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  1. I suppose most battles are quick enough to where Lucky Seven is still considerable. As for Rend Heaven, I'm still mixed up on how it works. I don't really like RH because if the enemy Mag-based unit has almost no Str, there's little more damage to be had (and vice versa).
  2. Does anyone have a Shiro with Spendthrift? I made the mistake of S-supporting Midori with Forrest, so no matter if I make a new file or not, my only way of getting Spendthrift on any male G2 units has been sealed permanently for the most part. (Additionally, if you happen to have a Tomebreaker / Spendthrift Shiro, that'd be even better, but it's not a big priority.)
  3. I'm not sure about that one. It's not too bad of an idea, but for starters, I'd have to make a new file, since Hero is only accessible through A+ Support with Laslow. Also, I'd have to completely switch Xander's role from a Str/Skl-based physically defensive wallbreaker to a Spd/Skl-based fast wallbreaker, and I feel there are other Units that simply do it a lot better. The same two things apply to making Xander a Ninja Master, too. Besides, Xander would look like a total weeaboo in both classes.
  4. I was battling online earlier tonight with a new - and first - team I had built, and right away started taking notes on what could be improved. When I was looking over Xander's set, I ran into a conflict between Skills... The set: Hero!Xander Skills: Wary Fighter / Swordfaire / Trample / Aggressor / Luna Stat Caps: Str 34 / Mag x / Skl 34 / Spd 31 / Lck 33 / Def 31 (+4) / Res 25 The problem: The set actually packs quite a punch, but my problem comes in when my highest hit rate was from Siegfried at around 84% on average. I do want to correct this by replacing a Skill with Certain Blow, but I'm not sure what to replace. I could replace Luna, except the whole point of the build is to be a Str/Skl-based psychically defensive wallbreaker; Luna, while it only procs 34% of the time, is still excellent for those build types. I could replace Swordfaire or Trample (more likely to be Swordfaire for consistency's sake), except then I'm ditching a more consistent option when compared to Luna. Lastly, given the nature of the set, Aggressor should probably stay, and Wary Fighter also needs to stay unless I have a death wish with Xander's low 31 Spd stat.
  5. Dude, that's great. I've been studying the game since a little into Platinum, when I had the huge-ass book that came out on the release day, but didn't start playing competitively until the start of the VGC 2012 season. I'm happy to hear that you'll be starting next season! No, despite how how ridiculous it might seem, I agree with you. I suppose in my original rules, I wanted to see if I could maintain some kind of balance, but really, that could only go so far. I suppose I do see what you mean now: in order to make full use of the weapons, they'd need to be counterattacking. So, out of curiosity, were the rules we have here written for five-man teams or ten-man teams?
  6. This is true. It did occur to me as fact, but I still wasn't sure if maybe there was some way to even it out a little bit; having to pay $20.00 to keep up with the rules does seem a tad ridiculous to me, but at the same time, I completely understand the point you're coming from. This isn't a bad idea still. It forces people to get creative instead of, I don't know, putting Rend Heaven and/or Quixotic on every Unit they come into contact with. Seriously, this is somewhat bothersome (even if the Skill isn't that great against Str-centeric builds with abysmal Mag stats and vice versa). Relating this back to some of the rulesets I'm familiar with in Pokemon, in the official rulesets, there's what's commonly referred to as an "Item Clause"; Pokemon aren't allowed to hold the same Item as another Pokemon on the team, meaning instead of having an entire team hold Leftovers - and this happens a lot in the unofficial Single Battle tiers - only one Pokemon could hold it while the other five would need to be holding completely different Items from each other. For your own and other members' curiosity, as well as for reference if you wanted to take notes from another format: Official Play! Pokémon VGC Rules and Formats.pdf (Straight from the official Pokémon.com Play! Pokémon Rules & Resources page) Smogon Pokemon Black and White Clauses and Banlists If I were to use any of these as a more emphasized reference, I'd personally go with the official Play! Pokemon ruleset, as it's a lot more organized. I still see them as being useful offensive tools. While they don't always strike twice, the fact that Venge Weapons don't lower Def or Res means something. I'm aware Skill procs are a thing, however, I have a little bit of a hard time completely going with this, because in the same vein, it's not like a unit can proc much of anything if it's dead. In the end, I think they both have their place in different situations, but I don't think the Venge weapons should necessarily be knocked out as viable offensive weapons.
