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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nyarlathotep
  2. Not Fire Emblem, but Zidane from Final Fantasy IX fits that mold, actually. Not a musician, but an actor and flirting with basically every attractive girl he comes across. However, it comes across as charming instead of creepy because it generally doesn't actually go anywhere, which makes it look more like banter and less like Zidane constantly trying to get laid. At least that's how I remember him, it's been some time since I've played FF9. In any case - a flirtatious lord? Sure, that might work, as long as it's written well. I generally like the "lovable rogue" archetype, and this is often part of the package. An actual harem fantasy? Yeah, no, fuck that.
  3. Radiant Dawn, but the gauge starts at 100%. Done. Never made any sense that Laguz would start a battle "exhausted". No need to make things more complicated. Keep It Simple, Stupid. Getting rid of Cat Gauge would be good too - I don't hate that Laguz have to spend some of their player phase actions grassing up if they want to stay transformed through multiple rounds of combat for an extended period of time, but it's a bit silly that three fights on enemy phase cost more gauge than a charge of Olivi Grass restores. Honestly, I think I would even say say that -4/turn and -2/battle (which is between Lion and Tiger/Wolf/...) would be a good spot for the worst gauge. Oh, and faster weapon rank progression would be appreciated. I like the "alternative leveling-up" for Volug, but it's really annoying for all the other Laguz since they aren't around as much.
  4. You can say with unusual precision that the Dalmatian language, spoken along the eastern Adriatic coast, died on June 10, 1898, alongside Tuone Udaina. His parents used it when they wanted to speak in private, but Udaina picked up the language that way without them knowing, which eventually made him the last living person to speak the language. In recent discourse, the two known variants of Dalmatian (Ragusan and Vegliote) are sometimes seen as sufficiently distinct to classify them as separate languages, in which case Udaina would've been the last speaker of the Vegliote language.
  5. If the Øresund strait freezes over and a Swede walks to Denmark over the ice, any Dane has the legal right to hit that Swede with a stick.
  6. I'm not familiar with any MtG lore, so I can't take an informed position on any of those examples. If those "planes" are just three villages in a magic bubble, then sure, it would be strange if there were a total of three human of a different ethnicity in an entire world, although I'd imagine that that extreme would have other issues with "realism", as well. However, it seems that you're basing your argument on a very, very specific type of fantasy setting. As soon as you generalise it, I still heavily disagree with the idea that any deviation from an ethnically uniform setting is "for the sake of "wokeness"" (ughhh). Unless there's some impregnable magical barrier at every country's border, the image of isolated nations is complete poppycock. Different communities will trade. There will be migration between them. There's records of Swiss monks using cloves (you know, from the Moluccas) to season their fish in the 9th century. Isolation is not the default, so "breaches" in isolation don't have to be meticulously explained. And maybe the black trader in the Medieval Fantasy city is just meant to indicate that this city is a big trade hub? My apologies, but the tendency in gaming discourse to attribute any non-default characters as fucking ""wokeness"" and "pandering" (ughhhh) really ticks me off. ...look, I don't want to make this about 3DS FE, but I don't believe that Basilius and Flavia are the most "stereotypical" characters in Awakening's cast.
  7. I think PoR weapon ranks are even less important than in the GBA games. Forged Steel Axes are a fine weapon throughout the game, Javelins and Hand Axes are E rank, a forged Thunder tome is practically equal to the A rank tomes (which can't be forged themselves). Haven't played RD in a long time, so I won't make a comment on that, though. Killer weapons and effective weapons are very underwhelming, too, so reaching C rank is not a big deal at all. Contrast that to BinBla, where Killers become the default weapon type to use one they're buyable - and in general, low weapon ranks are a detriment for a handful of recruits: Treck (no Steel Swd on the Axe Islands), Tate and Zeiss (no Killer Lances before promoting), Bartre (not as impactful, but he'd be much better with C bows), promoted Bishops (lol Aureola), promoted Mages (Lilina with Physic would've been neat...), or Igrene (mostly in comparison with Klein, whose only advantage over her is Silver Bow access). BlaBla and SacSto are much more generous with WEXP, so it's not as noticable, although there's still some specific cases like Rath (Brave Bow Y/N) where it makes a difference.
  8. Patricia Quinn was apparently very salty that Richard O'Brien stole the song from her for the movie version, almost refusing to play Magenta in it as a result.
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