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  1. we've cut down the number of homeless vets on the street by 50% in four years helping vets and refugees is not a zero sum game by the way the Mexico border is as secure as it's been in 40 years and the net immigration rate to america from mexico right now is at zero, or possibly even negative, but who cares about reality?
  2. america alone dropped over ten thousand bombs on daesh last year, buddy and heck, as the son of immigrants, yes, my parents were two people looking for jobs and housing, but you know what? with time, they were also two people buying tickets at the cinema, putting their kids in youth soccer league, and paying taxes back into the system that enabled their success in this country. and when i see sarah palin and donald trump and their ilk talking about "real americans", i know damn well they aren't talking about me or anyone else darker than a slice of wonder bread as charles de gaulle said, "patriotism is when love of your country comes first; nationalism is when hatred for people other than your own comes first"
  3. one should probably note that when chococoke's daddy was growing up and in his 20s, the minimum wage was likely close to $10 adjusted for inflation (and well above the current federal minimum of $7.25/hr) also a lot of jobs lost under a minimum wage increase may well be shit like "hey, i don't have to work two or three mcjobs just to pay rent/buy food anymore!" "when i was your age i had to work full time during the summer to pay my way through college!" meanwhile, i'm here sitting and thinking, "wow, that was possible once? that sounds amazing, you guys really did have it easy" not to mention how cost of living and rent are also way higher now than during decades past
  4. that's a hilarious comeback lol "a massive portion of my party's voter base lusts for the blood and smoking guts of brown people in the middle east? well, uh, you guys want to...improve people's lives! yeah! i sure showed you!"
  5. This troper took a few levels when, after years of being a Woobie so pitiful Shinji would say what the heck is wrong with you, I had enough of a girl I liked always going for this tall, blond guy. When they were talking right in front of me in the street and holding arms and talking and all that, I said, "Shut. The. Hell. Up." The boy looks around and walks over, trying to look menacing. Martial arts studies come in. I take a punch to the forehead and then slide under and punch him in the stomach, he goes backwards and I land another one to his face. I then go berserk and full body tackle him. He managed to crawl away, and say, "That kid...is inhuman!"
  6. sure sucks for whomever had to clean up after p'li
  7. republican primary voters who have been conditioned to like the guy who beats his chest the most about blowing up brown people in the middle east gravitate toward the guy who beats his chest and yells the most loudly over doing so, news at eleven
  8. i remember wanting to jump out of the window on the ten hour flight from london to san fran which i couldn't sleep through
  9. there was something on his appeal amongst white nationalist types last august, yes; more recently, george wallace's family spoke out on the similarities between trump's campaign today and wallace's campaign back in 1968—when he won the last third party EVs on a platform of hardline segregation and shit like his supporters beating up black protesters at his rallies or random mexican guys on the street (like in boston after a pats game), or that most of them are honest to god birthers (likewise with the larger republican electorate), reinforces just what kind of person makes the core of his base
  10. i was on one from amsterdam to edinburgh that caught a hell of a tailwind and shortened it by like an hour
  11. p.s. protip: if you haven't hit up yamazaki's bakery in little tokyo's peace square, do so because their tiramisu is a slam dunk
  12. -what's your favorite part about LA -how's the traffic in the antelope valley (and also, how's the drive from there to LA)
  13. 420 hours after david bowie, too :(
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