  7. Hey, guys. Red Striker from Nugget Bridge here. After spending hours on this site's resource pages for Fates, and once upon a time, Awakening as a heavy min/maxer and having the forums pop into my Google search results enough times, I finally decided to create an account here. I have to say, within the 48 hours I've been here, I've grown to like this community already. My favorite Fire Emblem game? That'd have to be Awakening. It was the first one I played, and having done so completely blind the first time, I rather enjoyed it. From there, in the latter portion of my Hard!Classic run and at the start of my Lunatic!Classic run, I got into the ever-so-fun habit of min/maxing the heck of of the game (no, really, min/maxing FE games is quite fun). That's when I'd discover SF's old calculators and such for Awakening and spend night after night trying to figure out the best combinations. Was I dead tired in the morning? You bet. But it was worth it. Maybe one of these days I'll get around to finishing the Lunatic+!Classic run I still have... Nowadays I do the same thing with Fates as well, and I'm ever so grateful for the resources that Serene's Forest has to do that with. I'm not sure where any of my Hard!Classic and Lunaic!Classic Conquest runs, or my Lunatic!Classic Revelation run would be without it. Now, after acquiring all that I do know from those long hours in and out of the game, I'm greatly interested in sharing what I've discovered and my own experience with others around here while learning more from others. Like with my time playing Pokemon competitively (although slightly worse off, actually), I don't have many I can talk with about Fire Emblem to a heavy degree in my area, so it feels good to finally have a community that appears to be FE-centric. I mean, that's just the vibe I get. I don't know where it comes from. Not at all. Nope. Yeah, I can be a smartass occasionally. Sue me.
  8. This was already addressed by Chromatic, which I've since replied to in my last post here. Also note that I'm specifically addressing the rules we have here, so (max) forged weapons are rather irrelevant right now. Again, since I'm only concerning myself with the rules we're trying to build here at the moment, forged weapons, maxed or not, are still irrelevant. I feel there needs to be some moderation with them, as having one unit single-handedly go through (most of) your team unless you have another unit of your own full-up on them sounds ridiculous to me. The fact that Quixotic applies to the enemy as well is part of what really balances it, in my opinion. Either way, according to Chromatic, Unity is still limited either way (although I'm still not too sure where it says that, despite having re-read the rules). I suppose you have a point, although I'm not sure about the idea of completely killing it off, either. Still, the fact that those units exist is what counts. You're more likely to see it on Kana, as with a Dragonstone equipped, she regains 85% of her HP per turn. Given the right parentage and how the Dragonstone turns him/her into a tank, you have a nearly indestructible Kana. For example: Kana the Undying Build Class: Hoshidan Noble (higher Lck/Def/Res average) Skills: Renewal / Better Odds / Even Better / Wary Fighter / Swordbreaker* Parents: +Def/-Spe Avatar, Peri!Hisame Stat Mods: +3 Str / +1 Mag / -2 Skl / -3 Spd / +3 Lck / +5 Def / +5 Res Final Stats (before Dragostone): 60 HP / 37 Str / 29 Mag / 27 Skl / 27 Spd / 36 Lck / 36 Def / 33 Res Final Stats (w/ Dragonstone): 60 HP / 37 Str / 29 Mag / 24 Skl / 25 Spd / 36 Lck / 40 Def / 36 Res (Crit. Evade +10 as well) *Specifically Swordbreaker, as something tells me that Wyrmslayers are or will be more common, and even with Wary Fighter, facing down a Swordmaster with one of those could get scary. I am still debating if whether or not Tomebreaker might be better, however. I'll admit, the Skill stat is low with or without the Dragonstone, but that aside, if used right, this unit has the ability to stay afloat for quite some time. These weapons, I've found, are actually quite potent. I suppose I could be somewhat biased, what with my more defensive playstyle, but even so, they aren't the kind of weapons units can typically rush down without hving some kind of Breaker Skill equipped or a weapon triangle advantage (and even with the latter, it can still be risky at times). Truthfully, I had spaced on the Ink Painting. Would I ever use it? Heck no. Even I know it's bad. But the rest are pretty good.
