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  1. Well I don't see any codes to revive characters, but with the chapter warping code you can go back and recruit her. Unfortunately the code is not perfect so if you recruited Tormod and Muarim, you will have two of them in your team unless you let them die but I think the game will be glitched in the later parts of the game because if you let them die, they will not appear in the later parts even if you recruited them before.
  2. Hi guys, anyone here know how to convert these NTSC codes to PAL version of the game? I'm using the Dolphin emulator (the latest version) and the PAL version of the game. $Have All Items in Convoy and Skills 083E92A0 80B5FE60 410D0028 00000050 $Every Single Unit's First Item is Blessed and Equipped 08884F50 27900000 20A103F0 00000000 Note: I'm not asking you to convert the codes for me, I only want to know how to convert these NTSC codes to PAL.
  3. Yes, I'm using PAL codes (I used the NTSC version of the game before, but none of the codes works so I decided to change to the PAL version that at least, the codes that I really wanted are working) but the person in the video uses the NTSC-US version so I don't think that the characters transformation codes are available for the PAL version.
  4. Hi, I want to recruit Zelgius in Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn with the "Make all enemies player controlled" but I don't know how. I saw a video of someone that used that code and the end chapter code in Endgame Rebirth 2 on the Black Knight but I don't know how that person "Transformed" the Black Knight into Zelgius. I have all the codes working and I recruited Sephiran, Dheginsea and Ashera, but I don't know how exactly I have to do to recruit Zelgius. Anyone can tell me how to recruit Zelgius?
  5. Hi, I want to know how to make these codes to work on Dolphin Emulator: $Make all enemies player-controlled 00666C84 00000000 $Chapter Warping [shadowX39] 043CAAC8 00000001 $Quick End Chapter {Win} 003CAFFC 00000004 I know that everyone have the same problem with every code in this game because the codes only works on the 1.00 version of the game but I want to make them work on the 1.01 version. I'm trying to make this since several moths and I'm still working on this but unfortunately, I could not make them work. If anyone have the Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn 1.00 version, much better, send it to me because if I have the 1.00 version, I can finally use all the codes without problems. I check this topic every day so don't worry if you think that is too late to help me. I only want to recruit Zelgius, Ashera (with maxed stats) and Sephiran. Edit: I got the PAL version of the game and have the codes working.
  6. Yes! thanks for these codes, these codes are my first codes that really worked on my Dolphin emulator. Who made these codes? I really want the makes enemies player controlled, the chapter warping codes and the quick end battle, can you help me with these three codes? so I can recruit the NPC's characters and enemies. And another question: You said that the codes from the Geckos site works only for the 1.00 version of the game on the wii, but it also works on Dolphin?
  7. Which previous version of Dolphin have all the codes working? Or for someone that previously used the codes and the codes are working, please tell me which version of Dolphin did you used?
  8. Same here, I'm using my Dolphin 5.0 and enabled the cheat code and the gecko codes but is still doesn't work. Looks like the people that made all the gecko codes to work don't want to help us, and the people who make "working AR codes" don't want to share it with us.
  9. All of the Gecko codes are working for you? Even the Chapter warping code and all codes that makes enemies player-controlled? I disabled Dolphin's fast depth calculation and nothing None of the gecko codes works for me I'm using Dolphin 5.0 but I don't know how to check the version of my Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn game
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