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  1. I finally, FINALLY pulled Sigurd just a few moments ago only to find he's -atk +res. I plan on using him on a res-based cavalry team (aka lots of ward cavalry and such) along with Berkut, Titania, and a yet to be chosen 4th member, but will his -atk hurt him enough that I should roll for a new one? I'd prefer not to waste orbs if he's salvageable!
  2. Hey everyone! I'm kinda new to this forum (but I've been playing Fire Emblem for a few years) so I figured I'd make a gallery of all the FE related art I've drawn! This thread will be an eternal WIP ;p (oh and here is my commission info, in case anyone wants it!)
  3. Does anyone know where I could find gif of Emmeryn's critical cut in? I've been looking for hours and I've think I've found everyone BUT her TAT!
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