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    Fire Emblem (duh), but I love most video games as well. I also love watching anime.

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  1. @ Meteor452 Same adress, just a diffirent card for Jaokar (Felt is Revelation and Jaokar is Birthright) @ InigoPadalin Can I battle Basil please. That's weird, I didn't get one from you. Eh I'll get one on Felt's file. Jaokar's talent is Diviner and Felt's talent is outlaw.
  2. Hello, unfortunately I can't make anymore bond units on my first Conquest file so do not visit me if m avatar is Kamina. Avatars that are visitable are Jaokar and Felt. Thank you for all 20 bond units that you had with Kamina!
  3. Sorry, I was away for quite a while. Ninja would be nice since I have two samurai already, but I just wanted the Lucky Seven. Since I'm visiting all the castles again, the time should be around 7:30 PM. Thanks!
  4. @ Hothead9323 I'd prefer Kotaro with Lucky Seven. @Generic Cavalier Visited, I'm Kamina.
  5. @ InigoPadalin I might not visit you with my NA Diviner (Jaokar) in a week. There is a chance you won't get Wyvern Rider with my main avatar though. So if ya wanna take it I'll visit ya as Kamina.
  6. Just visited you and gave a Nohr Pauldron. I'm Kamina. To anyone visiting me, I probably won't visit back for a week.
  7. For those who don't want wyvern riders: I'm goin to update my second Birthright file so check if it's under the name Jaokar.
  8. Well. That was... long. I got a BU named Pepper from you too, she's a wyvern rider and has the same skills you listed. Oh, and I've added your friend code. Mine is also now in my signature.
  9. @ Hothead9323, @ Sieghart Visited both of ya, I'm Kamina. @ Meteor452 Can I battle the bond units you made with me please.
  10. @ MeddlingMage, @ Roflolxp54 Just visited both of your castles. I'm Kamina.
  11. That sounds hilarious. If you get visited by an avatar named Kamina, that's me.
  12. If you got visted by an avatar named Kamina, thats me. Just a refresher, I have a dragon (wyvern rider) talent and +SKILL/-DEF.
  13. Yes! Another person with a craze for bond units! My castle address: 12185-29801-14441-70382 Dragon (wyvern Rider) Talent so I guess it won't matter, boon is skill and bane is defense. I can pass down Death Blow or Lifetaker.
  14. So my current passable skill is Death Blow, but I might change it back to Life Taker. Glad to help! My castle adress is 12185 29801 14441 70382
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