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  1. I love psychic and flying types! I work better with them because they typically match my fighting style.
  2. Thank you all! I really appreciate your kindness! This isn't my first forum, but I always get so worried when there are so many rules ^.^; I'll do my best to follow them!
  3. I thought I'd introduce myself... aaaand ask a few questions. My name is Safe Haven, but you can call me Haven or whatever you'd like. I'm on the younger spectrum of FE fans, and I've yet to play most of the older games. However, I'm working on it so hopefully I'll be able to discuss them soon. I'm a little awkward, and I'll apologize a lot, but I'll try to participate actively in discussions or games, once I learn the rules. Speaking of rules, I just read the CoC, and I'm wondering if the rules are very strict here, I mean, I'll do my best to follow them, but I'm super nervous about making a mistake and getting punished :, D Anyways, it's wonderful to meet you all, and I hope I can learn the ropes and be a part of this community!
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