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  1. Ahh that's pretty good, might clear it up. I've only finished Crimson Flower so far so I'm really looking forward to actually getting some answers hah.
  2. Didn't read all the posts so I'm not sure if anyone explained already, but: You can clearly calculate their age by knowing at the year their mother died in childbirth: 1159. The game begins in 1180. So Byleth is 21 at the start of the game. Now, Byleth's exact birthdate is a little strange because despite the game letting you choose one, according to Jeralt's diary it sounds like Byleth's mom died in childbirth during Horsebow moon, or at least just before it. This could mean that the in-game birthday is just a made up date that perhaps Jeralt gave Byleth as their new birthday or something. But the fact that Sothis claims to have the same birthdate is very strange then. I'm scared that all of this is explained in a route I haven't played yet, haha.
  3. Hi, long time no posting! Mod eclipse gave me permission to do a bit of promotion of sorts. I'm doing preorders for these charms I designed of the protags. Hope you like them! I've been spending my time on fanart since my game is still on it's way on the mail. T_T ⭐ Link to store ⭐
  4. Ah, that's pretty cool.... shame this is definitely impossible with a non-jailbroken iphone, right?
  5. So far the only 5* I got has been Cordelia, which is not bad at all! Also got 4* Robin and Shanna.
  6. Haven't read through the rest of the thread and not sure if this is too off-topic, but has anyone found out if there is a way to play with japanese voices?
  7. Morning everyone! Finally managed to grab it from the iTunes store website (even though it wasn't showing up on the mobile app store? weird) and I played some of the prologue, but now I'm stuck on that 803-0003 error, lol. Anyway, it looks great so far! Good luck on everyone's first pulls.
  8. You're likely right. I can't remember where it was announced that it'd be released in japan at 7am, but that info is nowhere to be seen on the website so it was probably wrong or outdated.
  9. Whaaaaat.. What is going on.... (i know we shouldn't make a fuss over this but still.. i wish there had been more clear info on the release date/time)
  10. No no, we're not saying it will be realeased internationally in an hour, we're saying that it will be realeased individually country by country. No international simultaneous release. No idea if it's already out in Japan, I looked around a bit but found nothing.
  11. @PowerVZ it seems we share a timezone lol.. let's hope we just have to wait one hour more!!
  12. Damn, here I was waiting for the clock to strike 23.... hoping for midnight then?
  13. Hi guys, so I'm planning the pairings for my new set of runs (all three routes) and I want to know what your favourite pairings are. Not for stats or gameplay! Just to do with plot and conversations. List me your ships!!
  14. Guys, I'm pretty sure the reason why they they have decided to represent injured units like this is because of violence filters. Fire Emblem has never featured blood and stuff like that during battle, that I know of. That's typical of battle games. So instead of wounds, they use ripped clothing and pained expressions to show that the character has been badly damaged. I personally like it lol
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