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  1. No way to get through without breaking the wall? Maybe that's why it's so weak in FE6?
  2. Other way around, I'm pretty sure the healing happens first then the poison
  3. 2 is just stupid to be honest Because why go for Dark Magic and Staves when you can go for Dark Magic, Anima Magic and Staves?
  4. Lord: Ephraim Cavalier: Seth Myrmidon: Joshua Archer: Neimi Mage: Lute Priest/Cleric/Monk/Troubadour: Artur Fighter/Pirate/Knight/Mercenary: Gerik Flyer: Tana Trainee: Ewan Other: Tethys
  5. We have Chinese Food, go to church and do most of our presents the evening of the 24th, on the 25th we get together and have a home cooked feast and have some family time in the afternoon, the morning of the 25th I get to open any presents mom got me
  6. Yes, but it's still pretty stupid, imagine if the AI could attempt to replicate the player by trying to maximize damage while keeping itself alive
  7. It likes to cut itself off and it doesn't pay attention to damage taken back, case in point, Chapter 16 I've seen Douglas attack Lilina who one-rounded him and he didn't one round, yet he could've attacked other units who did like nothing to him
  8. Probably FE6: Rutger FE7: I dunno, maybe Lyn or Raven FE8: Joshua
  9. Saleh actually has the stats to use staves tho that iirc Moulder doesn't. In terms of lance users in FE6, they aren't common in Sacae, so while I'll give that they are fairly common after Western Isles if you go to Ilia as well as between the Western Isles and Sacae as well as in the late game, they aren't common enough to include a unit who has pathetic skill and the least accurate weapon type in the game as his only weapon. Sure, Allen has a similar Skill stat on average to Gonzales at approximately the same level, but Allen has two more accurate weapon types (especially Swords) and better supports at his disposal (specifically with Lance). 30 HP, 11 Magic (I could've sworn it was 10, but the Wiki says 11), 7 Skill, 10 Speed (You've already touched on that), 10 Luck, 7 Defense, 13 Resistance as a Level 1 Promoted Unit, Clarine will have way better stats as a Level 1 Valkyrie, specifically Skill, Speed and Luck, allowing Clarine to not instantly die against more than 1 physical unit, unlike some other characters such as Cecilia and Niime (Niime won't survive against the more powerful physical units, such as Wyvern Lords) and Clarine has at least 10, maybe 12 more chapters of availability and should be high level unpromoted or maybe even promoted by now. And you also ignore that Bolting has 3-10 range and the lategame of Binding Blade has a ton of enemies so Lugh and Lilina being able to Bolting someone isn't an issue. Really, what is Gonzales gonna go up against in Sacae? A handful of Wyvern Riders or Cavaliers? Maybe Arcardo or Roartz? Not really worth it when I can use other units who are much more reliable against the Nomad Troopers and Swordmasters that are so common in Sacae (especially Nomad Troopers) such as Paladins, Magic Users and Miledy. On Tate vs. Shin, their bases may be similar, but Pegasus Knights aren't great in FE6, they can't really do much with weaker lances and stronger lances weigh them down too much
  10. Saleh is a good staff bot, certainly a lot better for using staves than Moulder and arguably better than Natasha or L'Arachel. And Vanessa vs. Tana is only really a question because Vanessa joins earlier, Tana has higher Strength and still enough Speed to double He misses anything in his path that isn't using a Lance, and he misses more than Allen just because Allen can use Swords and Lances whereas Gonzales can only use Axes. Cecilia's stats are pathetic, she joins in the worst chapter in the game to be a mounted unit, and there are much better candidates to use tomes such as Bolting and Staves such as Warp. You need more than 2 Secret Books to make Gonzales hit things. The problem is those enemies appear way more often in Sacae where I normally end up because Shin>Tate. Sue and Shin are only bow-locked in their unpromoted classes and can use Swords as Nomad Troopers. And Tate isn't terrible, but Miledy and Shin are just so much better and can kill things easier than Tate can.
  11. I'm not saying she's worth training, I'm saying she won't be bad if trained up, but with how difficult she is to train, as well as FE6 in general, I say use Bors or Douglas if you really want a General in FE6 Yeah, FE6 Axes are the main issue here with Gonzales being locked to them with his pathetic Skill not being able to hit anything. If Gonzales were in FE7 or FE8 he would be amazing, but in FE6, no way The only way you're gonna see Armads use is if you train up Wade, Lot, Geese, Gonzales or Echidna's Axe Rank, why do you think it's hard to use Aureola in FE6 with the only class able to use Light Magic being the Bishop starting with I believe a D in Light iirc Saleh, one of the best units in FE8? Lute and Artur would like a word with you All units mentioned as best are good, but what about some of the Paladins or Flyers in FE7? Or Gerik? As for the worst, FE7 Nino? She's much worse than Isadora and around the level of Wallace or Renault in terms of how good she is But why does it matter if Gonzales doubles if he misses everything even remotely fast? And how is Cecilia not a bad unit? I'm not arguing that she's the absolute worst (Sophia) levels of bad, but she's not a good unit Which brings up, if I need to buy stat-boosters to make you a good unit, then you aren't a good unit. And what is 2 or 4 Skill gonna do for Gonzales against enemies like Swordmasters, Heroes and Nomad Troopers, two of which you fight a lot typically since Sue and Shin are so much better than Shanna and Tate as combat units, so you will probably end up in Sacae Syrene isn't nearly as bad as Juno because Syrene can actually do something in FE8 whereas Juno can't do crap in FE6 But as a flyer, Tana and Cormag are so much better than her so why do you need her?
