be able to. I know what you mean about not wanting to play an untranslated version, especially for a game like this.
  10. Axe Navarre haha, that's pretty good. Dean is really high up there for me right now, he just seems like and awesome unit. Leon and Sherlock seem really cool too, especially Leon for his Deathmatch skill. Which reminds me, most skills in this game (from what I've been told by Aethin and others in the youtube comments for that video) are actually command based! That's another really cool thing that needs to be said I feel. Then there's all the mechanics behind Spears... This game does a lot of really great things haha, and I'm glad that we'll have a full translation someday.
  11. So for the uninitiated Berwick Saga is the second game from Shouzou Kaga, creator of the original 5 Fire Emblem titles, after leaving Intelligent Systems. It's set in the same world as TearRing Saga, although the two games are not directly related by plot. It borrows a lot of elements commonly found in the Fire Emblem series, such as permadeath and weapon durability, while adding several unique and interesting twists on the old formula. Battles are no longer carried out phase by phase, but instead on a turn by turn basis for example. Many skills and ideas found in modern Fire Emblem titles can be traced back to this title as well. This playthrough is based on this English patch created by Aethin, and I definitely recommend you check it out and support the project if you can. I'm all of two maps in and it's been an absolute blast so far. Anyways, Part 1 In this part, we're first introduced to our cast of characters and get our first taste of the crazy new battle system this game has to offer. I can't help but be heavily reminded of FE4 with how this game sets up the story. Nothing too crazy happens here story-wise, but I'm already finding a lot of things to like with this game. The art doesn't look that impressive in screenshots, but seeing the game in motion I have to say that the graphics are incredibly smooth and full of life. The soundtrack is already starting to grow on me too (that boss music!). Anyone who has played TearRing Saga and enjoyed it would probably say that this game has some big shoes to fill, but so far I have to say things are looking good.
  12. Bruh. Come on man. You're killing me here. No offense to @Emersonof course, but he choked. It happens. It doesn't mean he sucks, far from it. I choked earlier in the game by risking Scizor and it bit me in the ass hard for the rest of the game, especially when you realize that SD just won once Volcanion was weakened/KO'd. You choked by prepping too hard for one specific threat. I choked by prepping too hard for Zapdos (had Z Rock Lando this game) and look what happened vs. Mawile. But not for the fact that he let me Force Palm Mawile at the end (not expecting Tailwind I guess?) he had the game. And even then he could have danced around Tailwind and won with Freeze Dry/Ice Beam into Hydro Vortex + my own LO Recoil. Not to even mention other options that could have been used like Steelvally, Ferrothorn (expecting Earth Power), or Machamp. Or Stealth Rock in general. Stealth Rock doesn't care about defensive stats after all. If we want to talk bans for next time I'm all for it. There's plenty of things that could afford to be looked at rn and I won't lie and say we shouldn't even consider talking about KB, even if it is waaaaay down the list. Your reasoning sounds an awful lot like an excuse though (I only lost because x!) and the implication that I only won because of broken mon and that Emerson could do nothing about it (especially given how well he was playing) is kinda insulting to the both of us ngl. Let's not ignore the fact that even if KB got 6 KOs, Mawile still got 5. That's just what happens with 2 strong breakers facing off against Offense. Bottom line, there was a lot that both you and he could have done differently, but didn't. Among many things, you didn't need to prep as hard as you did for KB. Hera and Yama always take a hit. Yache, Wacan, and Shucca Berry lures can be used. Emerson could have saved Cryo at the end and stalled Tailwind. I think he thought I was Sub Kyurem (correct me if I'm wrong) which is why he sacked Mawile without going for Sucker, but that could have been saved for Sucker Punch mindgames too. I also don't think (again, correct me if I'm wrong) he expected Tailwind to come out there, which gave me an opening to Roost. If Volc had been able to survive Turn 1, it would have done a shit load to KB right then and there, forcing a Roost much sooner and possibly letting Mawile in again (seriously, that thing is horrifying). I don't want to give a turn by turn rn but there was a lot more that went into winning that besides clicking buttons, especially after Scizor got smoked. If anything, I think we should reduce the number of picks next time, and then talk about bans. 2 OU 3 UU 3 RU 3 NU 4 PU or something like that. Maybe tweak it a little, but basically, smaller pools means tighter prep. That and I've noticed that a lot of the games so far have been OU picks + filler (guilty of this myself to an extent).
  13. Kyurem coming through https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-723357395 GG to Emerson in a really close game. There was a little hax on both sides but it balanced out and came down to the wire. Really fun game. Surprised to not see Zapdos though, not gonna lie. Scizor could have put in a ton of work...if I wasn't busy throwing it into fire attacks. Everyone really hates that thing, huh?
  14. @Emerson So my schedule freed up a bit and I'm good basically all day today. Just ping me whenever if you're around
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