  9. Oh yeah, I completely spaced on those, and how common they'll probably be due to how common the Avatar and Kana are likely to be. No, I suppose they aren't that bad, but tat the same time, with no restriction on them, Revelation would break the balance of the three games within the ruleset. It is? I re-read the rules, and I could find anything about it in them. And with regards to the latter, yeah, not to mention one or two units on Staff/Rod duty to heal them up, or the Renewal Skill. Fair enough. I'm a little confused. How do the Venge weapons lose the first turn to attack and miss out on a lot of attacking opportunities? They seem to have enough power to where using them offensively as opposed to defensively is still quite effective. Eh, I suppose you're probably right, although I'd still be willing to experiment with the idea. It is? I know Nohrian Trust is limited, but I didn't find Hoshidan Unity anywhere. Yeah, I did see the rule you had regarding Breaker Skills, however, the distinct difference is how with the rules we already have here, one could still place multiple Breaker Skills on a Unit, and still have duplicate Breaker Skills on a team. Hmm... Fair enough, I suppose. In that case, what if there was a rule in place where units with a default Movement of eight were banned from using Boots, and below eight could only use one pair? After that, you could restrict teams to maybe three or four Boots per team. [On an unrelated note, I'm not sure how to attribute the quote to their proper owner, Chromatic. I believe this site runs on the same structure as Nugget Bridge's, but even so, I can't remember how to do it.]
  10. I was re-evaluating some of my Revelation pairings and stumbled upon something that made me reconsider a pairing regarding Forrest's mother. Originally I was planning to have Peri as his mom, however, a closer inspection of Leo's other pairings reveals that Hinoka has roughly the same stats, but they're different enough from Peri's to make me stop and wonder. So, taking those into account alongside other options added to Forrest by each mother, I'm wondering: should I stick with Peri or switch to Hinoka? Forrest: Magic Tank/Mixed Offense Nuke Hybrid Build Objective: Nuke opposing units via either offensive spectrum while tanking Mag-based hits like a champ. Class: Grandmaster (31 Str / 33 Mag / 33 Skl / 33 Res) (before Mods) Class Growth Rates: 10 HP / 15 Str / 15 Mag / 15 Skl / 5 Spd / 0 Lck / 5 Def / 15 Res Skillset: Ignis / Aegis* / Quixotic / Wary Fighter / Warp *I've considered Pavise here, too. You'll understand why once you see Forrest's Res stat with either mother. Mother: Peri Stat Mods: Mag +3 / Lck +1 / Def -1 / Res +5 Classes/Skills Gained: Cavalier (Elbow Room, Shelter), Great Knight (Luna, Armored Blow), Paladin (Defender, Aegis) Growth Rates (w/ Grandmaster): 52.5 HP / 47.5 Str / 50 Mag / 40 Skl / 47.5 Skl / 30 Lck / 30 Def / 65 Res Final Max Stats: 31 Str / 36 Mag / 33 Skl / 29 Spd / 27 Lck / 27 Def / 38 Res Mother: Hinoka Stat Mods: Mag +2 / Lck +1 / Res +5 Classes/Skills Gained: Sky Knight (Darting Blow, Camaraderie), Falcon Knight (Rally Speed, Warding Blow), Kinshi Knight (Air Superiority, Amaterasu) Growth Rates (w/ Grandmaster): 60 HP / 45 Str / 55 Mag / 45 Skl / 45 Spd / 32.5 Lck / 35 Def / 62.5 Res Final Max Stats: 31 Str / 35 Mag / 33 Skl / 29 Spd / 27 Lck / 28 Def / 38 Res Essentially, what it comes down to is the extra point to Mag or Def, since with the Boo Camp DLC, I can grind for as long as I need to (thus making Stat Growths not quite as relevant, though not totally out of the question). I suppose taking into consideration the build's objective and what each mother adds to Forrest, Peri would still likely be the better choice, but I'm still wondering. Alternatively, if you think there are better options for this kind of build out of the (male) child units, let me know. Just take into consideration what I already have paired: Avatar x Sophie Silas x Azura Kaze x Elise Saizo x Orochi
