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  1. Yes it makes more sense on 3DS and will almost definitely be on handheld forever. But I would still love for the game to hit the consoles again, just because those games had sooo much content and now with DLC, even those games would make some decent revenue.
  2. Easily console, but even though majority of people with the console would probably buy it since FE is so popular now, there's only so many people who actually own consoles and a wiiu at that. As much as I would love more games like the Tellius series and geneaology of the holy war, console FE's always hampered the company and they've learned their lesson. They have a huge player base now but no matter how big it gets, handheld makes far more money than anything else for fire emblem.
  3. Okay, so how does the game know who the boss is? Because I've added that line but it needs to know what unit is the boss right? That's the real issue I"m having.
  4. Yea I've seen those post. Nothing new from Yeti though.
  5. Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone knows if BWDYeti has given any word on FE7x or possibly FEXNA as of late. I don't need a release date or anything, but it would be nice to know if he was still working on said projects. :D
  6. I have gotten very far into my first chapter creation. (Took about a week) But I NEED to know how to make it a defeat the boss chapter, as right now it's still the default seize objective from Lyn's tutorial. If anyone could post a pick of example code that would be greatly appreciated. :)
  7. Watch ghast and markyjoe's tutorials on youtube. Probably the best you can get right now.
  8. Thank you for your help! :D
  9. I was seeing the prompt when I went to put in the value for ID height, width, etc... It may just be in the latest version however, and the default is set to string
  10. Problem solved. It was the map size... I feel like an idiot. And for anybody wondering. The maximum map size you can have is 43x35 :)
  11. Wait wait wait, I thought FEXNA wasn't out yet? I'm out of the loop.
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