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  1. What are some good teams I could run with these characters? I've been using the active team at the top for a long time, but I'm not really sure who has the best synergy. Bridal Lyn is there too, but she didn't fit in the picture. Figured I should put more thought into my teams with supports being out and all
  2. To be honest, I'm pretty disappointed by this news. I understand why they narrowed down the roster, but it kind of makes me question why they included the weapon triangle at all. Sure, it's a Fire Emblem game, but it doesn't need it. The main point of the game is fanservice, to let everyone play as their favorite characters all in one game. The most popular characters are the lords, so they could have just given them different weapons (like they do in Hyrule Warriors). I'm trying to be excited still, but it's hard because I don't care about many of the side characters from Awakening and Fates. I think it could have been nice if there were 2-3 representatives for each game/series in the initial roster. For example, it could have been Marth and Caeda from Archanea, Ike and Micaiah from Tellius, Chrom and Lucina from Ylisse, and more of that idea. It could be argued that there are too many swords, but they could just have different weapon options to counter that. Non-lord fan favorites could have been added in as DLC, as well.
  3. I haven't even played any Archanea series games, but I'm going with Minerva. She seems cool, but even if she was trash, I'd choose her to see Camilla lose. I wonder if Minerva actually stands a chance. Maybe if all of the teams that Camilla destroyed joined up with her, she could win.
  4. Can character recruitment order not be randomized until after Lyn's story in FE7? I randomized it, but everyone is showing up in their usual places.
  5. I have quite a few questions regarding my team composition. So, my team currently consists of: Ninian (+Def -Atk): Her main role is to dance, so she doesn't see combat much. I'm considering giving her Triangle Adept so she can at least have a combat niche in killing Falchion users and so I can give Nowi more helpful skills. How does that sound? Are there better skills for her? Nowi (+Def -HP): Serves as the team tank. Her defenses are godly with Fortify Dragons from Ninian. I haven't given her any skills yet, but I'm considering giving her Seal Attack from Rebecca, or possibly Quick Riposte from Klein. Which of those would be preferable for her? Also, should I just take two versions of one of those skills and give her a combat skill with her third slot? Which one? Takumi (+Res -HP): His role is the ranged nuke as well as being a mage killer. I don't have questions for him really, since I already gave him Vantage. Eirika: I'm not sure if I should even use her, since I already have Ninian as a support unit and I've heard that's her primary role. I want an optimized team, yet I actually like her as a character (unlike Nowi and Takumi to a certain extent, who I mainly use since they're so good). Should I keep or replace her? My other options are Also, are two blue dragons redundant or helpful? Thanks, and I apologize for asking so many questions.
  6. What units would Seal Attack be good on? I just got Rebecca while looking for Jaffar, but I have no interest in using her.
  7. Is it worth giving Ninian Lightning Breath+? What skills are most useful on her? Also, I just got Rebecca, who I am definitely not using. However, she has some interesting skills like Seal Attack and Darting Blow. What kind of unit would Seal Attack be good for? A tank?
  8. I was stupid not to take pictures, but I just did my third reroll and got three five star characters, I guess the third try is the charm? I got Nowi -HP+Def and Takumi -HP+Res in the same pull, then Ninian +Def-Atk (who I was searching for) in the next. Guess I'll start searching for Jaffar and Hector on this account. I've never been so lucky in this game...
  9. I'm torn between Eirika and Nino, but I'll have to say Eirika. That being said, the next time you have a chance to promote a unit, Nino would be a great unit as she and Eirika work very well together.
  10. Okay, but how would I sign out of my current account? There's no option on the app itself. Is it possible to have two accounts on one device?
  11. This is probably a stupid question, but can you get alternate accounts on the same device as your main account without deleting it? I learned about rerolling after I had made quite a lot of progress into the game, but I'm stuck with units who I don't like all that much. I'd really like to try to do rerolls on an alternate, but I have no idea how.
  12. That would be pretty annoying. Jagen is always the worst for me because I get him constantly, but he also keeps showing up as a 4 star. The summoning scene gets my hopes up, but he shows up, it turns to pure disappointment. To be honest, it would probably be better to go into summoning not expecting anything.
  13. Reading this thread made me feel a little better. I haven't spent outrageous amounts at once, but smaller, gradual orb purchases have driven up what I've spent by quite a bit. I was trying to save orbs for when they finally release Tellius, but then I saw that Ninian came out and I pulled a bunch of blues. Unfortunately, that didn't work out well... Who else wants to punch their phone whenever ANOTHER Jagen shows up?
  14. I really want to summon Ninian and Jafar in the new focus (Ninian is priority), but I'm not sure which method of summoning is the most efficient. If I want to prioritize getting a single unit, should I only summon from orbs of their color? It seems like it should be, but it's pretty costly.
  15. Joshua keeps his base class and stats, but L'Arachel becomes a mage with Nino's growths and Elise's bases (realized that Elise's growths are because of her class on the wiki). Do you need that information for Gerik? Ross - Dancer with Ninian's growths and bases (You get him early on, so he's helpful) Ephraim - Pirate with Hector's growths and bases
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