  11. Hey guys. Just joined, and I'm glad to see that there's already a thread for this. I was thinking of making a competitive Fire Emblem: Fates club at my high school this upcoming year (possibly as a senior project), and had already started developing a ruleset. Looking things over, this is pretty close to what I was starting on, although there are a few differences. This is what I might want to add to what's already here: The Yato is bannedThe Conquest and Birthright versions aren't that bad, but the Revelation version is a tad scary. Ideally, the ruleset needs to be made to where anyone playing any version of Fates could take part in it equally. I'm all for keeping Seigfried/Raijinto and Brynhildr/Fujin Yumi in play, but the Yato is a bit much. Those being mentioned: Limit of one Sacred Weapon per team This refers to Raijinto, Seigfried, Brynhildr, and the Fujin Yumi. I'm assuming we're only using five units per team like standard online PvP, and having 2/5ths or 4/5ths of a team with these weapons seems to be a bit much. Also consider that if the cap was set to two, Revelation players would only need to pick 2/4 available to them while Birthright and Conquest players would have to go with their full 2/2 Sacred Weapons. Only three Weaponbreaker skills per teamAdditionally, units may only have one Breaker skill equipped at a time (so no Lancebreaker and Shurikenbreaer equipped at once), and no duplicate Breaker skills per team may be permitted (ex., using all three of those slots for Swordbreaker). Limit two units with Hoshidan Unity per teamLimit one unit with Lethality per teamIn addition, if a unit has Lethality, they're not permitted to have a combination of Pavise and Aegis; just one or the other. Edit (8:40 PM, PDT): No, there's no getting around this with a support partner, either. If supported, the supporter is also under the restriction. Renewal + Better Odds + Even Better is bannedBecause recovering 70% of your HP per turn is a little ridiculous. Renewal + BO or Renewal + EB is fine. Limit three Venge Weapons per teamI'm not sure if this should be set to two or three, but either way, if the opponent constantly leaves these equipped at the end of their Phases, sending your units against them becomes hard to do without taking absurd amounts of damage or dying all together. ---- That wasn't everything, however, anything else I would've said would've been redundant with the current rules, anyway. I do have my own thoughts on the posted rules, though... 3- Galeforce with both Spendthrift and life and death are banned. I hadn't thought about this before, and I especially spaced on Spendthrift. Good call. - 5- No statues. (They can be broken and placed before and after for no cost so it is not detrimental.) Thank goodness. - 6- No forged weapons. That's interesting. I'm a tad split on this one, although I can understand why this is here. Facing down a forged +2/+3 Venge Weapon is not my idea of fun, not to mention hacking. - 7- No tonics or stat boosting items. Would this also apply to mid-battle Seal usage as well? I do believe there are ways one can tactically change Classes in the middle of battle. - 9- All bond, einherjar, amiibo and prison units are banned. (Exceptions could be made if both players agree on it.) Again, thank goodness. I've seen a tutorial on how to max out stats on these units with no effort at all. - 10- Boots are banned. (Still undecided.) I wouldn't ban these, rather, limit them to maybe three per team (assuming teams of five), and only one per unit. ---- Well, there's my two cents. I'd be more than interested to hear any of your guys' thoughts and criticisms on it all. Quick question: what are the general thoughts on accessories used in castle battles with regard to the rules? Personally, I'm not too sure about them just because I think they're another part of the game, but at the same time, in battle, they seem like something that gets in the way of seeing the players' raw skill, if that makes any sense (I'm not entirely sure of how to word my thoughts on it).
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