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  1. Okay so, a couple things I noticed with the TearRing Saga guides First off, Mintz's listed recruitment condition in the recruitment guide is wrong (well, moreso incomplete as there are a lot of conditions that can affect the timing of when you wanna seize the gate or aggro the castle guards, BigKlingy does a better job explaining it in his video than I could) Secondly, the Leteena event guide is missing a step where you need to go to Verje between Maps 15 and 16 with a Miracle Charm in Kreiss' inventory, this one is huge given the investment required for the Leteena event
  2. Personally I would count Prologue 8 over Chapter 1 for New Mystery My favourite first map in the series would have to be FE5 Chapter 1, though I do quite enjoy FE6 Chapter 1, FE10 1-Prologue, Conquest Chapter 7 and Berwick Chapter 1-Main Honestly Awakening Prologue is fine on Normal and Hard but it sucks on Lunatic (haven't even unlocked Lunatic+ so uh yeah)
  3. I mostly judge characters as units, so apologies if some unit viability stuff leaks into my reasoning, I'm trying to not just axe the 10 worst units in the game though I'd say I'd probably remove like 1. Garret (generic Berserker guy) 2. Douglas (generic General, at least the other Knights have meme status) 3. Geese (despite the fact that I've used him he's kinda forgettable) 4. Dayan (who even goes to Sacae lol, besides that he's just another bow user when you already have up to 4 Snipers, 2 Nomad Troopers and 3 Warriors using bows) 5. Juno (just another flying unit when you already have 4, Zeiss has some meme status and is kinda sorta an Est so he gets a pass) 6. Fae (sorry Fae fans, but I always forget I even have her until like Dragon Temple, and even then I just tend to use her as a mini-convoy) 7. Treck (he just dies way too easily in Chapter 7, plus he's easily the worst potential Paladin in the game, Marcus, Allen and Lance all have perfect availability, with Marcus being dang near essential early on in Hard Mode, Jerrot and Noah both start at a higher level and Noah has an extra point of Con iirc, and well Perceval is Perceval) 8. Cath (just a third Thief, is honestly a bit of a pain to deal with and it is arguable that it is better to kill her in Chapter 6 than to bother recruiting her) 9. Fir (kinda generic Myrmidon, especially considering the other two in this game have meme status and Rutger is legitimately one of the best units in this game) 10. Ogier (just a worse Deke, and he doesn't really have much meme status as far as I can tell) Honestly a lot of these choices were hard for me, though I've definitely succeeded at not just axing the 10 worst units in the game 😄
  4. Friends? But that requires trusting somebody and after all, we have to build and army and trust nobody
  5. I mean even in that case you may wanna take the fort eventually, but maybe once most of the enemies have been cleared out Assuming of course you don't do what the video posted above did and clear the map in 1 turn
  6. Honestly just goes to show how insane some of the skill and combat art combinations can get in this game lol
  7. Also, Anankos in Revelation Lunatic is actually beaten out for total HP by 4/5 3H Final Bosses, the 1/5 being Nemesis
  8. Suicidal Pegasus Knights go brrr Though I always wondered what the difference between escaping and suicidal Pegasus Knights was
  9. Yeah I don't really count the White Beasts as part of Rhea's HP because she can be beaten with them still alive, though I'm not sure if she will even heal off them unless you allow her to have Enemy Phase, either way healing doesn't really add to a healthbar in the context of this (I'm more so talking maximum HP rather than the total HP you have to fight through) You could argue the Ten Elites and Nemesis in that regard too but I wouldn't be surprised to find out Nemesis is beatable with the Ten Elites alive
  10. The Immaculate One's last HP bar on Silver Snow Maddening has 199 HP as well, I can't see Crimson Flower's Immaculate One, Nemesis, or any generic monster beating this out
  11. So I was in a discussion about if after Three Houses, Duma still holds the title of the single largest HP bar in all of FE (at 200). Main rules that apply are highest difficulty (Maddening or Hard if Cindered Shadows) and that it has to be ONE HP bar, obviously a lot of monsters have a higher total HP than 200 but do any of them have 200+ HP in a single health bar?
  12. Fair enough, I mean this thing is how old now and still kicking?
  13. As far as I know, your options are basically to emulate them, which is a bit of a pain, especially in the case of Radiant Dawn or to pay insane prices to someone to buy them (Radiant Dawn last I checked was going for like ~$70 [not US] at least)
  14. I personally prefer A route and Ilia to B route and Sacae, map wise I'm not a particular fan of 11b, nor am I a fan of fighting all the Nomads, Nomad Troopers and Swordmasters Sacae throws at you Unit wise Lalum and Elphin are functionally the same unit, the minor stat differences between them are irrelevant Echidna>Bartre, all Bartre really has going for him is his very high Str base, unfortunately he has Spd issues and due to having pretty meh Skl and using axes, he will also struggle with hit rates more than Echidna will. Sure bows give him a niche that Echidna doesn't really have but Shin, Klein and Igrene all do bows better and you have limited deployment slots Juno and Dayan are a bit more debatable, Dayan def has the better combat, and has some use against the Wyverns in Chapters 21 and 23, on the other hand, Juno flies, which sure so do Shanna, Tate, Miledy and Zeiss but flying is still nice (I personally like to have Juno go to the Secret Shop in 21 so I can have Miledy and Shanna focus on other things) Also Niime joins one map earlier on Ilia than on Sacae and Ilia has one less fog map than Sacae
  15. I'd say it's worth having a couple staffbots around, specifically if they can use Warp, which Lena can use at base It isn't worth levelling healers in FE1, if you're concerned about their stats then you can just give them stat boosters
  16. Yeah FE11 Marth is not very good, easily his weakest appearance, he's excellent in FE1, FE3 and he's okay in FE12. I'm currently playing through FE12 on Lunatic and like, no one in my army except like, Kris and on some occasions Sirius can take more than one hit from any enemy that isn't wielding like a Javelin or something, which some people really like and I would too if I weren't constantly having to deal with like 5 enemies at a time, don't have much experience with FE11's higher difficulties but even on H2 FE11 isn't exactly that hard (though I'm sure it gets harder on H3, 4 and 5, it is overall an easier game than FE12 aside from on like Normal) Aum Staff in FE1 is overall kinda pointless unless you wanna do a strategy that involves killing a unit but also don't wanna leave them dead. Ig it can be sorta useful if playing on original hardware or if you're really bad at save states but FE1 is a pretty easy game overall, you see more Aum staff strats in FE11 and 12 (see Dondon's Medeus kills in his runs for examples of this) Mage only sounds interesting however FE1 is kinda limited with it's promotion items, and since the ones it does give aren't all Master Seals like in FE11 it makes it even more difficult to promote Elice (and even then iirc she joins at like, the second last map of the game)
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