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  1. It'd be better for the player to activate the skills when you want to use them on NPCs, but is it better for the game series in the long run or another player playing against you? It depends on the type of player you are I suppose.
  2. I actually made a character that does the opposite using a general with over 70 defense(paired up with Benny putting it in the 80s) to try to see if generals are better than dodgetanks, yet I was dying to lethality left and right by 1 or 2 damage dealt. If they fix the HP value stuff it'd be nice to fix lethality a bit more since it would still bypass a 100HP general, etc.
  3. Also what about a mode where only personal skills are used and all other skills are unequipped? :o
  4. NEAT! So making him monk will help a ton thanks you all!
  5. Really? Well dang. I can see why people cheat aptitude on everybody now.. I used my talismans on my Corrin who had 8 resistance as a lvl 28 sniper depressing =P
  6. galeforce+replicate when used efficiently is kind of overpowered...just something to look into. I used a MyCastle Corrin that had this against another team and koed 4 people in a row.
  7. Hi, my question is if I have Benny reclass to a monk does his level up stat growth increase based on the percents for monks or do his personal stat growths remain consistent? Or is it an average of both? I'm trying to level up his resistance and wonder if making him monk will make it easier to do..
  8. Question on this though,, something I've wondered. Say I have file 2 that I always update with to get visit points, etc. people visit and give me accessories. Using file 3 I visit their MyCastles and give them accessories, etc. When they get their bond unit, does it inherit the skill/class/look from the file 2 I always update or does it create their bond unit based on the file I used to visit them?
  9. Personality. I cannot stand Niles from Fates like seriously? And he somehow passes on his thoughts onto his daughter I mean look at her personal skill! Still I used him in my first Conquest to capture most of the bosses after that, never used again unless to get a statue for speed. Only character I can think of that I dislike more than him was Valtome from fire emblem radiant dawn now THAT GUY...
  10. on the dual guard, I meant when you're "attacking". Not when someone is using astra against you. It only goes up once when you're attacking and you use astra. Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, a lot of the stuff would be limited like breaker weapons, etc.
  11. I've played many titles of fire emblem. :) Here is a list of things that I've made(that are my opinion of course) to improve future titles. A majority is based off of things in fire emblem fates since that is the most recent title a future fire emblem game would most likely derive content from this version. [spoiler=Skills] -When using warp you automatically "wait" after teleporting. It's not even an option since this could activate a personal skill such as Kiragi's personal skill. Still provides little restriction to movement without overpowering opponents. -skills such as aether, sol, luna, astra, etc. are unable to activate criticals. -if aether/astra activates when attacking shield gauge only goes up for the first attack(prevents the individual from potentially gaining a full shield bar, etc. in 1 battle. -the return of nihil(only allowed on 1 unit, perhaps endgame content only 1 rewarded per file and only 1 unit with this skill is allowed over wifi): negates skills on enemy unit in combat with this unit and the unit with the skill nihil, basically if you put nihil on a unit there's no point in putting other skills on it since they'd be useless including something like +5 hitpoints. -When "replicate" is used the replica has no items in its inventory. -miracle activates at 100% only if an enemy's lethality activates otherwise it has regular activation in all other conditions. (essentially these 2 negate each other, miracle's sole purpose to prevent lethality's bypassing of damage infliction to win). -Cancel returns-ability to completely negate a move(boss only obviously but still annoying to face, dragonskin was underpowered compared to this). -Regression-new ability that would cause dual guard shield bars to drain rather than increase when in combat with this unit. -Immunity-new ability that would negate status effects on this unit [spoiler=Weapons] -there needs to be a weapon that targets each specific class such as "vowbreaker" bonus damage to priestess/monk, currently restricted to hammers, dragon-based weapons, and a bow that targets tome wielders -weapons that grant bonus damage to all weapon types: currently missing shurkien, bow, lance, etc. -new weapon that gives renewal ability(monk/priest restricted) -Return of the Runesword(heals damage dealt), with other weapon equivalents such as a Rune lance, Rune bow, etc. (all placed with the same restrictions as Nosferatu) -Buffer sword, buffer bow, buffer lance, buffer shuriken, buffer axe, etc. : weapon that grants the skill "nihil". The weapon must be wielded for it to take effect. I see this as "overpowered", so perhaps endgame you're given an option to choose only 1 weapon the bow, shuriken, lance, sword, etc. -Return of Venin weapons for usage -weapons that grant "breaker skills" return(from fire emblem awakening) [spoiler=Stances] -guard stance change: if pair up users switch, shield bars drain completely. If the enemy's attack misses or deals 0 damage the shield gauge is not drained when full -attack stance change: nearby ally does regular damage but cannot follow up, critical or activate skills [spoiler=Status effects] -debuffs(not self-inflicted) such as those caused by shuriken, setsuna's yumi, drain defense, draconic curse, etc only take effect if damage was dealt. -abilities such as poison strike, savage blow, etc. only take effect if damage was dealt -self-inflicted status caused by things such as dragonstone(+), silver yumi, etc. only lower stats when the user initiates battle -freeze-double accuracy halve usage -rescue staff and hexing rod having the same range as freeze -rescue staff: can only be used on a unit that has already moved, is within range of an enemy unit, and can no longer move hence the name "rescue" -ward staff(returns): doubles a unit's resistance(wears off over time); -20% every turn until normal in 5 turns -critical ward staff(new): protects an ally from criticals wears off after several turns. -poison: reintroduced via reintroduced venin weapons from past games with standard effect -sleep staff: reintroduced via sleep staff from past games -paralysis: reintroduced via