  12. I also end up in Sacae way more often than I end up in Ilia as I use Shin and/or Sue way more often than I use Tate (I have never used Shanna, not strong enough for my tastes) and I'm not trying to say he's one of the worst units in the game, he's far from that, I'm saying he's middle of the road at best imo, he has glaring strengths but he has a glaring flaw, and imo his positives don't outweigh his negatives For instance, Allen and Lance have no glaring flaw other than effective damage from Horseslayers and Halberds (which don't hit often enough and aren't common enough to really matter) and so many positives, Deke's main flaw is his lower growths, but his bases make sure that he's never a bad choice and his growths are decent enough. Rutger's flaws are his shaky strength growth (higher than Fir's to be fair) and being swordlocked, which means his only 1-2 range option is the Light Brand that can do at most 20 damage at range, but his +30 crit from being a Swordmaster and amazing supports with Deke and Clarine make up for his lowish but still passable strength so his most glaring flaw is being sword locked which is not as bad imo as being axe locked and is certainly not as bad as being bow locked
  13. See, my Lugh normally gets magic screwed and isn't reliably killing things, so I normally bench him in favour of Lilina as she just deals more damage and is my main support for Roy because that's a really fast, yet good support I once tried using Gonzales, it was on HM, but he couldn't hit anything, so I was like, go away, I don't need Axes I agree with you on FE6's best units, Percival is easily FE6's best prepromote and if you need a third Paladin, I recommend him. Athos isn't really one of FE7's best units because you only get him for the last chapter, and I would personally add a few units such as Florina, Sain and Kent. FE6's worst units, some of those are worse than others, Wade IIRC has decent skill for an axe user, which means I would probably choose him over Lot tbh although I'd also rather just use Geese. Juno, a Falcon Knight with terrible stats on a route where you've already trained up at least one Falcon Knight? No thanks, I'll just use Tate. Treck, honestly, I only recommend using him if you want more Paladins (which you can't go wrong with Paladins) or if your Allen or Lance died (in which case you've done something wrong). Sophia, worst unit in the game. Barth, knights aren't very good in FE6, so by that virtue Bors, Barth, Wendy and Douglas are all some of the worst units in the game. Wendy is the hardest Knight to train, but she'll turn out good, not as bad as Sophia, but definitely bottom 3. Wolt, worst bow user in the game and why would you use Archers over Nomads when Sue and Shin are just so good? Fae is only really bad because you can only attack with her 30 times, if you could repair her Dragonstone or buy more, she would be better (not counting glitches here) Except that Allen doesn't use the most inaccurate weapon type in the game Geese is overall more reliable than Gonzales though because he has higher Skill and Luck. Gonzales becomes passable as a Berserker whereas Geese is at least passable once he gets up to higher levels. On the point of Lances, Lance are still not as bad as Axes, not by a long shot, and Lance users typically have better stats to use a somewhat inaccurate weapon type, whereas most Axe users don't, and Gonzales is the worst offender of this. Most Lance users also have better supports than Gonzales, which do help. Also, Berserkers are locked to Axes whereas most Lance users gain another weapon upon promotion (Pegasus Knights, Wyvern Riders, Knights, Cavaliers) or have one at base (Cavaliers) and other than Knights, that weapon is Swords, which if you train that rank up can be really good.
  14. If you need to be promoted to be passable, I personally think it isn't worth it Please explain to me how Lugh is the absolute best unit in the game, he can't take physical hits, he can't Nosferatu tank, and is fairly easily able to get Magic screwed I'm not saying Lugh is a bad unit, but better than Lance, Allen, Deke, Rutger and Miledy? I think not Cecilia is pretty bad, but to be honest, she isn't as bad as some other prepromotes imo (Juno, for instance) Please explain to me why I should subject myself to hoping Gonzales hits to train him in the midgame just for the last 4-5 chapters of the game, over Geese who will hit more reliably than Gonzales or one of the fighters who I've had since Chapter 2 He has low hit rates, even with the Iron and Killer Axes and weapon triangle, any sword user will destroy him (okay, to be fair, any sword user will destroy any axe-user that is not using a Swordreaver) and it doesn't help that if you mess up it's easy for him to suicide on your units when trying to recruit him and that he comes with the worst weapon in the game
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