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  1. im having trouble patching the game, is there anyone that can help? ive tried using the provided patcher, but my 3ds cant read the patched .cia file for whatever reason, and the \luma\titles\titleid\romfs method doesnt work either. dumb question, but would i need a clean .cia file to do this? because the one i originally downloaded was already pre translated (im horrible with this kind of stuff and the treehouse localisation is awful) I also really appreciate you guys for doing this haha :)
  2. This is probably a stupid question, but what's the difference between the Fire Emblem: Echoes dlc Cipher Legends I and II compared to the Cipher Companions Pack?
  3. So I know theres a hack to change hair colours, classes, items, etc. but is there a hack to change corrins face to any of the other ones mid game? I want to change my avatars face but I don't want to restart my save file.
  4. Is there any hack for awakening or fates that enables child characters to have their parents or canon hair colour??
  5. What are good pairings for birthright? So far ive only done: Ryoma/Kagero FeMu/Silas Who else is good for who? EDIT: I'm looking for optimal children.
  6. I know this question has been asked many times but I'm looking to find if someone has made an optimal pairings list for good children or what is are good pairings to produce good children characters. Edit: who would femu be good with? (+str/-luk)
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