new weapon/skill exclusive to character such as MU or late game unit or caused on maps by pitfalls, by enemies, etc. -restore(staff): reintroduced to heal status [spoiler=Classes] -shuriken users such as dread fighter/master ninjas deal half damage from a distance and deal regular damage up close when using shuriken - bow users such as snipers/ballistician/bow knight utilizing the skill point blank deal half damage up close, and regular damage from afar. [spoiler=My Castle] -Once you have beaten the game(post game)weapons provided to you via allies in MyCastle now are from +1(most common) to +7(rarest) -You have the option to decide whether or not you want your characters to be "recruited/purchased" that have no shield if your team loses, etc. -You are only allowed to acquire skills through actual battles being completed with enemy units using weapons equipped(game won't allow you place units such as singer Azura with a bow in the inventory if she has no wieldable weapon equipped. -The throne is the only place where you can restrict movement to your unit. -You have the option to decide whether or not to allow your team to be "taken" to an enemy's castle if they visit your MyCastle. -You have the option to decide whether to allow enemy units with DLC skills/units to combat your MyCastle. -losing or forfeiting a battle grants 0 battle points. -Only one bond unit is produced for each card(1 per person you "visit") with multiple options appearing where you select the one you want. [spoiler=DLC] -experience DLC should be easy for any character to level up(a lvl 1 archer can gain a lot of experience by killing a level 1 monster rather than being forced to wield a "blessed weapon" that deals 1 damage thereby making it nearly impossible for them to get a kill at their current level. -experience DLC monsters run only not retaliate with ridiculous abilities that restrict movement(defeats the purpose of the DLC by slowing you down), etc. -DLC like museum melee would grant higher level weapons such as +3 - +7 very often compared to getting them in MyCastle by reward from NPCs. [spoiler=Gameplay/Other] -the ability to capture any enemy boss unit(aside from plot restricted ones such as endgame boss, etc.) to use on your team. These units should have their own critical quotes, images in battle, unique stat growths, etc. -if future remakes are made of past titles such as sacred stones there should be no massive changes such as "a customizable unit", excessive relationship focus with children, etc. Just stick to the original game primarily with bonus content such as MyCastle returning. -allow DLC music to be played in MyCastle and added to options under change music. I'm looking at you Vanguard Dawn... -playing on classic mode provides x 2 reward chance post game. For example, you gain double battle/visit points from MyCastle battles when people battle/visit you or vise versa. You recieve an increased chance for rarer items +3 - +7 weapons etc. from NPCs in MyCastle. Units obtain double experience from battles(unless difficulty is changed or the option is changed by the player, option appears before battles). -ability to save several wifi matches(like in the recent pokemon games, super smash, etc.) -And please bring back the following recruitment theme...: D
  12. I made a post of my thoughts on fire emblem pvp on several videos where some people asked questions/thoughts on it. I happened upon this thread by accident and made an account to post my previous comments as perhaps it'll be of some use. Here is the first comment I made. "To me abilities are broken down into tiers of usefulness/commonality if you're talking pvp S-rank ones would be "broken", overpowered, or unstable under the right circumstances such as "Nohrian trust+Hoshidan Unity" together with a paired unit, WARP(completely negates movement limitations =/ ), lethality period, galeforce combined with abilities that boost damage such as spendthrift, etc., Quixotic combined with skills such as astra, aether, luna, sol. A-rank-all breaker skills combined or separate(some are probably "B-rank" due to the rarity in usage such as axebreaker), galeforce standalone, pavise, aegis, counter, countermagic(albeit rarely used), "Rally all", vantage, miracle, the ability that boosts accuracy by 40 when attacking, the ability that boosts criticals by 20 when attacking, spendthrift standalone with gold bars of course, draconic hex(best on a tank or when the unit can't hit back), avoid +30 when attacking, replicate(possibly S rank depending on the number used by the opponent and strength of character), the ability that boosts damage to puppets, etc.(for replicas). B-rank- having a random rally skill, renewal, nohrian trust or Hoshidan unity by itself, luna, aether, astra by itself, "draining abilities such as drain defense, attack, etc., the shield boosting ability(bars generate faster). +5 damage weapon based skills. C-rank-Sol by itself, Quixotic by itself(can actually be bad if opponent has skills to activate but you don't), skills that boost stats +2 after a win(rank A if combined with galeforce etc.) This is all based on what I've seen/used online. I avoid anything S-rank, because it tends to result in 1 sided matches. This doesn't take into consideration the items used such as "rescue staves" and "rainbow tonics". If your opponent doesn't have it then you probably shouldn't use it(rainbow tonic, etc.) but to each their own. Oh and personal skills aren't taken into account. Obvious common characters used for their abilities such as Midori/Laslow, etc. would be S-rank/A-rank characters since many players abuse their abilities. A Midori that doesn't take advantage of her personal ability such as having sol, luna and random breaker skills would be a rare sight, and probably rank around B, so up against an "S" rank midori the result is almost always in the latter's favor. The best online battles are the ones with even teams where it's a team of mostly A/B rank characters/strategies vs the same rather than against a rallybot/rescue/nohrian trust midori with lethality, miracle, etc. team. just a side note, from what I've seen online, any +7 weapon is automatically S-rank even umbrellas are OP. +2 to +4 is most common, so those are upper B rank or A rank depending on the weapon strength. A is the rare +5/+6 or S-rank depending on weapon strength. For example, an iron yumi+5 compared to a silver yumi+5, the silver bow has much higher damage output and is imo much more deadly so S-rank while iron yumi can get kills it's not as effective, so A rank. Ok so that's about it perhaps this will help. Just my thoughts on wifi pvp."
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