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  1. So. During late August. I lost my Copy of Fates, and my Save For my Unfinished PMU. However, this Christmas, I got a second copy of Fates. Now, It's about time I try again. I have access to Everything, Except the Dark Flier. This Includes: Vanguard, Ballistician, Witch, Lodestar, Great Lord, Dread Fighter and Grandmaster. Ghostly Gold And Museum Melee may be Used for Grinding. Difficulty is Hard Casual And Finally, Don't be a Complete Asshole with the Classes. [Coughcoughcougcoughcough Onmioji!Kagero coughcoughcough] There'll be 22 Slots, 2 are my Pick. Just so i have something reliable in this world, and also so i can Sub units out when needed. Two Possible Characters Per Person, and Children are Allowed. And with that.. Have fun ending my existence! Current Lineup: MU [Female, Master Ninja, +Speed -Mag, Outlaw Talent] [My Pick] Outlaw!Midori [Kaze x MU] [My Pick] Basara!Kagero Swordmaster!Subaki Songstress!Azura Dread Fighter!Azura!Soleil Paladin!Charlotte Berserker!Xander. Dark Mage!Hayato Falcon Knight!Sakura Hero!Benny. Master of Arms!Shiro GreatMaster!Saizo <S-Sakura> Swordmaster!Effie (A+ Hana) Hero!Kagero!Ophelia (A+ Soleil) Witch Felicia!Selkie Paladin Hinoka!Sophie
  2. At least it's not Onmyoji Kagero or Sorcerer Ryoma.
  3. I wanna do the same TBH. I shall bombard you with Bath Towels.
  4. Hmm.. Troll or no Troll... How about this... Scarlet [Witch] and Setsuna [Master Ninja, Heart Seal] I'm generally curious on how Master Ninja setsuna would play out.
  5. IF Your Still open, howsabout Knight!Odin [s-Support Effie]
  6. General Odin from S Support with Effie, Partner seal
  7. Thanks! Now. Just one more before the suffering truly begins
  8. lol my unit has already capped Skill and Tome's weapon rank. [For a Dark Mage.]
  9. I will never forget gunter. If you ever do a PMU on Revelations, you'd better fear me. please do
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